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    1. Moreover, until recently, feelings of sexuality and sexual need among those over 60 years of age might be cause for guilt feelings, based on the culturally constructed assumption that people were supposed to "mature out of" sexual interest and become sexual neuters as they entered into their so-called "golden years

    2. By lots of compost I mean approximately 50 lbs of compost per mature tree

    3. One has to remember that young adults mature significantly between high school and their early twenties

    4. She is almost too mature and soon she will be too old and developed to dance professionally

    5. mature but is one who knows the value of life

    6. (mature) men yield to the whims of the unlearned (2:24-26)

    7. He was running forced kargas, injected with a plasmid that caused them to mature in only three Earth years

    8. ' In Earth years their first two children were eighty one and seventy seven now, but neither had anything over thirty five showing in their appearance, and even that made them quite mature among the natives

    9. He thinks agricultural knowledge is mature now

    10. 1 Corinthians 2:6 starts, “We do, however, speak a message of wisdom among the mature, but not the wisdom of this age or the rulers of this age, who are coming to nothing

    11. If he had taken a few minutes to think like a mature adult at any point along this descent into fantasy he would have realized that this could never possibly work out for him

    12. The grass that grows in January shall never be mature,

    13. I don’t know if there is somehow a way to grow and mature

    14. “As your dragon gets bigger, it will take on a more mature voice

    15. Alan was probably a bit older and more mature in most ways, but Nuran was much more sexually experienced and aggressive than he, much raunchier and probably more energetic

    16. "In some ways you're more mature and responsible, but in others you're more naïve

    17. She has to be instructed on how to care for the egg properly so that the dragon has a chance to mature naturally

    18. Once again, although in a far more mature sense, he was the dreamboat that drifted languidly through young girls’ daydreams, which, given the fickle nature of the public’s imagination, was a very considerable achievement

    19. The woman was quite mature and had a long and gilded robe on

    20. These girls were very young and very buff, wearing loincloths so tiny that it was obvious their pubes were shaved or maybe not mature yet

    21. although in a far more mature sense, he was the dreamboat that

    22. ‘I mean, we’re not exactly kids in the first throes … I sort of anticipated that I’d be more mature … less frenetic … but it’s not like that at all

    23. Of course Tdeshi was just grown with a new toy, now she had been Ava in a mature body for twenty decades already

    24. The road was surprisingly shady, with mature trees at intervals

    25. I reckon it's going to be harder for you two, you're not kids, but bloody-minded, so-called mature adults, and in some ways it is going to take more effort to adapt to living together

    26. stone wall, with mature trees and thick growths of rhododendrons

    27. ‘Yes, he’s really shot up lately, but he’s always been a fairly serious-minded lad and pretty mature for his age

    28. once it’s had time to mature properly

    29. Dara was as mature at two decades as this kid is now

    30. thousand fucking dollars?” But I was more mature now, more in tune with

    31. In the last days it will be even more vital to have greater revelation and prophecy, so let us go on to mature and grow in him

    32. Dreams, visions, and prophetic messages for the body are like that child, let them grow and mature until the time they are ready to come into the world

    33. become mature in hearing God on their own

    34. mature, and this bride is compared to a city that is not yet

    35. This illustrates mature discernment in

    36. This mature bride will usher in the coming of the King and have

    37. A mature prayer warrior sat in the

    38. upon the wall of His city, and that this represents a mature bride

    39. more prophetic revelation and to release mature prophetic

    40. He looked every bit the innocent child in his brown apprentice robe, but Drau'd new better, had seen him emotionally and mentally mature as his power grew

    41. can practice their gifts so they mature in

    42. Her white t-shirt revealed adolescent breasts and her figure had yet to mature into the curves of womanhood

    43. mature and next year you’ll be standing in a field of

    44. At one point, the process of growing stops; leaving the organism free to continue its life as a mature creation

    45. The honest acknowledgement of your selfishness is a mature experience

    46. She’d always considered herself more mature than her peers

    47. As we mature, we develop a certain tolerance to unfilled desires without being miserable; this is more true of some of us than others

    48. Becoming bolder by the minute, he now found that he very much wanted to show this mature, adult woman what he had between his legs

    49. “Thank you,” he said, sounding more like a mature man, somehow, than a mere boy

    50. For all our grown up bodies and how mature we were I knew that we were still only young and at times I thought too young for what was happening our adolescent years had been taken from us

    1. The villa had seen better days, having matured over more than a century of irregular neglect into its current state of generally poor repair

    2. Through it all the boy matured into a quiet but strong thirteen year old who was never ashamed to scratch the dirt out from under his fingernails after grubbing up the last of the late potatoes

    3. handsome and as his school days wound down and he matured into

    4. Through it all the boy matured into a quiet but strong thirteen

    5. She wasn’t the mind that Ava was, she was the mind Tdeshi would have become if she had slowed down and matured

    6. His thoughts had matured to concerns, and his concerns finally moved him to action

    7. She remembered thinking how she would never know love because she had never matured as a mortal

    8. She could flirt for social advantage, but Alan never saw any evidence that any vestige of a libido had matured in her

    9. Maye placed a robe around Savannah’s shoulders, but it had already seen that her body had matured

    10. As the days went by, Danny matured quickly

    11. Broshee had matured quickly during the winter and was not the same self-centred youngster that had romped through Brockenhurst Forest such a short while ago

    12. As the city matured and prospered, development moved out of the core and up the lakeshore to the northeast

    13. And there it was before his eyes: the very same scribble Truman had settled upon, matured but, in fact, little changed from that day to this

    14. She had matured into a beautiful woman who gave him steadfast love and supported him in his revolutionary activities

    15. Gareth learned quickly, he matured into a highly proficient Baron in a turbulent time

    16. Even as the Christian church matured under the overlordship of Constantine and his immediate successors, there were those who continued to fall away

    17. As they matured, they began to resist, for the sake of stability, the newness of further interpretation that might have allowed greater revelation, on the assumption that all that was needed to be known had already been revealed

    18. faith not matured, and “Faith without works is dead!” 4 god has not

    19. These dense plantings matured quickly, creating the cool leafy effect of woods in Canada

    20. “Yes, you have matured since you were last here

    21. Then she can help as she has matured enough

    22. I always believed that he would change when he matured and

    23. strengthened and matured his faith

    24. Area One was the ‘Nursery' where test tube babies were produced and matured to a stage not yet known to the outside world

    25. It was a long time since they had seen Natalie and she had matured quite a lot

    26. His ideas matured as he grew up

    27. As he matured, his concept of ‘truth’ evolved and the importance of practicing this virtue in all spheres of life became ingrained

    28. As he matured and evolved, his own concept of truth kept on changing:

    29. As he matured she ‗d thought he‘d become shy, but he didn‘t and was ready to tell any visitors who objected that they had the problem, not him

    30. I have matured

    31. airplanes, when I am matured to travel alone in the

    32. Childhood fears matured at university into a paranoia that, together with reclusive belligerence, earned him no friends and few acquaintances apart from fellow devotees of Old Testament dogma

    33. That would change as the evil matured within her

    34. He was still very evil but had matured so much that the

    35. But he found out that he had matured a great deal over the past few years

    36. 7 "The human soul, when matured, ennobled, and spiritualized, approaches the heavenly status in that it comes near to being an entity intervening between the material and the spiritual, the material self and the divine spirit

    37. It seemed to Adrian that Lucas had matured well for someone his age

    38. 3 Ordinarily, when a mortal of the realm attains such high levels of personality perfection, there occur those preliminary phenomena of spiritual elevation which terminate in eventual fusion of the matured soul of the mortal with its associated divine Adjuster

    39. Terry had matured into a clever individual with strong beliefs in the ways of the Aryans and he had a hunch that he would soon be somewhere overseas serving his masters

    40. Now greatly matured, the beauty pleased his tired eyes

    41. "Bird-dog's matured a lot since then," Anna said with a grin

    42. After a couple of weeks, the real Gerard has assumed a third identity, one harvested from his society’s crop of identities cultivated over the years from the seeds of persons deceased long ago and nurtured until they have matured and borne social security numbers, savings accounts, university transcripts, driver’s licenses and passports

    43. Skeets matured and his sociopathic tendencies focused on his work, neutralizing him as a public threat

    44. This protective instinct intensified as JY matured and he had no control over it as if programmed into his being

    45. When these wild ecstasies shall be matured

    46. generation that had matured after the war no longer

    47. He seemed to have matured during this time and he didn’t fumble around as much as he used to

    48. Saul had matured years in the last few months

    49. Have Matured In My Eyes

    50. Church for several years, yet have obviously not matured spiritually:

    1. It will protect us when it matures; just as your Snotaks did

    2. The child grows and matures within the mother till it is ready, and then it comes into the world

    3. When he matures to manhood, the child she is carrying will be the man who announces that the Son of God is now upon the earth

    4. matures and is further educated by parents, teachers, and peers, or even as society

    5. especially as the marriage matures and grows

    6. Having said that and meant in a general sense only, unattended core fears express themselves more as life matures

    7. The hedge is also effective once it matures, in keeping the wind from blowing with so much force over your yard

    8. rhymes with the fashion of our personal lives that matures and transforms all of us over different `vibes` that have tòpulsateàlong with our lives that consequently change and alter us

    9. These circular patterns are endured by all of us over a style that rhymes with the fashion of our personal lives that matures and transforms all of us over different `vibes` that have to `pulsate` along with our lives that consequently change and alter us

    10. Love matures in tragedy and gives expression to wiser faces – empathy, compassion, and action

    11. “But the collective soul matures in reflection and this time saying we're fucked could elicit it's time to act, not time for melancholy

    12. We have discovered that premeditated, orderly thinking for a purpose matures that purpose into fixed form, so that we may be absolutely sure of the result of our dynamic experiment

    13. It matures for a couple of weeks and

    14. matures, it goes through stages of having both tad-

    15. aggressive and even more so as it matures

    16. investor when the bond matures

    17. a woman ovulates such as when the egg matures, when the follicle

    18. At this stage seeker’s practice on mantra recitation matures to a level that he starts feeling within … the glowing radiance of mantra and his impurities start burning away in this radiance

    19. After the baby matures it finds out that this not true

    20. potential in him is very strong, and it is my task to ensure that potential matures

    21. � When the child matures, she/he might build a wall around the structure to preserve it, and it might well do that for a while, but the sea will still come in and inundate the object of the child's sense of form and control

    22. The possibility for complex pullbacks as the trend matures

    23. What is success in the market? Is it being able to make a living, pay your bills, and have enough left over for security? Is it having the satisfaction of being able to do something extremely difficult well, so that being able to manage the trading process is itself a degree of success? Is it as simple as beating the indexes by a few percentage points, consistently outperforming what a professional investment manager would be able to do for your account? Your definition of success will probably change as your trading ability matures and your personal financial goals shift, but trading success must be both financial and nonfinancial

    24. ” As the company matures and conditions change, such as the emergence of newer, more efficient, competing technologies, processes, or concepts, the flow of institutional money into the stock will inevitably slow

    25. When a TIPS matures, the investor will either be paid the adjusted principal or the original principal, whichever is greater

    26. Suppose that a forward contract matures at the end of the three-month dividend cycle

    27. Trading is anticipating a potential price action, positioning to enter the early stage of the trade, adding to it as it develops, and then exiting as it matures and sets up a reversal

    28. And sometimes you can use those regular interest payments (dividends) as income while the bond matures

    29. Also, when interest rates drop, sometimes the issuer of the bond can “call” it in and pay back your principal before the bond matures

    30. Those thoughts include your intended actions as the trade matures and can help you through difficult decisions because they were compiled under ideal conditions, with no stress

    1. "From these origins Sammy's gang evolved and was shunned even by the maturing old boys of the DMS

    2. Winter had set in, and it was a good time for the maturing to take place

    3. By the time that he was twenty, however, his urgent desire for a shag, for any shag, was growing and maturing into a desire to find a partner

    4. Both he and Eileen particularly loved the smell of their garlic bed and the way that sunlight thickened the broad, upright blades of their maturing crop

    5. Young as one ―feels‖ contrary to how one really feels, holding fast to youthful designs and illusory impressions, has undermined our human dignity by its failure to properly complete itself in a manner welcoming every changing phase in our lives as a life (maturing) process injecting vitality and new meaning as it passes through each successive stage offering its own unique rewards while preparing it for the uncertain road that lie ahead

    6. about knocking down those that are maturing slowly

    7. that we are truly maturing in Christ according to His

    8. The only questions are how soon will it be dead, and what progeny, if any, will it leave behind? The excuse the Court offers to keep the Constitution “living” is to claim it is applying such tests as “evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society

    9. With the maturing of the sattva

    10. Maturing, I guess

    11. Dalia and I… Well, I’m right behind Mother, and I’ll probably equal her when my power has finished maturing in a decade or so

    12. Soon she would be beyond youth, slipping into middle age, her whole life wrapped up in a maturing daughter and the bare need to survive

    13. A decreasing unemployment figure signals a maturing cycle, whereas the opposite is true for an increasing unemployment indicator

    14. It was part of maturing, part of getting a little older she thought

    15. He was maturing and taking a lot more notice of what was going on around him

    16. Sarah by now was maturing and fashion conscious with her clothes and smart

    17. Remedios the Beauty stayed there wandering- through the desert of solitude, bearing no cross on her back, maturing in her dreams without nightmares, her interminable baths, her unscheduled meals, her deep and prolonged silences that had no memory until one afternoon in March, when Fernanda wanted to fold her brabant sheets in the garden and asked the women in the house for help

    18. Instead of returning to Rome with the sudden fortune, which had been his dream maturing in misery, José Arcadio converted the house into a decadent paradise

    19. History, an entertaining, sometimes hysterical biography of the maturing of a journalist, growing up in New Jersey

    20. Each maturing issue will be matched with the date of maturity and an

    21. If the 1980s were about the rise of the industry, the 1990s were about its maturing into a Hollywood-esque landscape of ever-increasing budgets and increasingly consolidated publishers, with the losers slowly being crushed or absorbed

    22. the true path lies somewhere between maturing into a social order and

    23. In addition, the old brutality and injustice of animal sacrifice, and the restrictive nature of the maturing class system supported by Hinduism, led some of the more advanced Indian people to reject it

    24. One step in maturing as a species is to come to the

    25. today, since it was her twenty-fifth and the trust fund was maturing

    26. interests of a rapidly maturing human race

    27. “Either the sale of shares, or, more often, a bond maturing,” said Pierre

    28. “This is Miss Hood’s account, on the screen,” he pointed, “and there’s no sign of an investment maturing that would produce that sum of money

    29. She was embarrassed to admit, even to herself, that several times when asked to help, when she was blossoming into adulthood, Ailia had declared her independence, saying that Unni and Brander were not her real parents, so how could they order her around? Ailia liked to think her remorseful and quick attitude adjustment was proof of her maturing, but it probably had a lot more to do with her having to sleep outdoors in the pigsty and not having the privilege of a meal

    30. It has been recognized by the oil and gas supplies industry that the UKCS is a maturing province, and that success in exporting is therefore key to its continued pros-perity

    31. The Spirit of God is the close blossom-friends of the maturing person

    32. The only thing the three horsemen are doing is maturing the

    33. The maturing tadpole goes through stages of

    34. sy, earthbound caterpillar that during its maturing

    35. 65 With growth, maturing and

    36. "Yes, it has been a long time, but Sonia, I remember my maturing years like they were yesterday

    37. the chances of these eggs maturing past the egg stage are slim

    38. Usance bills, maturing within 90 days or so after date or sight, are discounted by

    39. The meat from the sheep is still maturing in the sun

    40. With the rise of estrogen, LH receptors are also expressed on the maturing

    41. When any of the stages of experience are missing or not experienced, the entire linear process of growing up and maturing becomes frozen, or stunted, or damaged in some way

    42. It is an abomination to the soul of the young who have the impossible struggle of maturing into adulthood

    43. Onion planting is divided into three categories: early, mid-season and late maturing

    44. Early varieties need to be planted in mid to late summer; mid-season varieties are planted in autumn and the late maturing ones in late autumn to early winter

    45. Maturing children are touchy, sensitive, self-conscious, modest, seclusive

    46. Before we leave the subject of the biological aspects of sex teaching, a word concerning preparation for maturing

    47. It is a product of love ties, but only as these flourish in a maturing intimacy

    48. 'I know it well! But they have been infected by the dreaded Lousepedoodle, that flies in ever decreasing circles through the Gunpat and maturing in the gray-green forests of the Okey Pokey

    49. I have eight or ten similar cases maturing

    50. , Seaboard Air Line and Wabash) have required holders of maturing equipment obligations to extend their maturities for a short period or to exchange them for trustee’s or receiver’s certificates carrying a lower coupon

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