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Intimate en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It’s as intimate as sex.
  2. He was an intimate friend of.
  3. He and I are intimate friends.
  4. An intimate acquaintance of Mrs.
  5. We can’t risk being intimate.

  6. His intimate knowledge of the.
  7. We had become intimate friends.
  8. Her intimate touch unnerved him.
  9. He is an intimate friend of mine.
  10. If you are intimate with any.
  11. The place was intimate, welcoming.
  12. We want a fairly intimate occasion.
  13. Then he moves down to my intimate.
  14. It was more informal, more intimate.
  15. It became an intimate moment as he.

  16. Somehow he made it seem so intimate.
  17. A book is the most intimate companion.
  18. T1: the intimate territory – is the.
  19. Powell was an intimate friend of mine.
  20. Grant and a new intimate friend of Mr.
  21. He was very intimate with her, abroad.
  22. No feminine intimate might carry her.
  23. What he did was intimate and intrusive.
  24. Eli had never been this intimate with me.
  25. She had intimate friendships with no one.

  26. He said it was a very intimate experience.
  27. The letters were tender, intimate, sacred.
  28. When you have intimate knowledge of your.
  29. Where once most people were intimate with.
  30. I spoke to my penis--such is the intimate.
  31. It was so much more intimate than Grandead.
  32. Diet has intimate connection with the mind.
  33. The more intimate details remained a secret.
  34. Herbert was my intimate companion and friend.
  35. In every touch more intimate meanings hide;.
  36. But Max was also intimate with his secretary.
  37. But unlike Ava, she was not intimate with it.
  38. I have had an intimate meal with the Khakhan.
  39. Homes provided a more intimate setting, and.
  40. Fraser has been my intimate friend for years.
  41. It somehow made everything seem more intimate.
  42. It’s so intimate compared to digital.
  43. How much more intimate could two people be?
  44. But on the face of it, and without intimate.
  45. Solomon’s intimate relationship with wisdom.
  46. Bible often also means to be intimate with.
  47. It's a fierce yet intimate betrayal to do so.
  48. It seemed more intimate than kissing him had.
  49. It was pretty crowded, but also very intimate.
  50. It was probably too intimate a thing for him.
  51. Yes, Martha and Peter were intimate friends.
  52. Their intimate relationship with God had been.
  53. I was not aware that you were so intimate with.
  54. Did I sound so intimate when I called her that?
  55. During my long and intimate acquaintance with Mr.
  56. This is a very personal, intimate subject, not a.
  57. He is often speechless when intimate with Colleen.
  58. The deep sofas and chairs, arranged in intimate.
  59. Jackson had remotely intended to intimate that Mr.
  60. I assure you he is my most intimate friend, and M.
  61. The two of them were getting more and more intimate.
  62. A more intimate gift would be a poncho or slippers.
  63. Visualizing Tobias touching her in those intimate.
  64. With the intimate relationships between the two.
  65. Good Habit #3: Intimate with the Phone? Don’t Be!.
  66. This intimate life is not something reserved for an.
  67. Fortunately, when I washed him, his intimate parts.
  68. A few intimate friends were dining with the Rostovs.
  69. It seemed somehow too intimate to kiss her goodnight.
  70. But firefighters a lot of ‘close intimate time’.
  71. Our next meet was suppose to be , well more intimate.
  72. Never, she replied through a warm intimate smile.
  73. He does not let you in his intimate circle of friends.
  74. You need something much more intimate and deeper than.
  75. And many intimate revelations that I will not mention.
  76. It‘s time for an intimate conversation with him.
  77. Was she that petrified of becoming intimate with me?
  78. His gaze moved over her, soft and intimate as a caress.
  79. Her voice was low and intimate and full of compassion.
  80. Golenishtchev would become intimate with them in their.
  81. I like cuddling, chatting, stroking, intimate cosiness.
  82. When you and Ant are intimate, especially during the.
  83. No teacher ever had a more intimate classroom than mine.
  84. Certainly not shared in the least intimate way possible.
  85. I don’t believe Sir Richard had many intimate friends.
  86. All my intimate friends abhor me, and those whom I loved.
  87. Joy will be the result of this intimate knowledge of God.
  88. You’ve become intimate with me and you insult my looks.
  89. It had been an intimate function that moved her to tears.
  90. Fossils: The Key to the Past; Earth: An Intimate History;.
  91. Intimate love was created by God for a husband and a wife.
  92. He’s the only one who’s had intimate contact with me.
  93. It only takes common sense to know you can't be intimate.
  94. You will at times be without intimate contact from others.
  95. There is intimate connection between mind, Prana and semen.
  96. From its intimate connexion with the preceding subject, Dr.
  97. I had to intervene, before you posted more intimate stuff.
  98. The only intimate, real experience is that of this moment.
  99. Then again, I was having intimate relations with strangers.
  100. It would be an intimate experience, but I was used to that.
  1. It seemed very intimating to her.
  2. He looked even more intimating without a shirt on.
  3. GingerKat returned the greeting, intimating to the Elf, Yes.
  4. What was Chuck intimating to me? Was it that Jamie Jordan had somehow been murdered?
  5. West Yale Avenue, a very nice area intimating nothing suggesting hatred of food fascists.
  6. Jackson—an assertion, which so far from intimating the obnoxious idea of a knowledge in Mr.
  7. When your uncle received your letter intimating the contemplated union between yourself and Mr.
  8. Jackson, by intimating that our Government had a knowledge of these circumstances, charges it with being particeps criminis.
  9. He spoke to none of us, ate very little, and went out directly afterwards, intimating that he would not return before evening.
  10. He spoke to none of us, ate very little, and went out directly afterwards, intimating that he should not return before evening.
  11. The boats engine murmured loudly, intimating the power they were capable of unleashing, the long shaped bow of the speed boat dancing to the first large waves of the open sea.
  12. Provoked by a complete refusal, she bit her lip and said, "Then shall I send Valentine to you?" The old man closed his eyes eagerly, thereby intimating that such was his wish.
  13. I don’t necessarily hold that view, yet I think the implicit juxtaposition is important, intimating perjurers on one side of a divide (ravine? valley?) and thieves on the other.
  14. Still smiling, the French officer spread out his hands before Gerasim’s nose, intimating that he did not understand him either, and moved, limping, to the door at which Pierre was standing.
  15. Still smiling, the French officer spread out his hands before Gerásim’s nose, intimating that he did not understand him either, and moved, limping, to the door at which Pierre was standing.
  16. I would not, however, be understood as intimating that this Cabinet project of invasion is impracticable, either as it respects the collection of means and instruments, or in the ultimate result.
  17. She worked at it intimating her desire, her need, her contentment with gentle moans, with a flailing tongue, with noisy breathing and I felt happy I was aroused and erect and inside her and was providing this agony of pleasure.
  18. Without intimating how far this consideration may have influence on my mind, under the circumstances in which that country has been lately placed, I cannot, however, but remark that it is natural for man to carry his feelings and prejudices about him.
  19. This, however, did not pacify the volunteers; but they appointed certain of their own number, a committee, to attend to the business, and to communicate with the secretary of state direct; intimating, that the members of the committee were those whom they intended to elect for their officers.
  20. I had no chance to talk with you, Prince, during the animated conversation in which that venerable gentleman involved me, he said with a mildly contemptuous smile, as if intimating by that smile that he and Prince Andrew understood the insignificance of the people with whom he had just been talking.
  21. Off the record version? she said, intimating there may be a public version that she would be obligated to relay if the call were official as well as an unofficial version that was a combination of rumor and fact garnered from conversations, both participatory and overheard, meetings of the council, among other sources.
  22. It would be recollected, however, that they had seen in the papers that France either had blockaded or did contemplate the blockade of all the ports not embraced in the British orders; and they had seen in the papers a paragraph intimating that a project existed to close the northern ports against all vessels but those of France.
  23. And therefore the Lord speaks thus of such unthankful persons: If you have not been "faithful in that which is least, who will commit much to you?" intimating thereby unto us, that they who are unthankful to Him with respect to this short transitory life, which is His gift—the effect of His bounty—shall be most justly deprived of length of days forever and ever.
  24. For my part, who had sincerely no intention to push the joke further than simply satisfying my curiosity with the sight of it alone, I was content, in spite of the temptation that stared me in the face, with having raised a May-pole for another to hang a garland on: for, by this time, easily reading Louisa's desires in her wishful eyes, I acted the commodious part, and made her, who sought no better sport, significant terms of encouragement to go through stitch with her adventure; intimating too that I would stay and see fair play: in which, indeed, I had in view to humour a new born curiosity, to observe what appearances active nature would put on in a natural, in the course of this her darling operation.
  1. Reia intimated, But be careful.
  2. Quincy having intimated to the House that Mr.
  3. Erskine's powers is not so much as intimated.
  4. His Holiness has intimated as much himself.
  5. The doctor intimated they were lucky he hadn’t.
  6. Threats of possible further action were intimated.
  7. Slyme intimated that he desired the latter arrangement.
  8. Frequently not all as urgent as K intimated, or stated.
  9. But I am not convinced she knew as much as she intimated.
  10. Still, she might have intimated a thing or two to my father.
  11. He has never openly discredited Hurd, but he has intimated it.
  12. And so far he had not intimated he had anything to give to me.
  13. Russell's powers, and the want of an act of Congress is intimated.
  14. President David intimated her with threat to book her for rebellion.
  15. Charlie's wife could be pushy and, when she intimated that Susan was.
  16. Andrew intimated that Peter had seen things which were not real before.
  17. Suppose the spirit of man does go upward as here intimated, and as Eccl.
  18. A number of people have intimated that she’s had a number of affairs.
  19. The persons to be intimated are in the following order with their telephone.
  20. But you intimated that this man might possibly be charged with these crimes.
  21. He intimated his contempt of the offer with a backward motion of his head, and.
  22. He intimated, ere I left, that he’d bring his festive accouterments with him.
  23. Will you please observe that it is not intimated that any one dies in that lake.
  24. He assumed that had been the, ‘brought to justice’ that the recording intimated.
  25. Diana intimated that this would be a different parting from any they had ever yet known.
  26. Her aunt noticed and realised that there was more to this Zarko than her niece intimated.
  27. She intimated that she thought it might have been connected to one of your dad’s cases.
  28. And then she remembered something Nolan had intimated as they all stood at the front door.
  29. More he did not know, and, breaking into propitiatory smiles, he intimated that he was hungry and thirsty.
  30. He also intimated that if I screwed-up and brought him any grief I’d never work again for the department.
  31. It is a sad thing to say, and we have already intimated it, that, at eight years of age, her heart was cold.
  32. Ken couldn’t see the sergeant’s face in the darkness of the parka hood, but the voice intimated more than the words.
  33. Edward has already intimated that he would like to bestow membership on me, although if truth be told I fail to see why.
  34. They must not complain if, as has recently been intimated, envious novelists misrepresent them and their customs and traditions.
  35. The French Emperor has been extolled, and his mode of conducting wars has been more than intimated as being worth our imitation.
  36. Well, Pooh-Bah said all these things, and when asked whether he really meant it, intimated his readiness to give the subject more of.
  37. Sawkins said that would be a very good way to put it, and they finished their beer just as the landlord intimated that it was closing time.
  38. As for those who rode with Harlow in the last coach, most of them, as has been already intimated, were men of similar character to himself.
  39. I was always willingly of service to the old soul; and he intimated pretty plainly a sense of obligation which would show itself in his will.
  40. As for Linden's sons, the Guardians intimated their Intention of compelling them to contribute towards the cost of their parents' maintenance.
  41. After all he knew who she was, he knew Jason had left the hotel, and he had intimated he knew the authorities were combing Hong Kong for them.
  42. A spokesperson for the leader of the Opposition has intimated that he will seek to have Lord Ashburn’s peerage revoked on grounds of treason.
  43. Jackson intimated our Government possessed at the time of the arrangement, it is, from the nature of things, impossible they should have possessed.
  44. Besides, sir, it is intimated that a negotiation is to be had, or may possibly be attempted, which may be affected by an open discussion of the topic.
  45. When Joshua said he was the Way, he did not mean that he was an actual road or path on the ground, he intimated that he was like a road or path or way.
  46. She described it as ‘not an ordinary killing’ and intimated that other deaths would follow, or what she termed ‘more people are going to suffer’.
  47. She was inclined to be ungracious about it, and intimated that the managers were old fogies, and that any ball with such a tradition would be unbearable.
  48. From what Cooper intimated, I would have guessed that Kidds leaving the Tampa Police Department for early retirement had not been entirely his own idea.
  49. Andrew suggested a slight rewording in the third canto, and Jackson intimated that he would prefer his lines to be slightly less flowery in their language.
  50. His surprising reaction suggested a highly intricate and far more sensitive relation to the victim than that originally intimated by his simple descriptions.
  51. Livermore intimated that he was strongly against the bill, and, if it took every hour in the session, he was determined to expose what he believed to be its injurious features.
  52. Be that as it may, he by gradual stages intimated to me that Updegraff would convey me secrets of The Seven in exchange for a guarantee that I would not attack his interests.
  53. His colleague had intimated that the laws, at present, extend to criminal offences, though the gentleman from Georgia had stated a case in which the judges had determined otherwise.
  54. And may well succeed because the police have now got into it and the commissioner has already intimated that there is probably some law which would be broken if it tried to go ahead.
  55. It is further intimated that, in case of a war, he will use his influence to preserve this State neutral, and resist, with all the force he can command, any attempt to make it a party.
  56. She intimated as she guided the Elf to the platters, Good meals are the one real pleasure we all are able to enjoy that has nothing to do with the other pressing issues of our lives.
  57. The captain and the sergeant backed out, India bowed coldly and, putting her hand upon the door knob, intimated silently that Hugh Elsing with them, and she slammed the door behind them.
  58. Darniil wanted her to break it off because Zarko was a Babylonian and didn’t worship their God; but Zarko had already intimated that he didn’t really care about the Babylonian gods anyway.
  59. Captain Stewart had intimated to Prempeh that he must tender his submission on Monday, January 20th but on Sunday there was a distant desultory drumming, and Ashantis became more scarce in the town.
  60. The only thing that might have prevented her from marrying him was that he didn’t worship her God yet, though he had intimated that he would adopt the Hebrew law and religion and serve her God with her.
  61. During this interval Pierre noticed that Prince Vasili left the chair on which he had been leaning, and- with air which intimated that he knew what he was about and if others did not understand him it was so.
  62. But none of them, except possibly Andrew, entertained even the slightest thought that their treasurer had gone out to betray his Master, as Jesus had intimated to them earlier in the evening and during the supper.
  63. On one occasion he intimated that, whereas the eye of flesh had beheld him when he lived here in the flesh, on his return (at least on one of his possible visits) he would be discerned only by the eye of spiritual faith.
  64. Naturally! Yes, but we are not to conform to nature; I wish these girls to be the children of Grace: and why that abundance? I have again and again intimated that I desire the hair to be arranged closely, modestly, plainly.
  65. So great has been the feeling of the people that it has wrought a wondrous change in the State which I have the honor to represent; not in men who are either deluded or deceived, as intimated by the gentleman from Tennessee, (Mr.
  66. Erskine, upon a review of all his letters of instructions, finding it impossible to obtain his, the three conditions first proposed, conceived himself fully empowered to propose those which possibly might have been intimated to him by Mr.
  67. The committee themselves felt that such explanations were due, inasmuch as they had only reported in part, and had intimated their intention to follow up these resolutions, should they be adopted, by the recommendation of ulterior measures.
  68. The feeling that he'd missed something; something so obvious that he was incapable of seeing it, persisted and it didn't help that Llewellyn intimated that his blindness was caused by his growing obsession with proving Melville-Briggs's guilt.
  69. I may tell you, however, that his Grace has already intimated that a check for five thousand pounds will be handed over to the person who can tell him where his son is, and another thousand to him who can name the man or men who have taken him.
  70. I may tell you, however, that his Grace has already intimated that a cheque for five thousand pounds will be handed over to the person who can tell him where his son is, and another thousand to him who can name the man, or men, who have taken him.
  71. But, when she intimated this delicately to Frank, the day after they married, If she were a man she would have that mill, if she had to mortgage the store to raise he smiled and told her not to bother her sweet pretty little head about business matters.
  72. But through the whole period during which I was the slave of my creature I allowed myself to be governed by the impulses of the moment; and my present sensations strongly intimated that the fiend would follow me and exempt my family from the danger of his machinations.
  73. Upon this occasion an unmistakable sign from Madame Danglars intimated her desire to see Albert in her box directly the curtain fell on the second act, and neither the politeness nor good taste of Morcerf would permit his neglecting an invitation so unequivocally given.
  74. And the Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale's best discerning friends, as we have intimated, very reasonably imagined that the hand of Providence had done all this, for the purpose—besought in so many public, and domestic, and secret prayers—of restoring the young minister to health.
  75. But, sir, how have those orders at last been repealed? Great Britain, it is true, has intimated a willingness to suspend their practical operation, but she still arrogates to herself the right to revive them upon certain contingencies, of which she constitutes herself the sole judge.
  76. Is this claim a novel one? That the claim is novel, is certainly intimated by the Committee of Foreign Relations, when they say that the impressment of which we complain, is a practice which has been unceasingly maintained by Great Britain in the wars to which she has been a party since our Revolution.
  77. Beside the young man he looked also at the photo of the lady now his 1440 legal wife who, he intimated, was the accomplished daughter of Major Brian Tweedy and displayed at an early age remarkable proficiency as a singer having even made her bow to the public when her years numbered barely sweet sixteen.
  78. Erskine was concluded, which justified the King in disavowing it; intimated to be known to our administration at the date of this letter; it is necessary to search, from the evidence before us, what those circumstances were upon which the King justified his disavowal; these found, we shall be at no loss to fix Mr.
  79. It was evident that he was unhappy; she wished it were equally evident that he still distinguished her by the same affection which once she had felt no doubt of inspiring; but hitherto the continuance of his preference seemed very uncertain; and the reservedness of his manner towards her contradicted one moment what a more animated look had intimated the preceding one.
  80. Supposing this person, wearied at the inefficacy of the poison, should, as Monte Cristo intimated, have recourse to steel!—What if the count should have no time to run to her rescue!—What if her last moments were approaching, and she should never again see Morrel! When this terrible chain of ideas presented itself, Valentine was nearly persuaded to ring the bell, and call for help.
  81. During this interval Pierre noticed that Prince Vasíli left the chair on which he had been leaning, and—with an air which intimated that he knew what he was about and if others did not understand him it was so much the worse for them—did not go up to the dying man, but passed by him, joined the eldest princess, and moved with her to the side of the room where stood the high bedstead with its silken hangings.
  82. Here, for the first time in the whole history of the long-protracted discussion on this subject, it is intimated that something effectual will be done on our part to prevent the cause of the abuse of which we complain—a promise is given, in the event of obtaining the concessions demanded, that a law would be passed by Congress to prohibit the employment of British seamen in the public or commercial service of the United States.
  83. When Jesus intimated that the Father in heaven was interested in the welfare of his children on earth, this young Greek, Anaxand, said: "If the Gods are interested in me, then why do they not remove the cruel and unjust foreman of this workshop?" He was startled when Jesus replied, "Since you know the ways of kindness and value justice, perhaps the Gods have brought this erring man near that you may lead him into this better way.
  84. What, sir! Shall it be intimated; shall it for a moment be admitted, that the noblest and purest band of patriots this or any other country ever could boast, were engaged in machinating means for the dismemberment of the territories of a power to which they had pledged friendship, and the observance of all the obligations which grow out of a strict and perfect amity? The honor of our country forbids and disdains such a suggestion.
  85. Strange that I should choose you for the confidant of all this, young lady; passing strange that you should listen to me quietly, as if it were the most usual thing in the world for a man like me to tell stories of his opera-mistresses to a quaint, inexperienced girl like you! But the last singularity explains the first, as I intimated once before: you, with your gravity, considerateness, and caution were made to be the recipient of secrets.
  86. Linton complied; and had he been unrestrained, would probably have spoiled all by filling his epistles with complaints and lamentations: but his father kept a sharp watch over him; and, of course, insisted on every line that my master sent being shown; so, instead of penning his peculiar personal sufferings and distresses, the themes constantly uppermost in his thoughts, he harped on the cruel obligation of being held asunder from his friend and love; and gently intimated that Mr.
  87. There was nobody but himself, he intimated, worthy of my confidence, and—in short, might he? Then he asked me tenderly if I remembered our boyish games at sums, and how we had gone together to have me bound apprentice, and, in effect, how he had ever been my favorite fancy and my chosen friend? If I had taken ten times as many glasses of wine as I had, I should have known that he never had stood in that relation towards me, and should in my heart of hearts have repudiated the idea.
  88. Rochester; then she coined pretexts to go downstairs, in order, as I shrewdly suspected, to visit the library, where I knew she was not wanted; then, when I got a little angry, and made her sit still, she continued to talk incessantly of her ami, Monsieur Edouard Fairfax de Rochester, as she dubbed him (I had not before heard his prenomens), and to conjecture what presents he had brought her: for it appears he had intimated the night before, that when his luggage came from Millcote, there.
  89. When, in the course of his remarks, he intimated that some parts of the Scripture were more truth-containing than others and admonished his hearers to feed their souls upon the best of the spiritual food, James interrupted the Master, asking: "Would you be good enough, Master, to suggest to us how we may choose the better passages from the Scriptures for our personal edification?" And Jesus replied: "Yes, James, when you read the Scriptures look for those eternally true and divinely beautiful teachings, such as:.
  90. Very soon, my—that is, Miss Eyre: and you’ll remember, Jane, the first time I, or Rumour, plainly intimated to you that it was my intention to put my old bachelor’s neck into the sacred noose, to enter into the holy estate of matrimony—to take Miss Ingram to my bosom, in short (she’s an extensive armful: but that’s not to the point—one can’t have too much of such a very excellent thing as my beautiful Blanche): well, as I was saying—listen to me, Jane! You’re not turning your head to look after more moths, are you? That was only a lady-clock, child, ‘flying away home.
  1. I glanced at these intimates of the usurper.
  2. Peter intimates, their case was a hard one.
  3. Jackson, of the first of November, he intimates to Mr.
  4. Reversed: The reversed Queen of Wands intimates easily.
  5. In my opinion, this intimates that if every ant in the colony.
  6. And many other valiant warriors are resolved, Duryodhan intimates.
  7. Our common intimacies made us intimates for all practical purposes.
  8. Briggs intimates that the answer to his application was not from Mr.
  9. Death, indeed, as the original word intimates, signifies separation from God.
  10. In addition, the myth intimates we were highly developed animals prior to becoming human.
  11. He was evidently not accustomed to intimates in attics, and unexpected crumbs startled him.
  12. Peter intimates thereby that infants cannot be saved unless they repent; which is impossible.
  13. Sir, I have no doubt the gentleman from North Carolina has had a communication such as he intimates.
  14. Can any thing be more palpable than this? He expresses this idea in still stronger terms when he intimates that Mr.
  15. O ye who believe! Take not for intimates others than your folk, who would spare no pains to ruin you: they love to hamper you.
  16. O ye who believe! Take not for intimates others than your own folk, who would spare no pains to ruin you; they love to hamper you.
  17. But the gentleman intimates that the politics of Maryland have undergone a great change, and that the party formerly uppermost, is now under.
  18. When the Inspector intimates that he wants to continue this interrogation tomorrow morning Stephen tries to persuade him that I should be allowed to go home.
  19. In these cases a man is not compelled to ask of thought the question what is a finger? for the sight never intimates to the mind that a finger is other than a finger.
  20. He gave rendezvous for the morning hours to his men friends, so that even while he painted he was attended by one or another of a dozen intimates, who amused and diverted him.
  21. I always admired and honored my father, but we were never true intimates; I knew that he loved me, but I felt as if it was not for my own sake; as if he loved something in my soul that was strange to me.
  22. Also, at the suggestion of one of her intimates, Elia Kazan, Marilyn would begin taking additional acting classes with renowned drama teacher Michael Chekhov, known for his acting technique called The Method.
  23. That night and the night after, wherever she went always in her own little circle of intimates, she brought a moment of Joy, such as strikes deep to the heart on the river's bank when the kingfisher suddenly flares across the water.
  24. All this loving-kindness shall be shown the so-called heathen, notwithstanding the unfortunate declaration of the record which intimates that the triumphant Son `shall break them with a rod of iron and dash them to pieces like a potter's vessel.
  25. Nixon’s rebuffs—his rudeness, as Butterfield repeatedly calls it—set the conditions for him so he could step away and not feel the intense loyalty of other presidential intimates who had attached themselves, their careers and future to Nixon.
  26. Is not the soul, yuch>, more than meat, and the body than raiment?’—Our Lord by this last question intimates that if His hearers neglected the kingdom of God on account of meat and drink, they would lose their lives, body and soul, in the world to come, and therefore.
  27. He is aware of the absurdity of mankind framing their whole lives according to Homer; just as in the Phaedrus he intimates the absurdity of interpreting mythology upon rational principles; both these were the modern tendencies of his own age, which he deservedly ridicules.
  28. To his few intimates who were intimate enough to question him about his come-down from his Chicago splendors, he explained that with advancing years he was seeing with clearer eyes his responsibilities as a steward of the Lord, that luxury was sinful, and no man had the right to waste the Lord’s gifts that way.
  29. I listened to and utilized in this work thirty-five previously unpublished taped interviews and conversations with Marilyn intimates such as Jim Dougherty, Ida Bolender, Wayne Bolender, and costars such as Jane Russell, Betty Grable, and Lauren Bacall, all of which Ms Reed generously had transferred from reel-to-reel format to cassette for my convenience.
  30. I was not concerned to impress the new freshmen who, like their London sisters were here being launched in Society; there were strange faces now at every party and I, who a few months back had been voracious of new acquaintances, now felt surfeited; even our small circle of intimates, so lively in the summer sunshine, seemed dimmed and muted now in the pervading fog, the river-borne twilight that softened and obscured all that year for me.
  31. Rex's age was greatly in his favour, for among Julia's friends there was a kind of gerontophilic snobbery; young men were held to be gauche and pimply; it was thought very much more chic to be seen lunching alone at the Ritz - a thing, in any case, allowed to few girls of that day, to the tiny circle of Julia's intimates; a thing looked at askance by the elders who kept the score, chatting pleasantly against the walls of the ballrooms - at the table on the left as you came in, with a starched and wrinkled old roué whom your mother had be warned of as a girl, than than in the centre of the room with a party of exuberant young bloods.
  32. But is this equally true of the greatness and smallness of the fingers? Can sight adequately perceive them? and is no difference made by the circumstance that one of the fingers is in the middle and another at the extremity? And in like manner does the touch adequately perceive the qualities of thickness or thinness, of softness or hardness? And so of the other senses; do they give perfect intimations of such matters? Is not their mode of operation on this wise--the sense which is concerned with the quality of hardness is necessarily concerned also with the quality of softness, and only intimates to the soul that the same thing is felt to be both hard and soft?
  33. Come my boys and girls, my women, household and intimates,.

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