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Jet en una oración (en ingles)

1. I have my own jet.
2. You jet through the air.
3. A jet of light shot past.
4. Your own jet! I said.
5. It is the country of jet.
6. We’re the last jet in.
7. The jet veers off and away.

8. Jet says, Think about it.
9. Jet fuel cannot burn steel.
10. She has come, Jet said.
11. That includes a private jet.
12. A jet of blood shot sideways.
13. Jet held up his hand, Wait.
14. It was a Boeing Business Jet.
15. I wish he was building a jet.
16. Jet stares back into the barrel.
17. After a while the jet lag was.
18. More Buster Keaton than Jet Li.
19. Fedallah first descried this jet.
20. Suddenly the jet broke to the left.
21. What are the symptoms of jet lag?
22. Karan: Tarana, it’s a private jet.
23. Hey what about that fighter jet? We.
24. Like the heat haze from a jet engine.
25. After she had cured her jet lag her.
26. When the big jet broke ground, the G.
27. The ground guys keep that old jet of.
28. Okay, I’ll have my jet ready then.
29. It actually looks like a military jet.
30. We are on board the jet Family Junior.
31. We saw a jet going by when the boulder.
32. The plane was small being a luxury jet.
33. Much better than the flame jet, though.
34. It’s a jet plane, the other said.
35. A jet of smoke sprang out of her funnels.
36. Jet examined the weapon and felt its heft.
37. Jet fighters are raining from the clouds.
38. Jet fires his fully charged photon cannon.
39. Jet activates his photon cannon that’s.
40. Hot on the U-2's heels is a base recon jet.
41. The pilot of the recon jet slaps his knees.
42. And cloistered in these living walls of jet.
43. But do we see it as just jet lag, or as a.
44. Nadal arrived in his private 5,000,000$ jet.
45. Reflexively, Jet ducks to avoid the spatter.
46. To those other courses, he wish he could jet.
47. Novak was waiting for him in his private jet.
48. Not if they’re afraid, Jet said sadly.
49. And the only way to travel faster was by jet.
50. We have a schedule and the jet is on standby.
51. With the unit's jet propulsion it came nearer.
52. The jet exuded motion even while standing still.
53. We rented a Jet Li movie so she could see what.
54. His private jet was still at Las Vegas McCain.
55. There was an F-16 fighter jet just off his wing.
56. The red arrow indicates the direction of the jet.
57. The jet is stocked daddy? Great! - Positive and.
58. The jet lifted up and settled in its flight line.
59. A sound like that of a jet engine filled her ears.
60. He heard a jet plane somewhere off in the distance.
61. That is a far cry from a jet breaking the cosmic.
62. You don’t know where you are with this jet set.
63. The reason is that the submarines, jet planes, etc.
64. The officer relays the message to the jet fighters.
65. We don’t have more jet fighters to commit, sir.
66. A sleek Lear jet landed at the Spanish Fork airport.
67. It was a long day as jet lag was catching up with me.
68. Jet of Delta initiates the lead and the rest of his.
69. The jet fighters quickly pass over and pull upwards.
70. The jet fighters quickly fly overhead and pass Jaden.
71. I pointed to a jet black hearse parked on the street.
72. Jet reacts and blasts a beam of photons, sending the.
73. Jet delivers a steady stream of photons into the now.
74. Within minutes, the jet was rolling down the taxiway.
75. At every stroke a jet of blood sprang from the wound.
76. Her hair was jet black, very long, and very straight.
77. Sweat dripped down his jet black hair and olive skin.
78. But just then a jet passed by somewhere to the south.
79. As the jet age overtook America, he stayed in his car.
80. His lovely shirt was shining beneath his what? of jet.
81. F) The jet SCREAMS out of the canyon and turns to fly.
82. Another fighter jet was on the other side of his plane.
83. He laughs as he sees himself out running jet fighters.
84. It was a private jet leased to his attorney in Chicago.
85. Then up comes a high-flying jet, and again the natural.
86. Her dusky skin and jet black hair had lost their luster.
87. This was one thing she could not blame on jet lag; she.
88. The two jet fighters flying above the UFO fire missiles.
89. Just put him and whoever he was with back on their jet.
90. It looked like a private jet and only three cars hit it.
91. His hair, formerly black as jet, had begun to turn grey.
92. A jet of crimson sprayed all over Sledge’s black vest.
93. Jet is staring into the mouth of a strange alien cannon.
94. Jet is the lightest, the most precious, the most costly.
95. A young man perhaps twenty years of age, with jet black.
96. How was the trip? I’ve never flown in a jet fighter.
97. The Lieutenant reached for the rifle Sky had given to Jet.
98. The hotel receptionist was a young bearded man with jet.
99. Gate means the area where you will wait to board the jet.
100. It was a private jet and we had been the only passengers.
1. R stars, jetting across the sky.
2. Presque Isle is a 3,200-acre peninsula jetting out in to Lake Erie.
3. He could see the flames jetting off its hull as it started re-entry.
4. Jetting across the continent, I had as a seat companion a man whose business it.
5. When he wasn’t jetting around the world chasing the latest aviation disaster, he was in his office preparing for trial.
6. Or like the water of a fountain pond that is falling back onto its own self after jetting out from the nozzle of the fountain.
7. The driver looked at us in amazement as we flashed passed, scorching his paintwork with the long stuttering flame jetting out behind us.
1. We jetted over to the crash.
2. Emily was lying in the jetted tub.
3. Rampone jetted across with Wambach on his shoulders.
4. The young man and his bride jetted off to their honeymoon.
5. They called in one by one as she jetted the gap to get Raleigh.
6. Michael replaced his own spacesuit and jetted back to the Atlas.
7. He jetted across and removed a lid from one of the barrels, then headed.
8. The three companions jetted across to the Alien ship and prepared to give.
9. The ship jetted off into the sea so fast that catching up was not an option.
10. They quickly jetted him back to the Alien vessel, leaving the Security men to.
11. The floor was dark blue granite, and the jetted tub was larger than the other and.
12. There was a large jetted garden tub in the center of the granite tiled floor and a.
13. Muffled snorts from the two awaiting Kyboes jetted into the predawn, heralding their.
14. He jetted upstairs to the floor where Tibbs was being held and was confronted with the story.
15. Carl turned so red that steam ought to have jetted from his ears, but he spoke with quiet determination.
16. Once her muscles relaxed, Emily got out of the jetted tub and dressed quickly, knowing full well that she.
17. An arch of blood jetted from the severed arteries and the body slumped over and lay with arms spread wide.
18. Emily stepped into the jetted tub and winced as the hot water burned her skin, but continued to sink into.
19. The third jetted out over the stables and outbuildings and the last perched over a cliff on the edge of the estate.
20. It was as if his fretted, tortured soul, run hot by thwarted passion, jetted off these sayings like sparks from electricity.
21. Knowing it would take less than a minute for his mother to return to her office, Paul dashed through the auditorium doorway, and subsequently jetted down the hallway.
22. The ‘headwaters’ is the source of water, and the statement ‘the headwater gushed forth’ means that the springs of water broke out intensely and jetted strongly.
23. An instant before, Stubb had swiftly caught two additional turns with it round the loggerhead, whence, by reason of its increased rapid circlings, a hempen blue smoke now jetted up and mingled with the steady fumes from his pipe.
24. I put the tip of the front sight onto his head lined up the shot caressed the trigger like a woman and squeezed off my shot I watched as his head on the far side jetted out a spray of blood and bone that I could see dripping from the trees leaves.
25. The young man and his bride jetted off to their honeymoon paradise sponsored by a company that made coconut filled chocolate bars, and in return for a few more photographs, a short video and some encouraging words, they were given a wonderful time on golden beaches lapped by azure seas.
26. Mysteriously jetted into the clear moonlight, or starlight, as the case might be; disappearing again for one whole day, or two days, or three; and somehow seeming at every distinct repetition to be advancing still further and further in our van, this solitary jet seemed for ever alluring us on.
1. Had praise for those Jets.
2. Jets of steam shot into the.
3. My real dad used to fly jets.
4. And jets were tracked with radar.
5. With two fighter jets circling.
6. Jets currently cruise at 10-11 km (6.
7. A fleet of jets waited on his orders.
8. Jets or directed beams of light have.
9. The big gas jets that warmed the air.
10. Let him cool his jets in the backseat.
11. Passenger jets were taking off from JFK.
12. Instead, the jets would make strafing runs.
13. Soon, thick jets of smoke rose into the sky.
14. Both jets are hit and damaged as they dive.
15. Air Force jets flying at sonic speeds over land.
16. The jets screamed and the helicopter rose up high.
17. The warm jets of the shower woke Smith up at once.
18. The jets stopped and the steam began to dissipate.
19. Jaden tries to zoom in and see these jets up close.
20. Bombardier regional jets, and a Cessna 208B Caravan.
21. He smiled, relaxed into the jets, and shut his eyes.
22. Base fighter jets appear with Major Roug in the lead.
23. That’s what got the jets off the ground at Dimona.
24. The jets were so powerful that it required two men.
25. She reached over and hit the jets, keeping to her side.
26. And when she fires jets of ionized energy to push her.
27. They can operate their steering jets manually and dock.
28. The "hunters" were squid-like creatures which used jets.
29. Then she turned on the jets and the force of the hot water.
30. The vessels of light trembled and sent up two jets of flame.
31. Champagne jets down from the fractured edges and bubbles off.
32. But it takes much more energy to contain and focus these jets.
33. With a roar, the powerful jets from four nozzles sprang out and.
34. Water jets should be kept at a sufficient distance from the fire.
35. The slender, spasmic, blue-white jets, the bringing to bear of the.
36. This keeps your grill from filling up with ash and clogging the jets.
37. When the huge jets landed, the building would shake and the noise was.
38. There are also two fighter jets flying in from the east as you can see.
39. A blue streak jets around the corner and stops at the side of your car.
40. John De Luca and I, we speak cars and jets, not diamonds, I state.
41. Inside they passed sleeping jets, helicopters, various gun-type devices.
42. I could see the fighter jets off the wing and asked, Both sides?
43. The steering jets allowed the module to dock with another ship for rescue.
44. On that fateful day, when the airborne fighter jets were in a position to.
45. All around him, flowing like atmospheric jets, were the shapes of thoughts.
46. They came in airships and they came in hovering cruisers, on foot and on jets.
47. Once they were sitting in the hot tub, enjoying the jets and splashing around.
48. Dave knew that I was a huge New York Jets fan and couldn't stand the Patriots.
49. Dacian realized then, his new gift, as the hot tubes, jets and turbines, backed.
50. Does the US Air Force scramble the jets in Minot, North Dakota and try to keep.
51. The only question was whether there were other jets waiting at higher altitudes.
52. Jets of water attacked the blaze but the flames continued to lick the clouds above.
53. His grandfather's stories of flying jets planes were exciting but that had changed.
54. The faces in the jets were all filled with the same two expressions: shock and grief.
55. The three fighter jets and a SR-71B are flying in formation in the direction of the UFO.
56. Water pressure from the jets is also helps to stimulate the blood flow to nervous system.
57. James is a chubby, Caucasian, teenage male that is wearing a backwards NY Jets football hat.
58. He watched her, the bubbles moving gently with the jets, leaving small windows into the water.
59. Upon pulling the chain, a series of hidden jets sent a spiral of water gushing down the bowl.
60. That’s why you have to go to pilot school and then a special school to fly passenger jets.
61. Wispy cirrus clouds are the only ones that form naturally at the high altitudes where jets cruise.
62. I couldn’t hear anything over the fire crew and the hiss of water jets, but I didn’t need to.
63. Four jets crashed into Staten Island, one hitting a house and another landing on a supermarket.
64. I know that before the Sharpeville shootings in 1960, the Air Force buzzed the crowds with their jets.
65. It was right after the first rays of sun came over the mountains that Warlock fired up the vapor jets.
66. Oh well, the jets had both been sacrificed for the mission, as Temple had pretty much wrecked his too.
67. In March 2009, US fighter jets in Iraq shot down an unmanned Iranian spy drone, generating concern in.
68. Florence and the Machine cooled their jets, and the door cracked open, releasing the heady aroma of pot.
69. The harrier jump jets were roped off with a sign saying ‘Do Not Enter’, plus a yellow security line.
70. The warm jets pounded against her skin and she relaxed, laying her head back against the side of the tub.
71. When he entered the hall, brilliantly lighted with chandeliers and gas jets, the noise was still going on.
72. Air travel today mostly involves subsonic jets cruising in the upper troposphere, but many heavily traveled.
73. I relished the hot jets of water and lathered myself with the soap that was handed out fresh to us each week.
74. You are on open road heading southbound, the jets of heavy metal machines stream ahead of you in lines of grey.
75. Hundreds and hundreds of firemen began to pound the collapsed building with jets of water from their hosepipes.
76. It hovers above her, laughing like a clown, its jets shaking her little car, almost toppling it more than once.
77. They were taken to an airport where other Guardians from Denver were waiting in jets to fly them to their Temple.
78. The Israeli jets, now probably out of ammunition, didn’t bother chasing it and left, flying back towards Israel.
79. Jack Benny and the Jets – comedian who predicted an upstart football team would upset a powerhouse in the late 1960s.
80. Politicians and religious leaders living in palaces, traveling in private jets and yachts, and living a life of luxury.
81. The jets from the tub made it hard to hear and I hoped it was a certain Russian female, but instead it was Viktoria Durov.
82. She had already turned on the shower and was feeling the high pressure jets ease her muscles after the battle on the beach.
83. It’s similar to the control units designed to operate fighter jets and helicopters, but this unit can control the Humvee.
84. I sat on the edge and watched it rise slowly, wondering how many gallons I’d be using before it covered the jets entirely.
85. By then the four enemy jets were closing in fast at a speed Ingrid estimated to be about 550 knots, flying in two loose pairs.
86. What if she falls in love with him? Corallyn asked, wriggling to allow the jets of water better access to massage her back.
87. The airport was a secondary airport converted from an old air base used mainly for private jets, helicopters and economy airlines.
88. The bad news was that the American shooting had not proved very impressive, with only five German jets downed by the P-38 pilots.
89. From the gun flashes, I would say that the enemy jets were armed with two or three cannons positioned under their nose air intake.
90. He immediately scrambled onto his front to stop the incessant and strong jets of water from the showerheads, from suffocating him.
91. After two days, Rick was discharged from the clinic, and although still on crutches, was ready to leave on one of his private jets.
92. And what’s his strategy? He’s going to transfer us to the electronics of his fighter jets? So we can bomb Tatishchevo?
93. Thankfully, the two Israeli jets disappeared together towards Israel, to the relieved cheers of the passengers of the Iran Air flight.
94. From between their stony knees, trees sprang up like jets under fearsome pressure, supporting other trees that supported them in turn.
95. Esther developed a technique whereby using her steering jets she could back up on an escape pod and pull it into the med ship’s bay.
96. Of course it is, and I quickly ducked back under the jets of the shower while Spike put together a warm drink for the both of us.
97. The main thruster jets will be angled towards the front of the ship, the exhaust passing over the top and under the bottom of the ship.
98. Hitler smiled and stared at Beck for a few moments then answered, Your Father helped to build a prototype, a plane that is powered by jets.
99. She had no doubts that the Israeli jets would not hesitate to shoot down the Iran Air flight if the Iranian pilot refused to obey their orders.
100. Those jets probably just arrived over Chonan in order to provide air cover to the enemy troops making life hard for our 34th Infantry Regiment.

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