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    1. Theo had seen this marking before

    2. sequence in his hand, he learned to fear a new demon, marking his engineered

    3. I counted the days not by marking the passing of the usual solar landmarks, but by reckoning the drift between waking anger and dreams that always twisted in chimerical fear

    4. Man engineered his likeness, and then, with the shape and sequence in his hand, he learned to fear a new demon, marking his engineered brothers with bar codes to ensure that all would be ordered and just in the grand folly of empire in the heavens

    5. The bar codes were an irrelevance, made obsolete by gene marking and biometrics, but the simple fact of their visibility made them an essential part of the control

    6. We pass a sign marking a junction on the M6 – what did those instructions say? Oh yes - junction 10a is the one we need – to Shrewsbury

    7. There were no signs or marking,

    8. Shaun is learning the trade, marking time while he builds a future, well aware of the rumours that Jock is getting ready to sell up

    9. However, the men soon discarded their outer garments, warmed by the labour of digging - the sweat marking dark shadows on their t-shirts

    10. the far side of the tennis court was a line of trees marking the

    11. They went to each of the evenly spaced little stakes marking the next post's location

    12. The road is quiet and Billy is vaguely aware of bird song, of blackbirds and robins marking territory and singing out loud to keep their tiny little hearts from bursting

    13. ’ Sally said, scrawling on the marking sheet

    14. red pen in hand, marking not only that class’s papers but every class’s of Mr

    15. You know, there's no way of marking time

    16. "He marked me, so the others would leave me alone?" she wasn't sure if she liked the thought of his marking her, it sounded like something a dog did to his territory

    17. marking the place as the Cross of Charles

    18. She moved with haste, familiar with the landscape and guide posts of rubble and debris marking the path before her

    19. Just two days after the celebrations marking the trio’s

    20. One wore a purple-hemmed chiton, marking him as a member of the

    21. " Arkaneh shoved his shovel into the ground, marking the place to bury the bodies

    22. ‘It’s not marking ‘cos it isn’t of this realm Dan

    23. world with a big read 'X' marking your location, but

    24. They went through the house and stowed family items deep into the recesses of the cellar with Elizabeth methodically marking each item and entering them into a small notebook

    25. Close behind the trenches the Spanish dead had been hurriedly covered with earth, and the road to the city was strewn with dead horses, marking the cavalry retreat of the First

    26. The marking aircraft always attacked from the opposite side from where the fast jets (Hunters) would come in for the strike to divert attention away from the strike

    27. As it had lain hidden amongst the pine needles, the whitish spots marking the snakes back reflected the dim moonlight back up at him, giving away the adder's presence

    28. Increasing municipal and state government budget deficits, occasioned by reckless spending by both political parties at a time most could actually boast a budget surplus, (no saving money for a rainy day) has government officials marking time exploring imaginative ways of speeding up the process so they might obtain the money faster

    29. I was unceremoniously shoved into the kitchen and heard the door slam behind me with a finality marking a new beginning to my life

    30. In his left hand, was a small book with a finger marking the place?

    31. The permanent marking had spoiled over the years

    32. “Oh, yeah, I think Mason painted them with that silver line marking paint

    33. He shook instinctively, ash marking the spot of the slight burn on his skin

    34. And all of this was due to this marking? The marking, which also Elior had on his shoulder

    35. and showed his wife the marking that he was speaking

    36. The golden pennants with the darker marking of the seven-star swayed above their heads and thousands of voices were now raised in the lamentation sing for the eight hundred and thirty two of their kind whom they now buried under hills of stone

    37. marking pens on a table next his rotating chair

    38. Tobias, blood trailing down the side of his face and marking his white shirt with red; Tobias, fellow Divergent, standing in the mouth of this furnace in which I will burn

    39. Through the windows along the back of the control room, I see the same empty night sky as the one above the city, interrupted only by small blue and red lights marking the runways for airplanes

    40. It leaves a circle of light on the target, marking the impact site

    41. So far we have learned that the burial process and marking of the grave is a scriptural practise and not merely old-fashioned tradition

    42. It was her way of marking how life in this reality had only had true beauty to her when he was in her life

    43. marking the entrances or doorways of their houses with the blood of a ram, at the

    44. I had left the camp in the capable hands of Ah Uk and with Sacook was at the road head marking the path it would take

    45. The Jews did this at Passover by marking the entrances or doorways

    46. • If other than above, then marking will be binary 11

    47. safe?” Xen closed her notebook, marking her place with her pen

    48. much to cook, lack of cash saw to that, but at least it would be something a little different, marking out one day in the year as being special

    49. marking placed so as not to harm the animal‘s health

    50. I was busy marking up a map showing home totals delivered by a TV station in each county of its coverage

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