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    1. Having a good database is literally a license to print money

    2. He hands the trooper his Driver’s License and Press credentials

    3. He hands the press ID and the license back

    4. Several hours later, but miraculously on time, thanks to a personal friend with a pilot license, Theo was in the Phoenix Park Headquarters of the Irish Police Force, An Garda Siochana

    5. Theo parked his shining 2013 Audi TT convertible next to a dented and scratched Garda Fiat Ulysse with a 2003 license plate

    6. From the license plate she knew that the driver lived in Grand Island, Nebraska, her next stop, but that wasn't all

    7. "The seedship part of the mission does not begin until the anti-aging virus is avenged, that is in the Haad License and I will call the council to witness it

    8. We could uncover some simple task that in itself could be a major stumbling block to reaching success, something such as a special license, insurance or legislation

    9. Plates, statuettes, the framed business license and a calendar hung with equal importance beneath a clock plate and below it stood a kerosene lamp, prominent on its very own shelf, like a holy statue

    10. That’s your brother Jake, the one that couldn’t watch you end your life because he was doing a twenty for landscaping without a license

    11. Faith in God is all the license we need here in heaven, the cops are having as good a time as we are and they're always polite

    12. Lawrence Spelman reflected Harry's smile, and the ladies took their pleasant expressions as license to request more time in the city

    13. license for the state of Florida after

    14. license I was offered a job from one

    15. You need a license for the type of aircraft you pilot

    16. Besides, Hankins had started the process of getting her cosmetology license

    17. "You have no personal papers or cards or license or tax certificates or anything to show me who you are?" the youth sneered, "I will fetch the manager, in the meantime I suggest you get that offensive goat out of here pronto

    18. I assume that the license was

    19. residential property without a license

    20. without a teaching license

    21. However that is not what we have license to do at present

    22. upon the value of their cargo for a license; and only reserves to itself

    23. Other nations, without establishing an exclusive company, have confined the whole commerce of their colonies to a particular port of the mother country, from whence no ship was allowed to sail, but either in a fleet and at a particular season, or, if single, in consequence of a particular license, which in most cases was very well paid for

    24. Other nations leave the trade of their colonies free to all their subjects, who may carry it on from all the different ports of the mother country, and who have occasion for no other license than the common despatches of the custom-house

    25. And then, and then: There is the not so small matter of one Mohammed Atta, perhaps the leader of the airliner attacks on the World Trade Center, who was pulled over at a routine traffic stop, showed an expired driver"s license, and yet did not have his visa revoked by Clinton"s INS

    26. Case in point: He refused to consider the recommendations of some of his top advisors that his administration move forward toward a federal law that would require the driver"s license of every alien to expire with the expiration of that person"s visa so that, as Dick Morris recently wrote: „…a routine traffic stop could trigger the deportation process" (to say nothing of preventing flying lessons)

    27. And why: He was stopped for driving with an expired driver"s license

    28. ” I carried her bag to the car and noticed that it had dealer plates, no license, no tracing the car

    29. After several years of buyers’ complaints to the state licensing board, his license was revoked

    30. It had out of state license plates, but that was all I could see in the short look I had

    31. We ran a check on the license plate, and found it registered to Rebecca Riggins

    32. “You know that the license is only good in Hustle, you have to take a state test and show proficiency to practice elsewhere in the state

    33. “What if those guys trace us by the license plates?”

    34. “What if you were pulled over and they bought your story about the license plates, but

    35. We ran off together to Houston, had another truck driver named Bob to go get us a marriage license

    36. The officer drove down and in a little while came back with my license

    37. We got to Vegas about day light, went down to the court house, got a marriage license, then into one of the judge‘s office, and got married

    38. When principles of non-violence are either self-contained or practiced unconditionally under circumstances (otherwise) calling for a measured response, (sound) judgment and common sense appealing to the requirements of a peaceful, well-ordered society that every citizen (otherwise) owes an obligation, and whose conspicuous merits, perhaps laudable in some instances, however questionable at other times, and where (such) natural impulses are routinely rejected, even more remarkably when Property and Person and at times the Nation, are at risk by (anti-social) individuals determined to provoke harm; weighs in the balance, and where (institutional) recourse is problematical or uncertain, an (individual) is required, inasmuch as it lies within that individual‘s capacity to do so, to discourage such annoyances as they may present themselves to that individual as well as that individual‘s family and friends, however contrary to that individual‘s ―nature,‖ lest that individual‘s misplaced pacifism further encourage mischief makers and bullies alike, by providing license to habitually upset the harmony and safety of private and public concerns as it (otherwise) suits their primitive whims

    39. This (very) troubling development has provided license to the meanest (latent) tendencies, a Will to Evil justified by the negation of eternal consequence(s)

    40. I am mentioning this aspect because the public sometimes seems to think that hostage Rescuers has a license to kill indiscriminately

    41. “I doubt the CEO of Merck has a medical license, either,” he said

    42. The OPP drove by and got the license number

    43. I showed him my driver’s license, and he looked it over carefully

    44. The SCV even hoodwinked the State of Georgia into offering the slogan on their license plates, and part of the fee goes to the SCV

    45. “Can I see your license and registration, please?”

    46. Although he backed off and undertook to ignore the arrogant swine, Michael took his unconditional release as license to repeatedly insult him publicly, a virus that spread through the criminal element, turning his job into a nightmare

    47. The attorney hardly considered that failing to carry the license was an offense worthy of arrest, particularly, he said, when witnesses reported that Edgar caused the problem

    48. He fished about for the vehicle’s papers and his license but, when he emerged, a strange thing happened: two men leapt from the car that had hit his, tossed firecrackers into the air and ran off shouting

    49. All that remained were these few slot machines and the license

    50. That didn’t matter to me at the time, because I bought with the idea of making this into a rock disco, but because of some technical problems, I couldn’t get a cabaret license

    1. Every person touching anything in the place where it is sold has to be licensed, pass a test and have a certificate from the government allowing them to be involved in food production or handling

    2. The premises where food handling takes place has to be approved and licensed

    3. Every person involved in delivering supplies is licensed and subjected to ongoing personal testing

    4. the licensed hunter is not in a much better condition

    5. How will they obtain your software? (Will they log-in or is it a licensed

    6. All of them, besides, are oppressed with a numerous race of mendicant friars, whose beggary being not only licensed but consecrated by religion, is a most grievous tax upon the poor people, who are most carefully taught that it is a duty to give, and a very great sin to refuse them their charity

    7. But as all the different merchants, who joined their stocks in order to fit out those licensed vessels, would find it for their interest to act in concert, the trade which was carried on in this manner would necessarily be conducted very nearly upon the same principles as that of an exclusive company

    8. problems without the advice of a licensed physician,

    9. I was about sixteen and a half years old, but was licensed to drive a tractor trailer

    10. Such principles, as they relate to Equal (Civil) Rights, for example, are recognized by social and political conventions allowing every individual, who is legally registered, for example, the right to vote or a licensed driver the right to own or operate an automobile or a prospective home buyer, with sufficient capital or credit, the right to purchase a house or a condo or whatever falls within his or her means

    11. guidance before they are ful y licensed as a medical professional

    12. Properly licensed, it had the potential to be an environment over which – if it were hers – she might reign, glamorously presiding over debauchery

    13. Rely on nonprofit sources, those that often are licensed under creative commons, not copyrighted

    14. “This ship is in my care and custody, and as a licensed security agent I have sworn to uphold the law and to protect the property thus entrusted to me,” Hartle informed them in an indignant voice

    15. He had been a licensed sprayer for ten years

    16. In 1970 the 660 MW Millstone 1 nuclear power station was licensed and began operating in January,

    17. We have, with CognitiveOS Hypnosis, a very effective method that could offer many licensed professionals a new set of tools to be able to beat the plague of codependency

    18. protected as a non-attorney when you work for licensed attorneys

    19. licensed grain inspectors and had supervised

    20. licensed and insured, and complies with all

    21. The auctions are limited to licensed


    23. It was licensed for prescription use on April 1, 1961


    25. In 1970 the 660 MW Millstone 1 nuclear power station was licensed and began operating in January, 1971

    26. He refused because they still needed my services as a licensed attorney to 1) continue the trial of a case versus the Navy in the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals that Crowell & Moring had started (at a cost of $425/hour) and 2) to finish drafting claims against prime contractors Boeing and Lockheed Martin, then collecting on same

    27. Then mountain climbers would have to start off with expert instructors on less challenging climbs, and would increase their certifications with their skills, and would not be licensed to climb the most difficult peaks until they were experts at the sport

    28. “Bloodsports are dealt with both as a licensed activity and as challenged combat

    29. To be licensed for each sexual act, each person should require the approval of their qualified and sworn Healer, to be sure they’re physically and emotionally ready and prepared for it, as well as being fully educated about each act

    30. For instance, to be licensed to drink ale or chew bhalma stems, one should have to show that they know what their effects on mind and body really are, what their safe dosages are, what the signs of addiction and overdose are, what other activities it is unsafe to perform while under their influence, as well as having clearance for the activity from their Healer

    31. It would issue a general license to risk to each citizen, listing all the dangerous activities and the level of risk they are licensed to engage in

    32. “As for fornication in public, I was raised to think it unspeakably outrageous, but I still see no valid reason to outlaw it, as long as the participants are licensed for the activity, and they’re not blocking traffic or otherwise infringing on the rights of others

    33. should consult with their doctor and a licensed herbalist

    34. prevention regimen should consult with their doctor and a licensed herbalist

    35. If you decide to use hypnotherapy as a route, you need to investigate practitioners carefully, as in most states alternative healers such as hypnotherapists are not required to be licensed or otherwise controlled

    36. There is no exclusivity to the technology any more, he saved the system by binding contractors into the machine, every likeness licensed stamped inside of the walls surrounding the labyrinth

    37. others to see him this way, that only she was licensed to witness these moments of complete

    38. “First off, in many states, true sperm donors are only those men whose sperm are inseminated through a licensed physician

    39. This regulation necessitated that money-changers be licensed to exchange the many sorts of currency in circulation throughout Palestine and other provinces of the Roman Empire for this orthodox shekel of Jewish coining

    40. Strangers were not welcome in the cities of Stygia; tolerated only when they came as ambassadors or licensed traders

    41. Government licensed and bonded

    42. Be sure you have a licensed taxi driver

    43. it appeared the place was not licensed

    44. spect to the Work licensed here

    45. “Hey, guys, guess what? I"m a licensed mental health worker

    46. Only buy from a licensed breeder with a good reputation

    47. State and by type of position and require licensed or certified psychologists to limit

    48. brothels are legal in the area, they’re licensed, if not the

    49. If licensed prices are fairly standardized

    50. other sex work enterprises some of the workers aren’t licensed

    1. Although I agree that gun licenses should not be issued arbitrarily and only under extraordinary circumstances, isn‘t reasonable to assume that the vast majority of individuals willing to surrender their ―weapons‖, that are (otherwise) gathering dust inside clothes closets, dresser drawers and kitchen cupboards, or stuffed inside a sock, for that matter, represent a small minority of law-abiding citizens who, in any event, would be unlikely to use them, unless pressed, unlike hardened criminal elements in the community who wouldn‘t give a second thought to surrendering the tools of their trade unless they were compelled to do so? A fifty-dollar gift certificate from Macys is insufficient compensation for the criminally-minded

    2. The State of California has taken an certain step backwards in its putative efforts to secure our nation‘s borders when its feckless governor (Davis) signed a bill into law extending driver‘s licenses to illegal aliens

    3. Some also use false liens to cheat or defraud others, while some issue their own driver's licenses, plates, money, and even ministerial credentials

    4. “What’s going on in there?” called his pop from the living room, where Frew Cobbs was all wrought up about how the terrible wild fires in California impacted the illegal aliens getting driver’s licenses and port safety and recalls on dangerous Chinese-built Barbie dolls

    5. And how that impacted the illegal aliens getting driver’s licenses and Chinese-built unsafe foods; which weren’t picked by illegal immigrants in California, Texas, etc, and therefore was killing American ingenuity

    6. Eventually, I had to give up on the idea, and instead I pay the previous owner’s family to use the old bar and casino licenses

    7. licenses and permits required to operate, and

    8. licenses their employees must have to work in

    9. education each year to retain their licenses

    10. China plans to build more than 100 plants, while in the US the licenses of almost half its reactors have already been extended to 60 years, and plans to build more than 30 new ones are under consideration

    11. Department of Energy have initiated research into Light water reactor sustainability which is hoped will lead to allowing extensions of reactor licenses beyond 60 years, in increments of 20 years, provided that safety can be maintained, as the loss in non-CO2-emitting generation capacity by retiring reactors "may serve to challenge U

    12. After we exchanged drivers’ licenses and insurance data, they left the Trading Post because his pickup was unscathed

    13. Licenses to sell sex should be granted with the same procedure

    14. The manager reported periodically on his progress in installing the licenses, saying he had personally checked out a number of the markets

    15. We’ve already applied for 45 low-power television licenses

    16. The only company with all licenses

    17. get all the licenses required

    18. But still there was a lot to do yet; he needed to get all the import licenses for his

    19. Deportation and the loss of fishing licenses are possible punishments levied upon drift-net violators (U

    20. The Coast Guard appoints admeasures for merchant ships which constitutes the official data from which fees and the cost of licenses are calculated

    21. hunting licenses in this country, permanently

    22. issuing our licenses, and has all that information on file just in case?‖

    23. Alistair facilitated the export applications and licenses for Bob

    24. And to Gautam’s gratification, what with the Green Revolution on the cards, dozens of licenses for fertilizer plants were in the offing

    25. He taught that those who know God can enjoy the liberty of living without deceiving themselves by the licenses of sinning

    26. After a couple of weeks, the real Gerard has assumed a third identity, one harvested from his society’s crop of identities cultivated over the years from the seeds of persons deceased long ago and nurtured until they have matured and borne social security numbers, savings accounts, university transcripts, driver’s licenses and passports

    27. The sentence stated that passing these exams did not grant him the authority to do the activities which the licenses would otherwise have granted due to the fact that he was under age

    28. new licenses, this industry is still operating

    29. The licenses were crude and ill-fitting, but by 1983 they

    30. Split licenses worked in the case of Sun's

    31. the choice between two licenses: the Open Publication License

    32. In the course of researching the licenses, I also made sure to

    33. The importance of modification in both licenses was a reflec-

    34. ies, or rights, from you under this License will not have their licenses terminated so long as such parties remain in full

    35. Enthusiastic over the idea that, after all, might justify his permanent establishment in Macondo, he took several trips to the capital of the province, met with authorities, obtained licenses, and drew up con-tracts for exclusive rights

    36. revocation of gun licenses

    37. What is the purpose of the TV show: “Gangland”? I’d ask the FCC to yank the licenses of broadcasters of such shows

    38. Any considerable media negativity concerning these broad savings for the people ought to be interpreted as corporatocracy bias, and FCC should have new strict guidelines for yanking licenses

    39. So there is this huge abundance of security forces and foreign military and private contractors (whom are treated like buddies with non-competitive contracts and licenses to murder without recourse), for what? 22 more Saudis, this time with plastic pistols? BULL

    40. Commercial networks will remain neutral and unbiased in their news programs in political matters or face possible suspension of their licenses to broadcast or some sort of split-up in their ownership to spread out the opinions

    41. Even after having read the statistics from Jacqueline Cochran on the number of women holding pilot licenses in the United States, Ingrid was surprised by the size of the crowd of women now filling to near capacity one of the halls of the army recruiting center she had reserved for three days

    42. Ingrid didn’t have big expectations about recruiting crowds of Japanese-American women into the Army Air Corps, especially in terms of women with pilot licenses

    43. From the looks of things, your taxes and licenses are all in order

    44. They went underground, later obtaining fake social security numbers and driver‘s licenses

    45. The two twins, known to the world as Diego and Antonio Sanchez, went to trucking school, and after a year of training, had received their Commercial Driver‘s Licenses

    46. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that many tasks legally reserved for only holders of high professional licenses could be performed by monkeys in trousers

    47. as he scanned his mind for the nearest off licenses in the area he happened to

    48. attendants rarely checked the faces on driver's licenses and

    49. have certain approvals, registrations, rights or licenses to practice or to

    50. the licenses and permits to build and open for business in the

    1. Music manufacturing was mainly about licensing the genes of each sonic block design

    2. Needless to say, it did not help when the feckless Clinton transferred licensing for sales of super computers from the State Department to the Department of Commerce under Ron Brown, who of course ended up dead

    3. After several years of buyers’ complaints to the state licensing board, his license was revoked

    4. The (official) reason behind this egregious measure was to promote greater visibility and monitoring (read: write up more tickets) of vehicular infractions (not to mention increased revenue accruing from licensing and registration requirements, inspection and other user fees)

    5. Further legal restrictions would (merely) impose stricter licensing requirements on law-abiding individuals who would purchase them through normal, legal channels, to begin with

    6. Fortunately for him and foolishly on their part, they confronted him before lodging a complaint with the police (who in their investigation uncovered the coke sales) and, by the time the charges became official, Brian and his money were safely in Costa Rica – but he would never be able to get around the background investigation required for licensing

    7. Congress could help by reducing the licensing and permits required by various levels of

    8. safety and health rules, licensing restrictions on construction, building codes on refineries, logging

    9. UNESCO proposed a New World Information Order (NWIO) which would have led to licensing and

    10. Career choices like investing in real estate (such as a real estate developer, or commercial or residential investor), owning intellectual property rights (patents for inventions, licensing and even copyrights), being a bestselling author, investing in stocks or notes or bonds or being a successful business franchise owner are all ways to earn about a half a million dollars or more and that’s about the amount needed for Americans to earn if they don’t want to struggle from paycheck to paycheck but have enough to save enough and to really thrive financially

    11. accident, but they were licensing more defective power stations, extending old stations

    12. of Licensing and Regulation as to the fees they


    14. licensing so I could concentrate on contracts and IP, as the only two

    15. a new examination for the licensing of would-be teachers, almost

    16. All the other licensing arrangements went by the board—and the product that had enabled a small company to hold its own against the giants ended up in the hands of the largest advertiser in the country

    17. by licensing and regulations and regular visits by authorities

    18. But I knew nothing about the technicalities of how the boards got there in the first place: the aspects of leasing and zoning approvals, state licensing, construction, maintenance, production, etc

    19. Each addictive substance and type of gambling carries different risks, and the risks of each activity must be individually evaluated and applied to its licensing procedures

    20. “Now, to reduce the cost of introducing all this licensing, I think you should each have a single bureau of risk licensing

    21. “In the case of fornication with children, no qualified and justice-bound Healer would approve of the licensing of a child for most of those activities, since they would be physically harmful for persons of insufficient development even if it was with their eager consent, so those would still be illegal

    22. delivered the car in Miami, and finally after all Customs clearance and licensing he

    23. For a younger professional just out of training, this pace might prove not only a bit boring, but also insufficient to collect the necessary number and spread of cases to qualify for medical board examination and licensing

    24. The hard copy evidence of treatment and “well thought-out” plans of action that were required by licensing entities received more time than the patients

    25. The feed for licensing a pure bread animal for breeding is more

    26. intact all notices that refer to this License leUleUleUleUleUleBrazilntary licensing

    27. Further, his flying privileges would not be restored until he passed a series of licensing exams up to and including harbor tug pilot

    28. licensing requirements in all States and the District of Columbia

    29. Licensing laws vary by

    30. second was to encourage others to adopt the same licensing

    31. Encouraging others to adopt the same licensing practices

    32. out the company's new licensing compromise in the case of

    33. I would eliminate mal practice and require arbitration to settle service disputes, with AMA oversight for licensing control

    34. stores are very real but Apple itself may cancel the licensing agreements

    35. It was not a large success, although other companies with similar products (including Atari) had to pay a licensing fee for some time

    36. And from the time of the first licensing requirements until now, doctors have steadily increased licensing restrictions and tightened their chokehold on the American consumer

    37. The only practical way to restore sanity to the depravity of medicine is to relax barriers to licensing and the supply of products and services

    38. It’s obvious that impractical educational and licensing barriers were concocted by doctors fearful of competition, and promoted by irrational Chicken Littles with no real consideration for or understanding of economic cost

    39. What would happen if school bus drivers were regulated as healthcare providers are? The government could easily impose much more stringent bus driver licensing requirements

    40. Remove licensing restrictions to restore freedom of choice to consumers

    41. And when the savings of licensing reform are added to the savings from the elimination of health and medical malpractice insurance with all of their associated administrative, abuse, and liability control costs; along with savings on medications, healthcare cost will be but a small fraction of what it costs today

    42. If product supply disruptions, such as a drought, oil embargo or licensing restriction, limited product availability, prices of affected products would escalate

    43. People not set in a career should definitely consider entering a career field if licensing restrictions are soon to be implemented

    44. Of course law, medicine and other fields with severe licensing restrictions already in place are certainly still good career choices for those with the time and financial means to complete the required schooling

    45. age awarded in the first licensing

    46. This register will not replace the normal licensing of resources and the information required in these applications

    47. The licensing inspectors had excluded it from their beat

    48. The licensing author-ity made threatening noises and the spa’s owners were

    49. If there was, the hotels would be classed as brothels and the licensing fees would be far higher

    50. them the complications of music licensing

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