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Jive en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I was excited and jive.
  2. It does not jive, if you‘re hip.
  3. That didn’t jive with what he’d seen.
  4. Wax with that jive ass shit, ya dig?
  5. They have to jive with your real-world circumstances.

  6. That doesn't seem to jive with the structure of Paradis.
  7. Diane pushed her lips out: didn’t jive with her either.
  8. Will didn’t care he was in love and was going to do the jive bunny.
  9. Jive Jingo jive and thrive on the jarred jim-jams in your hive SISSY BOY.
  10. That would jive with Tdeshi, Jorma said, She was down on yaag, said it made you lazy.
  11. Jive at Five in the JUSPAO building was one of the more depressing scenes Whitey had witnessed.
  12. Melanie left an abusive home at the age of seventeen to Jive with the family of her aunt and uncle.
  13. Like I said, the laws of physics here don’t seem to exactly jive with what I’m familiar with.
  14. The men were however well armed and had plenty of money, denoting possibly a long mission in France, which would jive with a surveillance operation.
  15. Eventually, we roused a little applause with Chuck Berry’s “Promised Land” and stretched out “Willie and the Hand Jive,” which might not have been the most tactful choice of song.

  16. Foemong's version of history might have been a little heroic, but the names, dates and events did jive with what Desa told him way back in Wescarp before he even decided to stay on this planet.
  17. Next, I saw Jet Drinkwater enter into a routine of his own that included swiping and down rocking - but he too had to shuck and jive to avoid getting his hands stomped on, and I was sure of it now.

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