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    1. cases shallow tv celebrities, in ful makeup and with overexposed

    2. have no concept of the spiritual character, or makeup of the church or their responsibility to watch over the soul of every member in the congregation

    3. Her being raised by the Eloi was the best thing that could have happened; they gave balance to what was lacking in her makeup

    4. She was glad to get it off when her turn came in the makeup chair even though it meant she had to sit there naked

    5. Hair, makeup, all that

    6. fooling with her blush, did she think she would have to use the makeup for more

    7. Sally sat on the couch downstairs, her hair and makeup done, but the

    8. for the occasional change of clothes or makeup refill

    9. makeup it took to erase twenty years

    10. Of course there's no logical reason for it and at that age you wouldn’t know any better to be scared or not scared but for whatever reason because of my emotional makeup and mental health problems even then I was scared to death of Sister Alice and going to her office

    11. There were some amateur photos of the robots, though they could have been actors in makeup and costumes

    12. her new DKNY clothes and had not started taking her makeup

    13. Survey after survey has found absolutely no correspondence between the racial/cultural makeup of a class, and the 43

    14. Women with blue eyes can still wear blue eye shadow but the key to pulling this makeup look off is to choose a shade of blue that is lighter than your eye color

    15. If you’re in the market for mineral makeup, be sure to choose products that don’t have talc listed on the labels

    16. Generic mineral makeup often uses talc as a filler ingredient, which can clog pores

    17. But the Mafia knew of some weakness somewhere in his makeup or background and was

    18. Her crossed eyes were large and pretty, her face was free of makeup, but had a healthy

    19. makeup, and had her hair in some sort of ponytail, but with a fancy thing holding it back

    20. I wondered if my makeup was running down my face and hurriedly turned to Evelyn and whispered for her to take a quick look

    21. An individual‘s essential makeup in conjunction with that individual‘s acquired habits oftentimes (render) popular opinion

    22. The woman’s clothing, makeup and hairdressing were impeccable

    23. ” Her makeup, she said, was professionally applied in a nearby parlor, “but not before I turned the city upside-down looking for one who knew what she was doing,” she said

    24. “Costa Rican women have a strange concept of the proper makeup for a middle-aged woman

    25. He tried to bargain with her and said, “What if we bring new clothes, makeup, and make the body look better

    26. A touch of ‘borrowed’ makeup brightened her pallor and out of character in Beth’s clothes, baggy on her, Herminia’s petite Latin look and flashing eyes combined with her trademark smile to form an image in the hallway that was enchanting

    27. The facial makeup Herminia had induced her to buy stank to high heaven, but it covered the strange yellow and purple tones and that was good enough for Truman; besides, she would keep her distance

    28. “I think it has more to do with the hand holding the brush than the makeup itself,” I said, thinking of the mess I’d make of it if I tried to apply all those products to myself

    29. Why don’t you go and fix yourself a tuna sandwich?” His voice carried a provocative tone that caused her to spin and stare accusingly towards the lobby where her makeup case sat, balanced atop her other bags

    30. It was difficult to steady my hand long enough to apply makeup again, and it was a challenge to cover all of the facial hair I had because of the steroids I had been given

    31. The exhibits carried Sylvia to the history of the early 1800’s when the racial makeup of the province experienced its first changes, as black fishermen of turtles settled the coast and intermarried with the native Indians

    32. She hadn’t overdone the makeup, just a little pale lipstick and some eyeliner

    33. The fact that a man can even consider whether he is worthy of receiving the Victoria Cross says something about his makeup, his personality

    34. And the technicians at the real Simulator Corporation are even now monitoring what they think are real phenomena of my psycho-sexual makeup, but those inputs are emanating from a pre-programmed simulacra

    35. ‘I should've put some makeup on and changed into a dress

    36. Just before I entered, a girl was looking at herself in her compact mirror, checking out her makeup, checking out her hair, checking out her neck, “What?” she said to herself as I walked into the schools corridor

    37. The only thing that was in the purse was makeup, tissue, and a

    38. Some girls dressed pure and were chaste for sure while some girls had their makeup whored out along with hair that was stormin’, poufed, and flared out

    39. measurements of this moon in an attempt to know its chemical makeup

    40. In it are different-sized tubes and containers that I recognize as makeup, but wouldn’t know what to do with

    41. When the makeup comes off,

    42. dabbed his cheeks with a sprinkle of powdered makeup, and

    43. When she came back, she would have a yogurt or some other insufficient breakfast, and then spend the next two hours bathing, putting on her makeup and dressing for work

    44. Teenagers have teenage rebellion hard wired in their makeup

    45. Palin and the inept conduct of the Republican campaign diverted what scant attention there was away from the true nature of Obama’s background and makeup

    46. And there may be a hard-wired basic moral structure in the human makeup to support that need

    47. San Francisco longshoreman-philosopher Eric Hoffer says that the “crumbs” of every thought and act ever known or done by a human being are inherent in the makeup of every individual

    48. Till u learn that the makeup is only to hide your true face

    49. One of the things I learned is that behind the makeup, the extensions, the fake nails, and the pretty dress, I was still the same person who dreamed of with being the first woman on the moon

    50. Her mid length hair down, she wore a white lab coat over a short red dress and matching red flats, she was wearing glasses and makeup

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