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    1. handing over the legacy to her little troop as well

    2. Many of us are unwilling to allow the threat of survival to persist when even our ministry or calling or legacy are at stake

    3. Despite the vast distance geographically between Nepal and England, she continued to maintain her links to the Entertainers Guild that she helped found with the legacy left her by Joris Lilwin

    4. Monty Python's legacy is safe

    5. ” He continued, “You see Kaitlyn, my own training was the result of my heritage, a legacy of devotion and knowledge passed from parent to child in an unbroken trust, generation to generation

    6. A dyer who has found the means of producing a particular colour with materials which cost only half the price of those commonly made use of, may, with good management, enjoy the advantage of his discovery as long as he lives, and even leave it as a legacy to his posterity

    7. The Lascorii had an advantage here, their eyes could pierce the thickest gloom---a legacy of their arising

    8. The entire history of this galaxy, the rise of Consciousness in every system capable of harboring sapient life, everything we know---that is their legacy

    9. legacy, the gift they leave behind for others to emulate or

    10. In a symbolic way this was the legacy of an American way, since vanished

    11. Maybe that’s why I was looking at my father’s legacy, McDonald,” Kurt said angrily

    12. I did take data at first for my father’s legacy, but then I realized I needed something to convince the authorities at Columbia to give me passage

    13. “Another legacy of working in munitions”, and she smiled at me and I saw smears of blood on her teeth

    14. His legacy was realized by bringing the

    15. “Successor to Khan’s legacy, the new master of the ring, Raven

    16. More recently, the legacy of Captain Hawes has begun to be

    17. In retrospect, this has become his legacy and his final payback to the community

    18. But this at least gave some indication of what remained of L-Seven-Six's legacy: the nightmare that was once intended to be paradise

    19. would hate to besmirch Tony Reilly’s legacy or Lydia’s reputation for that matter

    20. “There is, perhaps, still time to leave a legacy

    21. They were a legacy from Lord Weston’s grandfather and his fear of being trapped in the keep without a way to get out

    22. We stayed true to our traditions to the end, and that is not a bad legacy to follow

    23. What sets our Nickelodeon Generation apart (in some manner) from prior generations is a troubling disregard for parental authenticity; a legacy passed down to them by their emotionally and morally stunted Boomer Parents whose puerile adolescence and (the) mixed messages conveyed to their offsprings have all but erased the traditional boundaries that formerly defined the (proper) role(s) of parent and child

    24. The Afghanistan War has a far more debated legacy

    25. That is to say; they strove to supersede conventional customs and practices with quasi-nihilistic manners whose unscrupulous rejection of conscientious values ultimately created a mix of (moral/spiritual) confusion whose legacy has unhappily become a distinguishing characteristic of today‘s youth

    26. That is the biggest legacy of the war, unrealistic images

    27. Today only a small fraction of German-Americans speak German, a legacy of the persecution of World War I and after

    28. Those that have a mixed legacy, with actions among both the best and worst that a president could do, cannot be ranked, are only listed chronologically:

    29. The British embassy in Lagos stood out as the typical colonial building of the Africas, resplendent and austere, an indubitable legacy from the golden years of the Empire

    30. “The head of authority cannot live without the effort and support of the body! All of the body! Within him, lives the skill and wisdom of our master builder who had, while he was still with us, chosen him to bequeath his legacy to

    31. I must have him beside me, if I am to bequeath my legacy to my posterity!” She raised herself to the maximum elevation that her slender stature would allow

    32. Think of the legacy to our grandchildren

    33. “half of that money is spent dealing with the Cold War"s environmental legacy

    34. In 16 years he has already given to the Province of his birth, and the world, a quite spectacular creation so it is impossible to imagine what experience people will have when they visit his legacy Wat Rong Khun 80 years from now

    35. “That, more than aggression and warfare, is our evolutionary legacy,” offered Robert Sussman of Washington University, coauthor of the 2005 book Man the Hunted

    36. That battle, as detailed in a previous chapter, appears to have left a mixed legacy

    37. Prestige still mattered, and as much as society had apparently progressed, legacy still mattered in every admission decision

    38. It had not merely been the loss of two loving parents, but also had marked the death of a legacy of good fortune and accumulated wealth

    39. What on earth would he do there? The idea of a soul’s eternal nature was settling – that even if his body died, his inner most component, his essential legacy, would continue

    40. His legacy would continue across time and space

    41. His family’s legacy would not live on

    42. India had changed and perhaps his legacy would have died anyways, but it would not have died without a fight

    43. But Ganesh knew, in that moment, that Ravi had his own family to honor, his own legacy to protect

    44. And with that, the two of them together spread the ashes, starting the next chapter of a restless soul and a commitment to preserve its legacy

    45. Family meant everything to her and she just wanted the legacy to continue through grand children

    46. building on its legacy of growth and

    47. The Roads created a legacy of joy and delight

    48. dedicated to preserving the legacy of the

    49. tinue the legacy with the same dedication and

    50. it is a legacy that links the Caribbean present to the African past, the very existence of

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