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Liquidation en una oración (en ingles)

1. Liquidation value of the company: $23.
2. The second method is liquidation value.
3. Estate recovery and liquidation, Nem said.
4. A word on liquidation seems appropriate, however.
5. Complete liquidation means the loss of the job itself.
6. Liquidation, you understand, is not the same as failure.
7. In early 1976 Tishman Realty announced liquidation plans.

8. In case a company goes in to liquidation by the orders of.
9. Even during our liquidation period they performed superbly.
10. All of this means that the per share liquidation value was $1.
11. The liquidation then stars by sailing all inventories for cash.
12. The last stage is either liquidation or emergence from bankruptcy.
13. So there's only one thing left to do and that is - go into liquidation.
14. Liquidation is the only catalyst that brings about full value realization.
15. The actual liquidation of a business settles this debate once and for all.
16. Our view as to what liquidation is and what it means tends to be different.
17. Liquidation value is usually the worst case scenario analysis of the business.
18. But a liquidation can be managed without having recourse to the courts at all.
19. Give preference to liquidation value (worst case scenario) and then free cash flow.
20. In the Communist revolutions of the future, liquidation by class will become common.
21. Specifically, you want businesses trading below liquidation value with hidden assets.
22. In some circles, liquidation seems to bear a stigma as something that is nonproductive.
23. The liquidation value usually constitutes the lowest value in the sale of the business.
24. Since then the practice of buying below liquidation value has been undermined by two factors.
25. The liquidation of a distressed business acts as the midline of a business's intrinsic value.
26. Sometimes a company will be liquidated pursuant to Chapter 7 or a Chapter 11 liquidation plan.
27. When using liquidation value, I expect that the business will no longer be an ongoing concern.
28. If the earnings improvement produced a market value above liquidation value, all well and good.
29. But, if the company goes into liquidation, its machines will sell for a fraction of their worth.
30. If the company is not worth more as a going concern than in liquidation, it should be liquidated.
31. I had to do the legal work of the reverse liquidation of KIC into the big three subsidiaries.
32. In the broadest and most meaningful sense, we do not believe there is any such thing as liquidation.
33. Businesses trading below liquidation value in the stock market are subject to the whims of the market.
34. This analysis showed little-to-no margin of safety with the adjusted liquidation value of the business.
35. There can be no sound economic reason for a stock’s selling continuously below its liquidation value.
36. Meir said that a peace plan proposed by King Hussein would lead to the eventual liquidation of Israel.
37. Bear raids generate margin calls, loan liquidation, and the sale of securities by customers who are long.
38. It trades at 10x free cash flow and is significantly below its readily attainable liquidation value of $20.
39. Exits from positions are made (a) through resource conversion events (tender offer, merger, liquidation, etc.
40. If the company is in liquidation, preferred stock holders have claim before the common shareholders get paid.
41. The subject of liquidation must not be left without some reference to the employees’ vital interest therein.
42. To us, any payment by a corporation to its shareholders—even quarterly dividends—is a form of liquidation.
43. Even then, he provided for the profitable liquidation of their property, as in the case of the Apostle Matthew.
44. The next news they got in late July was that the holiday company they had booked with had gone into liquidation.
45. The result is panic liquidation buying, often by the clearing firm, to cover a customer with insufficient funds.
46. Stocks selling below liquidation value are in many cases too cheap and so offer an attractive medium for purchase.
47. The following schedule indicates fairly well the relative dependability of various types of assets in liquidation.
48. Relatively few industries in recent times have become economically nonviable and hence candidates for liquidation.
49. Chapter 7 liquidation investments normally brings about complete value realization in a relatively orderly manner.
50. This depends on the quality of the assets, as well as whether liquidation occurs in an orderly or fire sale manner.
51. Liquidation of a public business makes for an interesting case study in how the stock market is not always efficient.
52. And you have been told how John applied this money toward the liquidation of the mortgage on the Capernaum property.
53. When you buy below NCAV, you are shielding yourself by using only current assets as your estimate of liquidation value.
54. If a company could be bought at a price well below its liquidation value, then it seemed unambiguously to be a bargain.
55. These situations may involve a liquidation or give rise to technical operations known as arbitrage or hedging.
56. Liquidation value is the conservative estimate of a business’s worth by only using the tangible assets of the business.
57. Liquidations: Purchase of shares which were to receive one or more cash payments in liquidation of the company’s assets.
58. Terry pretty well disappeared from public life, earning a meagre living from his pub until that went into liquidation too.
59. The intrinsic value and liquidation value calculations convinced me to buy into the stock at an average price of around $1.
60. In the case of investment-trust issues, liquidation values of preferred issues are more relevant and should generally be used.
61. The liquidation phase is likely to wait until broader bad times, correlating the strategy’s fortunes with the equity market.
62. In either case, the shareholders who bought below liquidation value would earn a satisfactory return on their investment.
63. While this study captures survivorship and backfill bias, it is unable to quantify selection, liquidation, and lookback biases.
64. Western had stockholders' equity of $128 million on December 31, 1986, including preferred stock with liquidation value of $55.
65. And if an investor purchases prudently, he/she will receive a profit if they purchase shares below the final liquidation value.
66. Subsequently the company embarked on a policy of piecemeal liquidation which resulted in a series of payments on capital account.
67. And this doesn’t mean the stock will trade at its liquidation value tomorrow or next week or next month (…or even next year).
68. A business that is trading below its liquidation value points out the perception that the business is worth more dead than alive.
69. To be conservative in our analysis of liquidation value, we will use mid-line estimates of discounts in our analysis of the assets.
70. The stock closed 1970 at 21½, indicating a possible gross profit here, if book value was realized in liquidation, of more than 30%.
71. A point of significance, rarely raised, was the liquidation of a group of people based on social class; in this case the aristocracy.
72. When I say a business is trading below its liquidation value, I’m not saying it’s actually going through the liquidation process.
73. The management again submitted the question of liquidation to the stockholders, and this time a winding up of the business was voted.
74. The $31 per share distributed in liquidation to Target shareholders amounts to a 107 percent premium over the then market price of $15.
75. MCI’s going-concern value is estimated to be approximately $12 billion to $15 billion, while its liquidation value is only $4 billion.
76. A statement of the arguments for and against liquidation was forwarded to the stockholders, and they were asked to vote on the question.
77. Any claimant or party in interest may seek to either have the Chapter 11 dismissed or have the case converted to a Chapter 7 liquidation.
78. I didn't realize how serious they were about their liquidation sale until I heard that at the end of the day they killed all the employees.
79. It would be necessary to make inquiries, to look into mortgages, and see if there were any occasion for a sale by auction or a liquidation.
80. For instance, during a decline, if the ticker is very active and the volume of sales large, voluntary or compulsory liquidation is indicated.
81. Second, shorts believed that the liquidation value was lower than bulls anticipated and that the cash burn in a shaky airline could be mammoth.
82. Badly managed companies ought to be permitted to be sick—that is, go out of business either through liquidation or the reorganization process.
83. As a result, Graham and Dodd went to balance sheets to determine liquidation values or, as a proxy for these, current assets minus all liabilities.
84. In the event of liquidation, the assets will probably not be sufficient to pay off all the debt, so it may help to be standing in front of the line.
85. Ideally, a business that is in Chapter 7 Liquidation proceedings, and is trading below liquidation value would be the highest quality margin of safety.
86. As I have stated before, bankruptcy and liquidation is usually associated with negative connotations of failure from a public and corporate perspective.
87. A company’s balance sheet does not convey exact information as to its value in liquidation, but it does supply clues or hints which may prove useful.
88. She noted that Israel was not even mentioned in the proposal and that, by her interpretation, the plan would lead to the eventual liquidation of Israel.
89. It seems to hold most consistently in cases where liquidation or a sale to outside interests results ultimately in a cash distribution or its equivalent.
90. During 2002, the crematoriums affairs were investigated, which led to the liquidation of the crematorium as well as criminal charges against the owner(s).
91. If a business is trading below its liquidation value, it’s usually because the business is suffering or has failed to meet the expectations of Wall Street.
92. One reason for calling such purchases bargain issues is that usually net current asset values may be considered a conservative measure of liquidation value.
93. It’s that moment when the market prices these businesses as more dead, than alive (selling below liquidation value or extremely low multiples to cash flow).
94. The company that put Ithaca on the international map was brought out of bankruptcy by new owners in 1987, but financial failure again led to liquidation in 1996.
95. Despite stigmas or hangups about liquidation, buying in common stocks in certain instances can be a viable alternative for companies with the requisite liquidity.
96. The common definition of corporate liquidation concerns the payout in cash and/or in kind of an amount greater than the company’s accumulated retained earnings.
97. There are various methods of distributing cash and property to shareholders, including dividends, share repurchases, liquidation distributions and stock dividends.
98. In 1931 liquidation of the company’s assets was begun, and a total of $17 per share in liquidating dividends on the preferred had been paid up to the end of 1933.
99. As we quote him in our trading diaries, One of the problems is that most, if not nearly all of the big leaders have undergone serious distribution and liquidation.
100. Intuitively, you might expect that such a margin increase would be insignificant, but it can force liquidation and bring large-scale selling pressure into the market.

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