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    1. Additionally, because of lifestyle changes and a lower metabolism, it is important to consider how we eat as well as what we eat

    2. A small handful of walnuts or almonds, about 1-3 ounces, can help lower high blood cholesterol levels and other blood factors linked to heart disease

    3. Insist that they lower the standards to zero levels

    4. The higher energy sources provide to the plants a quick pick me up, Higher energy food sources are easier to be absorbed then lower energy sources which require more energy to assimilate leaving the plant in a minus situation which in turn causes stress etc

    5. This means taking lower risks, even if it means returns are less

    6. While the above advantages are bound to result in better average performance of the investments, it must be clearly understood that this can neither compete with abnormal appreciation of a few shares nor escape the effect of a bearish market when share prices are lower than their purchase price

    7. It is particularly so for the lower middle class and poor people

    8. Keda's eat mainly with their spoon-like lower teeth

    9. There was really too much out at once now so they would crush a lot of the lower leaves, but it could get him out of here an hour sooner

    10. They probably wouldn't get more than a thousand feet lower in elevation on this trip

    11. Ahmed is so moved at the thought that his lower lip begins to quiver and a teardrop trickles down his cheek

    12. ‘Are you saying that because I was questioned in connection with this … this incident it is a reason to offer me a lower salary than I am worth?’

    13. I remembered to check that I had the towel wrapped around my still naked lower half

    14. Just a bit lower he finally said, "to ask for sacrifice

    15. The lower floors looked to be holding older marble together with the synthetic stone shell

    16. They tend to be lower here because most of the urban streetcars in downtown Zhlindu are indoors

    17. they help to lower the bad form of cholesterol (LDL)

    18. hill, and even lower into the meadows

    19. These rivers were never allowed to turn toward the lower basin, they were always kept flowing toward that city

    20. A thonga is a lower, wider, eight legged version of what Alan always pictured a 'cow' would be like

    21. “Ethereead could you fly a little lower” asked Catwhiskers

    22. There were the shells of larorlie vines draped over the lower limbs of these trees, the vines long dead in the deep shade

    23. bike stopped at the peak and waited for the see-saw to lower

    24. It was smaller, chunkier and lower than a theirops, but definitely a relative

    25. At the western end, where we shall be landing, the land is lower

    26. Those upper flowers were a blue and purple topping to the orange, red and maroon of the larorlie blooms in the lower branches

    27. The antidote in this chapter is based on toning up the sciatic nerve and the muscles of the lower back to relieve the pain of sciatica and lumbago

    28. Lower your elbows to the floor as in figure 20 and remain thus

    29. Your muscles in the lower half of the back will be strengthened so sufferers from lumbago will also find the Bull Posture of great value

    30. Oreo saw them and her rage was renewed as she leapt off the lower landing and dived into the midst of them

    31. then slowly lower your leg as you exhale

    32. this simple exercise is to accustom the head to being lower than

    33. They were on the lower balcony, and this area at the back of it was a maze of booths and stalls, all selling some form of intoxicant or food

    34. Try to hold this position for thirty seconds, and then very slowly lower your body to the floor

    35. During Afternoonday and Dawnsleep they were at anchor, for here on the lower river the tide overwhelms the current and the wind

    36. time very slowly lower your leg

    37. Remember always to lower your legs s-1-o-w-l-y

    38. "The lower river has the look of home, even though I think Trenst is way over a mile lower in elevation than Zhlindu," he told her

    39. "Down in the lower basin where Gorunda is, there's a lot of swamp also

    40. head and lower them until the toes are touching the floor behind

    41. slowly lower the legs and lie fiat with the arms still at shoulder

    42. Thus, lower your eyes to the floor and

    43. Ouch! My legs and lower back are as stiff as anything – I feel about ninety

    44. I counted the steps down into the murk until I reached the lower level, steadying myself against the cool slimy wall in case I slipped and it felt as empty down there and as hollow and devoid of any interest, except to ghosts and spirits, as I had expected

    45. " He overlaid the view with the same chart he had shown earlier with the raw activity levels, the lower level of activity in the targeted rock was striking

    46. Heymon added, "In which case the odds are even lower that we would encounter it

    47. ticket this year,' I said as I chained our suitcase to the lower berth

    48. Using that handwritten entry, she then set the ten dials on the lower right of the panel

    49. her left lower abdomen

    50. of degradation and evil will vibrate at a much lower

    1. Next up then – and with my expectations now slightly lowered – came

    2. Other psychological factors, including depression, lowered self-esteem associated with overall loss of physical strength and the onset of physical signs of aging, anxiety, and substance abuse can all contribute to male impotence

    3. I noticed that the volume of noise in the adjoining seats had lowered and eventually I whispered “Do you

    4. Levels of digestive enzymes may be lowered as a result of taking various medication, poor eating habits or ageing

    5. A huge study that tracked thousands of nurses found that those who ate just an ounce of nuts or peanut butter five times a week lowered their risk of Type 2 diabetes by at least 20%

    6. Jerm lowered his flask

    7. The foundation should be raised or the earth lowered at least 6 inches preferably 12-18 inches

    8. He saw it was Estwig approaching, Tahlmute lowered his voice, "There is need of haste

    9. Luckily it lowered its eyes and the incident passed with nothing more than sharp intakes of breath from the humans around

    10. I lowered my eyes to the floor and swallowed hard

    11. Peadar lowered his head but looked furtively at the sharply dressed Theo

    12. With her prey immobilised, the she-leopard lowered her head to sniff the

    13. balding crown of the man’s lowered head, and then walked boldly up to the boy’s

    14. Sarah relaxed and even lowered her seat

    15. Under the shadow of the wall MacKenzie lowered his hand from his eyes and looked

    16. As he lowered his gaze, preparing for the last dance with the mistress of his

    17. "Most Learned," he completed and lowered his gaze

    18. Burn lowered Audacity down slowly on her own gravity while beads of acrid looking liquid condensed on the porthole

    19. He was lowered into them for a second, a couple took great chunks of his lip and face

    20. He lowered his eyes and fiddled with the food on his plate with his fork

    21. The Countess smiled at the balding crown of the man’s lowered head, and then walked boldly up to the boy’s table

    22. woman yelled out in pain and lowered her head, afraid to look up

    23. When the serpent lowered its head to strike Son, Son would strike back

    24. Under the shadow of the wall MacKenzie lowered his hand from his eyes and looked at the man standing before him

    25. As he lowered his gaze, preparing for the last dance with the mistress of his fate, MacKenzie whispered, “It looks like your nightmares have come true, old friend”

    26. The great cage was lowered and Cosmicblasto was pushed into

    27. Ethereead then lowered

    28. ” She lowered her voice as she passed Daniel and leaned close, pressing her breast against his arm, “…I’ll see you later … lover-boy!”

    29. Kate and Daniel went to Jake and he lowered his head

    30. The dragon lowered down and they all climbed on

    31. He held up his hand as if he was about to speak, and then lowered it

    32. Jake stepped forward and lowered his head to the students, Good morning, young warriors

    33. And, when a wife dies, all her possessions pass to her sister,' he lowered his voice, 'including the husband

    34. 'I'm afraid that only those who were there will answer your question,' he leaned across the table with his back to the other tables and lowered his voice

    35. Maska ran over to her, head lowered, pink tongue lolling, panting at the sight of his friend

    36. She lowered herself into a chair with obvious discomfort and stared into my eyes

    37. lowered, which you can see without effort

    38. eyes are obliquely lowered

    39. He lifted her in the water and lowered her onto himself

    40. All the blue dragons suddenly shifted and lowered their heads

    41. She lowered her voice again and let her hand touch my arm

    42. Aristethes lowered his voice

    43. Sam came forward and threw his large arms around Jake’s lowered head

    44. I lowered my voice

    45. She lowered the lights and lit a torch beside the table they were next to

    46. Jake lowered his massive head and peered at the little package before him

    47. Valotin lowered his head as James rushed up and threw his arms around him

    48. She does have a way with words James, Valotin said as he lowered his head level with hers

    49. He stammered, looked directly at the boy, then lowered his voice to sing, 'And you might have been my son

    50. Both animals lowered their heads towards her sniffing

    1. I wait as she finishes her pull, briskly lowering the glass on her coaster

    2. He glowers at me before lowering his eyes to glare at his shoes, stretched out in front of him

    3. half closed against the brilliant sun in its lowering arc

    4. of the lid and the lowering

    5. and lowering loft hatches, leaving the things

    6. Those two words *very slowly’, in connection with the lowering of the legs will catch most of you out at first

    7. You want to reduce that abdomen don’t you ? Then do please remember that there is no hurry at all in this exercise, and the slow s-l-o-w lowering of the legs is precisely what strengthens, tones, exercises, and reduces those flabby abdominal muscles and helps to reduce fat in this area

    8. The back and shoulders are also strengthened by the slow motion lifting and lowering of the head and shoulders

    9. As though reading my mind, he grimaces at me before smiling ruefully and lowering his eyes to the plate he is holding

    10. slowly move it away from you, without raising or lowering it,

    11. Duncan felt a small quiver beneath his seat as the pilot began turning a lever and he rightly guessed that the pilot was lowering the landing gear

    12. In fact,” he said, lowering his voice conspiratorially,

    13. information,” Bram replied, also lowering his voice, “It concerns the

    14. The lowering sky at last forced people into their cabins and the public places of the ship's interior

    15. " she answered lowering herself back to the second step, he swung around and sat next to her

    16. She looked like she was going to say something, then thought better of it, making a face like it would be lowering herself to argue with one such as Luray

    17. "Why in the world would I want a key to a book store?" Lowering her head to the steering wheel, to allow a few more tears to pass from her cheeks, she thought, that isn't even to what he was referring

    18. Lowering her head, she closed her eyes and counted One – Two – Three – then opened them

    19. "What is it?" She questioned lowering herself to his feet, and looking up into his troubled face

    20. " He grinned, lowering her slowly down his chest, to the wooden floor

    21. Softly lowering her to the bed, he bent and softly kissed her on the forehead before turning to leave, but Mike wasn't about to let it end the simply

    22. Lowering the letter, she looked up at Jim and said, "They loved each other so — it wasn't fair

    23. " she demanded to know, why he wasn't lowering the belt

    24. Before lowering her head to the table and crying her eyes out

    25. ‘Very well,’ he said at last, lowering himself into a

    26. The lowering of profit in the town forces out stock to the

    27. For a moment he would smile, then the silky soft skin of his face would grow flaccid, his eyes lowering in despair

    28. The boy grew somber, lowering his head to the stone

    29. I think what really worries you is our large catch lowering prices in your market

    30. Mr Locke, Mr Lawe, and Mr Montesquieu, as well as many other writers, seem to have imagined that the increase of the quantity of gold and silver, in consequence of the discovery of the Spanish West Indies, was the real cause of the lowering of the rate of interest through the greater part of Europe

    31. This supposition will not, I believe, be found anywhere agreeable to the truth ; but it is the most favourable to the opinion which we are going to examine; and, even upon this supposition, it is utterly impossible that the lowering of the value of silver could have the smallest tendency to lower the rate of interest

    32. They loaded the public revenue with a very considerable expense: they imposed a very heavy tax upon the whole body of the people ; but they did not, in any sensible degree, increase the real value of their own commodity; and by lowering somewhat the real value of silver, they discouraged, in some degree, the general industry of the country, and, instead of advancing, retarded more or less the improvement of their own lands, which necessarily depend upon the general industry of the country

    33. On the contrary, as the rise in the real value of silver, in consequence of lowering the money price of corn, lowers somewhat the money price of all other commodities, it gives the industry of the country where it takes place some advantage in all foreign markets and thereby tends to encourage and increase that industry

    34. That rise in the real value of silver, therefore, which is the effect of lowering the average money price of corn, tends to enlarge the greatest and most important market for corn, and thereby to encourage, instead of discouraging its growth

    35. Recent studies show that ginger might also have a role in lowering LDL cholesterol because the spice can help reduce the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed

    36. Instead he moved Kevin’s limbs into a more dignified position, legs together and arms by his sides, and then returned to the rope that Fletcher was lowering back down

    37. This policy, therefore, discourages agriculture in two different ways; first, by sinking the real value of its produce, and thereby lowering the rate of its profits; and, secondly, by raising the rate of profit in all other employments

    38. Lowering a slightly shaking hand to the door knob, she turned it quietly as she lifted her gun with her other hand

    39. ” I retorted in a cold voice, lowering my head

    40. ” Captain Melstone took the proffered bottle from the Sergeant and took a deep drink from it which it looked like he enjoyed while this was going on the rest of the lads round the well had taken their puttees off and were lowering bottles down into it and filling them as fast as they could

    41. Hans turned a moment later, lowering the radio

    42. It responded by lowering its power

    43. When the diminution of revenue is the effect of the diminutiun of consumption, there can be but one remedy, and that is the lowering of the tax

    44. The temptation to smuggle can be diminished only by the lowering of the tax ; and the difficulty of smuggling can be increased only by establishing that system of administration which is most proper for preventing it

    45. I tire of seeing newscasts depicting Hispanic high school students in American schools lowering the American flag and replacing it with the flag of Mexico

    46. Adem opened both eyes, lowering his hands to rest them on the arms of the chair

    47. If they continue doing the superb jobs they"ve been doing these past two years in the areas of lowering taxes, balancing budgets, controlling regulations, and creating jobs, Obama may just have a tough time of it getting re-elected in 2012

    48. One unpredictable effect, the dramatic lowering of the suicide rate: a sixty per cent decline from peacetime levels

    49. He caught his breath and stepped back, lowering his hand

    50. Leaping onboard the longboat, Larkey carefully grabbed the rope and meted out a few feet of line per second, cautiously lowering the boat into the stormy seas below

    1. Dante lowers his eyes and stares at the corpse of his

    2. the great sky lowers,

    3. With swift, gaping dispassion she lowers her head,

    4. Drens lowers a rope to his struggling crewman who is now supporting the limp body of our friend

    5. He lowers his voice slightly

    6. At a tap on the glass Jock leaves off counting and lowers the passenger side window

    7. The doctor looks away and lowers his voice

    8. Jock lowers his glass slowly, staring at Maggie, open mouthed

    9. A considerable number of people are thrown out of employment, who bid one against another, in order to get it, which sometimes lowers both the real and the money price of labour

    10. In a thriving town, the people who have great stocks to employ, frequently cannot get the number of workmen they want, and therefore bid against one another, in order to get as many as they can, which raises the wages of labour, and lowers the profits of stock

    11. In the remote parts of the country, there is frequently not stock sufficient to employ all the people, who therefore bid against one another, in order to get employment, which lowers the wages of labour, and raises the profits of stock

    12. The diminution of the capital stock of the society, or of the funds destined for the maintenance of industry, however, as it lowers the wages of labour, so it raises the profits of stock, and consequently the interest of money

    13. The extension of improvement and cultivation, as it necessarily raises more or less, in proportion to the price of corn, that of every sort of animal food, so it as necessarily lowers that of, I believe, every sort of vegetable food

    14. It lowers the price of vegetable food; because, by increasing the fertility of the land, it increases its abundance

    15. and with a startled look up as Christine lowers her glasses, for the first time, face to face, their eyes meet and melt together, forever instant

    16. Whatever be the actual state of tillage, it renders our corn somewhat dearer in the home market than it otherwise would be in that state, and somewhat cheaper in the foreign; and as the average money price of corn regulates, more or less, that of all other commodities, it lowers the value of silver considerably in the one, and tends to raise it a little in the other

    17. (Steps back into the line and lowers her head)

    18. On the contrary, as the rise in the real value of silver, in consequence of lowering the money price of corn, lowers somewhat the money price of all other commodities, it gives the industry of the country where it takes place some advantage in all foreign markets and thereby tends to encourage and increase that industry

    19. Then he slowly lowers his chin so that his head is resting on top of hers

    20. He slowly lowers the shield and peers out

    21. having a hangover lower your workout intensity, but drinking actually lowers protein synthesis by twenty percent

    22. Not only that, but alcohol lowers the amount of testosterone in your body and actually increases estrogen

    23. This in turn lowers both poverty rates and crime rates

    24. She lowers her voice

    25. Zeke lowers her to the ground with a grunt

    26. He lowers his head into his hand, covering his eyes

    27. Tobias releases my wrist and lowers his gun

    28. Grace backs up into the crowd that gathered as we were talking, then lowers her gun and jogs down a nearby hallway

    29. “The process lowers the carbon footprint”

    30. properly and lowers (its radioactivity levels) below the standards

    31. The liberalism of yesterday, as it inexorably mutated from campus riots to Civil War and betrayal of America, has itself set the table for the Tea Party sociofascistic firestorm that now lowers upon it, massive and unrelenting

    32. Each labored movement as he lowers himself to the ground and struggles to stand back up reminding him of the wrestling match he had with the angel

    33. business when it enlarges are way of seeing things, lowers stress and makes us braver

    34. (this further lowers my opinion of the average IQ of our General

    35. She casts these fourteen bolts of blue magic, of a type we do not recognize, while Prince Mark and Sir Kragorram swing their swords, Sir Silaran lowers his head and begins a charge, and Princess Talia and Lady Equemev prepare spells

    36. Simon blushes and lowers his head, pretending to inspect his writing tools

    37. magma body and lowers its frequency The report of the General Informa-

    38. lowers the amount of money workers have to spend

    39. “We’re with the Band,” Jane lowers her glasses and winks

    40. After a short minute during which I unflinchingly returned her penetrating stare, having been taught that he who lowers his gaze first is guilty of nameless sins, she filled me in

    41. The din of early dinner professionals abounded, you miss the first couple of words coming out of Jane’s mouth as she lowers her camera

    42. Malnutrition: Malnutrition lowers the BMR

    43. There is also research indicating that drinking green tea lowers total cholesterol levels, as well as improving the ratio of good (HDL) cholesterol to bad (LDL) cholesterol

    44. This lowers the resistance and bruises your chest muscles

    45. Don’t let your heels get off the floor as this lowers resistance

    46. According to a long-term Finnish study, smoking not only shortens your life by around 10 years, but it also lowers your quality of life in old age, as smokers are more likely to suffer from debilitating illnesses

    47. Because it lowers cholesterol (which can clog up the brain!), provides Omega-3s while balancing out Omega 6s, and infuses the body with antioxidants and Vitamin E, olive oil should form one of the cornerstones of a brain-friendly diet

    48. who lowers shades and

    49. She stands, lowers her head and leaves

    50. Natalie lowers her gun and puts it in a deep pocket on the side of her jeans

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