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There is no hope for the lowlands.
The north is dominated by the vast lowlands of the Danube.
Before long they were out in the rambling lowlands approaching.
Having finally, laboriously, gained the highest ground that overlooked the lowlands, Moshe.
The Hebrews flee in great haste across the lowlands toward the hills where the Lord Aten.
Throughout the afternoon the large path snaked through the hills on the western scarp of the lowlands.
The Hebrews flee in great haste across the lowlands toward the hills where the Lord Aten rises!.

Coming out of a fold in the hills, a small black indistinct line meandered in the direction of the lowlands.
He ran down again to the solemn Lowlands, commanded the table to fill with steaming dishes! Nothing happened.
The morning bus got them through the lowlands and, by noon, back again in the mountains to the city of Cobán.
From the Lyonesse to the Lowlands, from the Lowlands on to the Germanies; through the Germanies and into Spain.
Mam said he was buried by a winter avalanche the season before she went down to the lowlands to meet my father.
When I reached the lowlands by the eastern desert, I saw what the witnesses had reported, Myserrah continued.
The oldest working Post Office in the world is located in the village of Sanquer, located in the Scottish Lowlands.
Why do you think the 1st world war was mostly fought in the lowlands of Holland? Because it was the lowest, flattest land.
In a small town set upon the flat plains of England’s far flung eastern lowlands there once lived a very pleasant young man.
He had already ordered the assembled groups of hundreds to move toward the lowlands, after having assigned Benjamin to lead the way.
Food was brought up from the lowlands around the caer for our supper, for the great Dumnonian chieftains lavished us with their hospitality.
The town of Monaki stood high on a mountain plateau commanding a fantastic view of the lowlands and army camped several hundred yards below.
Tyr was built on the banks of the Mirken River, which allowed it an easy trading route to the Kirn and the Himmittes in the northern lowlands.
This is going to be a lo-ng trip, I told myself as I steered the car away from the lowlands of Montreal, heading north into the Laurentians.
Round Island is one of the last strongholds of a palm savanna habitat that was once also present in the lowlands of northern and western Mauritius.
Match the dilapidation and the dirt, the narrow quarters and the large family, and you have the cabin home in the Georgia swamps and the lowlands of Louisiana.
Muller has discovered several European species; other species, not introduced by man, occur on the lowlands; and a long list can be given, as I am informed by Dr.
Having finally, laboriously, gained the highest ground that overlooked the lowlands, Moshe reined in for a view of the Egyptian catastrophe and their narrow escape.
Slowly but surely, moonlight revealed that which lay below the upper part of the ridge that bounded the western edge of the lowlands, much of which still lay unseen below.
As she headed north-northwest on I-40 West through the virtually flat lowlands of pine stands and crop farms of eastern North Carolina, her mind drifted like a texting motorist.
The inhabitants of these hot lowlands would at the same time have migrated to the tropical and subtropical regions of the south, for the southern hemisphere was at this period warmer.
Moshe’s horse slowed perceptibly as it strained up the incline that would take them out of the lowlands as the troops ahead of him clawed their way up a still steeper slope of the hill.
On the southern edge of this plateau, overlooking the Karedarzin lowlands and the river itself, far in the distance, there is a series of lofty cliffs stretching irregularly for hundreds of miles.
As the early morning sun continued its rise into the heavens, the sightings became even less distinct, an effect of the sun-heated sand of the lowlands as they reflected back a portion of what they were receiving.
In the regular course of events the southern hemisphere would in its turn be subjected to a severe Glacial period, with the northern hemisphere rendered warmer; and then the southern temperate forms would invade the equatorial lowlands.
For Alpine species, excepting in as far as the same species have become widely spread during the Glacial epoch, are related to those of the surrounding lowlands; thus we have in South America, Alpine humming-birds, Alpine rodents, Alpine plants, etc.
To the east the ridge had also fallen away, though less rapidly, to a lower level over which could be seen the now-familiar expanse of rushing water in the distance, twinkling in the last sun of the day, still filling all that could be seen of the lowlands.
The various beings thus left stranded may be compared with savage races of man, driven up and surviving in the mountain fastnesses of almost every land, which serves as a record, full of interest to us, of the former inhabitants of the surrounding lowlands.
The heretics had occupied much of the low ground earlier, but only a handful of infantry remained to picket the hilltops now that they were isolated by the water, and it was difficult to pick out the line of the submerged canal where it crossed the lowlands.
Or, again, the wolves inhabiting a mountainous district, and those frequenting the lowlands, would naturally be forced to hunt different prey; and from the continued preservation of the individuals best fitted for the two sites, two varieties might slowly be formed.
As the cold became more and more intense, we know that Arctic forms invaded the temperate regions; and from the facts just given, there can hardly be a doubt that some of the more vigorous, dominant and widest-spreading temperate forms invaded the equatorial lowlands.
As the tide leaves its drift in horizontal lines, rising higher on the shores where the tide rises highest, so have the living waters left their living drift on our mountain summits, in a line gently rising from the Arctic lowlands to a great latitude under the equator.
Hence, when the warmth had fully returned, the same species, which had lately lived together on the European and North American lowlands, would again be found in the arctic regions of the Old and New Worlds, and on many isolated mountain-summits far distant from each other.

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