Oraciones con la palabra "lilt"

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Lilt en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Lord, I mustn't lilt here.
  2. Patrick answered in his Irish lilt.
  3. Good name? Frank replied with a lilt in his voice.
  4. Where you folks from? he asked with a friendly lilt.
  5. His countrified Clarence Darrow lilt had all but vanished.

  6. Often thought she was in the dumps till she began to lilt.
  7. Okay, blue chiffon it is! she said with a lilt in her.
  8. It was a good try, she said in a characteristic Indian lilt.
  9. Where all is green and pleasant and we hear the lilt of streams;.
  10. With an uplifting lilt in her voice, she declared, Oh, that won’t.
  11. As if hearing, the birds adjusted their lilt, moving toward piano instead of bravado.
  12. Are you from out of town? He asked with what sounded to James, like an Irish lilt.
  13. What is it, Annyeke? he said softly, but with still the lilt of fear in his voice.
  14. Ah, there you are! the man exclaimed, with a beaming smile, a happy lilt in his voice.
  15. Six years later Lilt became pregnant and decided to terminate her contract with the Federation.

  16. Jumping up she changed to unbound taking off she called out to Dryan, a song lilt in her voice.
  17. Nemia stood on the trunk behind his chair, placed her hands on his head, and hummed a complex lilt.
  18. There is nothing to worry about, a calm, female voice with a southern lilt spoke reassuringly.
  19. That one’s still alive, he said in his curious lilt, and the flier was going for his eyes.
  20. Phoenix, however, hadn’t put the slightest dent in the graceful, African lilt and sway of her voice.
  21. Evans was parking in the shadows of the prison when Rudolph’s cell phone came alive with Cameron Gordon’s Scottish lilt.
  22. With only six years left, it was his plan to finish out his 20 and then retire, so he could be with Lilt and their child permanently.
  23. The strength and commanding lilt making Leora stand down and submit even though she did not wish to, but it had been how she was reared to do.
  24. But that same lilt could instantly turn into a bark, because Jane walked a very straight line, and had little patience with those who didn’t.
  25. It was still higher than the children were used to but by comparison with the high pitched lilt he had used before the tone was now almost coarse.

  26. He had served in his capacity for eight years, and during that time he met a woman named Lilt, and much to his mother's happiness, they were married.
  27. Why weren’t you at the abbey the night we battled the Hoar Frost King? We could have used your support, and that’s for sure, she says in her soft, Irish lilt.
  28. We haven’t lost each other and our babies are all right and we have a roof over our for now… Goodness but Beau is wet! I suppose the Yankees even stole his extra heads, said Melanie and there was a lilt in her voice.

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