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Joust en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I saw him try to joust.
  2. Lord Peake came to see me after my last joust.
  3. I had hoped to joust with good Ser Duncan here.
  4. Can’t joust; won’t hunt; not interested in sports of.
  5. Can’t joust; won’t hunt; not interested in sports of any.

  6. I shall win my next joust, aye, but in the final I shall fall.
  7. That was the joust she dreaded to watch, for a rainbow of reasons.
  8. A good talk or a verbal joust is an interesting prelude to romance.
  9. BIDDY THE CLAP: Methinks yon sable knight will joust it with the best.
  10. Not as excited as it would have been for a joust, but exciting nonetheless.
  11. It was mad but what a joust that was! It brought back the unfulfilled yearnings of her tender age.
  12. Then all at once the joust came back to him: the heat, the snail, the iron fist coming at his face.
  13. I guess that’s my job and I do have some concerns about surviving the joust to stay with the metaphor.
  14. It was unfortunate and a discomfort that in the Cairo of those days one could not go to a hotel for a love joust and since we could not safely use our flats, for the eyes and ears of conservative societies are unusually sharp, we were obliged to do what comes naturally in the car.

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