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    1. round and taking in the lustre and the opulence of the ballroom

    2. It was as impressive as any of the towers of Babel, with the gold adding a brilliant lustre to the structure

    3. The hills beyond glistened with the chill splendid lustre of moonlight on snow

    4. The glow went out of her face and the lustre out of her eyes

    5. Far away on the horizon was the low dim lustre of the Charlottetown lights

    6. 45 ACP through the hood of that BMW 550 that cut me off, but I’m certain the following jail time would dull the lustre

    7. Killing has lost its lustre

    8. Although middle aged in my eyes she still has her beauty and her long hair still retains its black lustre, her eyes are dark pools that reflect a very resourceful and stubborn woman whom I love dearly; she is the centre of my life, everything I do or say revolves around my mother

    9. The stud master’s personality was reflected in the austere presentation of the surroundings where dark leather furniture and bare polished floorboards produced a dull lustre

    10. The floor of the office was covered with tiles that looked like marble, and the wooden panels on the wall had that deep lustre which only frequent waxing, polishing, and years of patina could bring about

    11. back with a headscarf of equal lustre and taste and her neck was decorated with

    12. His wife, his life and his inspiration has vacated his village of lustre and love,

    13. Our married life led us to a perfect family life of over half a century but as usual, that passionate route of love and lustre had to come to an end

    14. diet as they lubricate, nourish and create lustre in the skin

    15. For me London has always had a lustre that topped any other city in the world where I have been

    16. But, on the other hand, it is matter of fact that a considerable number of persons, including some of the highest power, who have seen cause to adopt the foregoing interpretations of Scripture, have declared that, in consequence of the modification of their ideas, Redemption, as a display of the Holy Love and Justice of God, has become a subject of constant and delightful thought, so that Christianity in general has assumed an air of stronger reality; that since, in the language of Baxter, faith has become, in all its exercises, an act of the conscience and reason, God has drawn nearer to them; they have perceived fresh force in the command to love the Lord their God with all their understandings as well as with all their hearts; and finally, that, instead of the lustre of the gospel truths which they believed before being diminished, those truths have come forth into high relief, marked with a grander and more vivid outline, and surrounded by a brighter radiance,—as if a faded fresco-painting had been transformed into statuary, and illuminated by the beams of the sun

    17. The skin developed lustre and a healthy texture where before it had been dry and wrinkled

    18. Sea glass in a saucer loses its lustre no sooner than silks do

    19. Poetry, gentle sir, is, as I take it, like a tender young maiden of supreme beauty, to array, bedeck, and adorn whom is the task of several other maidens, who are all the rest of the sciences; and she must avail herself of the help of all, and all derive their lustre from her

    20. "God bless me!" said the duke aloud at this, "who can have done the world such an injury? Who can have robbed it of the beauty that gladdened it, of the grace and gaiety that charmed it, of the modesty that shed a lustre upon it?"

    21. varying sensations of my active soul, which only served to heighten the lustre of the luxuriant scenery

    22. To these busy men their work was but the ordinary labour of earning a living; their duties in their ever-recurring round had, like the sun itself, the commonness of daily things; their individual fidelity was not so much united as merely co-ordinated by an aim that shone with no spiritual lustre

    23. "Commander of the Faithful," said he, "dazzled though I am by the lustre of your

    24. His features were pretty yet, and his eye and complexion brighter than I remembered them, though with merely temporary lustre borrowed from the salubrious air and genial sun

    25. his eyes, that sparkled with more excited lustre, and his inflamed

    26. with a large diamond ring on one of his fingers, the lustre of which

    27. with ten-fold lustre; her languor was vanished, and she appeared quick,

    28. far surpassed even the whitest, in the life and lustre of its colours, white

    29. One more practiced in the arts of great cities would have hid her blushes beneath a veil, or, at least, have cast down her thickly fringed lashes, so as to have concealed the liquid lustre of her animated eyes; but, on the contrary, the delighted girl looked around her with a smile that seemed to say: "If you are my friends, rejoice with me, for I am very happy

    30. When he had flicked lustre into his shoes he stood up and pulled his waistcoat down more tightly on his plump body

    31. What? Malign such an one, the amiable Miss Callan, who is the lustre of her own sex and the astonishment of ours? And at an instant the most momentous that can befall a

    32. It was certainly a doubtful charm, imparting a hard, metallic lustre to the child's character

    33. Busoni turned around, and, perceiving the excitement depicted on the magistrate's face, the savage lustre of his eyes, he understood that the revelation had been made at the assizes; but beyond this he was ignorant

    34. clouded, then it shone with unusual lustre, and a large tear rolled down his cheek

    35. "But as I snatched a look, the first gleam that struck me, was in general the dewy lustre of the whitest skin imaginable, which the sun playing upon made the reflection of it perfectly beamy

    36. Her countenance and whole frame grew more animated; the faint blush of her cheeks, gaining ground on the white, deepened into a florid vivid vermillion glow, her naturally brilliant eyes now sparkled with ten-fold lustre; her languor was vanished, and she appeared quick, spirited and alive all over

    37. Her gallant began first, as she stood, to disengage, her breasts, and restore them to the liberty of nature, from the easy confinement of no more than a pair of jumps; but on their coming out to view, we thought a new light was added to the room, so superiourly shining was their whiteness; then they rose in so happy a swell as to compose her a well horned fullness of bosom, that had such an effect on the eye as to seem flash hardened into marble, of which it emulated the polished gloss, and far surpassed even the whitest, in the life and lustre of its colours, white weined with blue

    38. Then gently removing her hand, which in the first emotion of natural modesty, she had carried thither, he gave us rather a glimpse than a view of that soft narrow chink running its little length downwards, and hiding the remains of it between her thighs; but plain was to be seen the fringe of light-brown curls, in beauteous growth over it, that with their silk gloss created a pleasing variety from the surrounding white, whose lustre too, their gentle embrowning shade, considerably raised

    39. That fact shed a great lustre upon his name till it became eclipsed by the rising star of Montero

    40. Dirt and rust tarnished the lustre of his short beard

    41. In her craving for the lustre of her true position as his wife, and to hide from her parents the vast extent of the division between them, she made use of this letter as her reason for again departing, leaving them under the impression that she was setting out to join him

    42. Vincy in her declining years, and in the diminished lustre of her housekeeping, was much comforted by her perception that two at least of Fred's boys were real Vincys, and did not "feature the Garths

    43. Thus I ne’er fail’d to converse sensibly with Lustre, to inform him of the Purpose of our Journey, and he always serv’d me better for that Reason, because I honour’d him as a Rational Creature

    44. Perhaps, as I remarkt to Lustre, ’twas a false Safety

    45. I then tried to find a Metaphor from the Sphere of Horses so that Lustre should entirely understand my Meaning

    46. “Lustre, I love only you,” I said, spurring him on and galloping towards the High Road

    47. I was able to reflect upon the Beauties of the Countryside and upon my Plight, as well as to consider the Uncertainty of my Future, and to discourse with Lustre upon the opposing Philosophies of the Third Earl of Shaftesbury, who expounded the Perfection of the Universe and the Naturalness of Virtue in Man, and of Mr

    48. What did Lustre think? Was he content with his Place in the Great Chain of Being? Did he believe this was the Best of all Possible Worlds? When he turn’d his Noble Head and lookt me Eye to Eye, he seem’d to say that he was happy with his Place so long as I should be his Mistress, but that he should hardly be so happy if a Horse Thief or Robber should take him

    49. The Thought of losing Lustre led to the Thought of how I had been betray’d, which in turn led to the Thought of leaving my Step-Mother without so much as a Farewell Kiss

    50. I turn’d away from this Sight, once again grown melancholick, and led Lustre into the Throng in search of a Pyeman or some other Purveyor of Foodstuffs

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    luster lustre sheen shininess brilliancy splendor splendour