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Minus en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Minus the rounds, of course.
  2. It read plus or minus fifty.
  3. The pup opera was minus its.
  4. The minus comes from all the.
  5. Now he requested it: minus 27.

  6. I could see that as a minus.
  7. T minus five and a half minutes.
  8. One minus one leaves nothing.
  9. All of my colors, minus the blue.
  10. The latter were minus the weapons.
  11. The infinity of minus sends to Hell.
  12. Width of the spread minus premium paid.
  13. The group, minus Jesse followed the lines.
  14. Width of the spread minus premium received.
  15. Returning after two minutes, minus the noise.

  16. But are you sure? Say we have 2009 minus 1879.
  17. And our total adds up to a double-digit minus.
  18. X coordinate of the Cat is equal to minus five.
  19. It is now at minus 180 degrees Celsius and climbing.
  20. Same things I’ve told you, minus the love notes.
  21. The owner of 1,000 shares would get £12, minus tax.
  22. You mean what I have already, minus the pills right?
  23. It’s the amount of his assets minus his liabilities.
  24. This ceiling on upside potential is an important minus.
  25. Time Comes In With A Minus Sign (Berbeo Publishing).

  26. The police eventually found it minus wheels and things.
  27. Notice that Chapter 11 minus Chapter 4 equals Chapter 7.
  28. Plus and minus, joy and solemnity, tension and relaxation.
  29. It was like they were playing doctor minus the stethoscope.
  30. This is some sick jungle bunny minus one jar on the shelf.
  31. Ray would be the choice- and hand it in- minus the diaries.
  32. Impact minus twenty seconds, guys… said the computer.
  33. Minus the number of days that payables are outstanding (DPO).
  34. That too minus the smiling lady police officer handing over a.
  35. He simply sat and tobogganed his way down, minus the toboggan.
  36. There you go sir, your money back, minus sixteen pence for me.
  37. You wanted to get $1,812 minus your $100 profit which is $1,712.
  38. She flopped on her bed and replayed the date minus the last part.
  39. The basic ratio is formed by sales minus variable costs in the.
  40. My pain threshold is minus ten, which is why I took up wrestling.
  41. Let him compute how much he would save minus his cigarette budget.
  42. As expected, the executive's body lays on the floor minus its head.
  43. She noticed the Captain nursing his broken arm and Ca minus an ear.
  44. The girl of course was there, minus the white dress and prayer book.
  45. Difference between the two strike prices minus the credit received.
  46. Brother and sister were on time, minus their families thank goodness.
  47. Even minus the religious stuff, none of it made a great deal of sense.
  48. Lucas had reacted like an overeager puppy, minus the wetting himself.
  49. The royal family, minus the King, was with me in the evacuation module.
  50. Alright Mister Smart Horse, how much is twenty-seven minus twenty-one.
  51. The sign indicates whether the position is long (plus) or short (minus).
  52. Endday minus 100 : A red cow was born in Jerusalem—very few knew of it.
  53. The profits are the short option premiums minus the long option premiums?
  54. The option should still be worth its intrinsic value of $5 ($60 minus $55.
  55. Garcia explained how Sio was reduced to his basic elements, minus the water.
  56. That could change some, plus or minus, but for now Puller was in the clear.
  57. The spare room he had to offer was more like a closet, only minus the privacy.
  58. But how far below? Normal pullbacks tend to bottom out near the minus one ATR.
  59. They punted on their first three possessions and had a total of minus 26 yards.
  60. The power of a test equals one minus the probability of making a Type II error.
  61. Endday minus four: Around the globe, the fires of mankind’s insanity raged on.
  62. The condition of her office was identical to his, minus the removed floorboard.
  63. Note that each number of standard deviations is preceded by a plus or minus sign.
  64. When the function TB minus the cost of bankruptcy is at a maximum, the rate of.
  65. And on the right side you have nothing, minus a Put, so that’s just a Short Put.
  66. Reducing her body to its essential elements, minus the water, into the compact.
  67. Breakeven Points Stock price when the covered call is sold minus premium received.
  68. Once we minus any one actor of the play other two would be unable to keep it going.
  69. Have you ever noticed the plus (+) and minus (—) signs on the storage battery in.
  70. It looks very similar to the wind and rain storms we just faced, minus the tornado.
  71. There were twenty more wolves inside, making a total of forty plus or minus wolves.
  72. Essentially, the equation is composed of assets that increased with sales minus the.
  73. Black buttons flew across the floor as her white shirt was exposed, minus one button.
  74. The stuffed yuppie looked like the Planters Peanut guy minus the monocle and top hat.
  75. At this point, the buyer receives her money back, minus the charges from the company.
  76. But suppose you said it like: Martha, seven times nine minus x is thirtyfive thousand.
  77. The officers on the bridge, of which only two were male, echoed the salute, minus the.
  78. It took me a second to realize it was my own song, being it was minus vocals of course.
  79. The plus and minus two standard deviation levels are included in the indicator display.
  80. Call strike price plus cost of the strangle Put strike price minus cost of the strangle.
  81. Despina looked at the tray minus the vase and then back at Zoe, who was shaking her head.
  82. Net operating assets (NOA) are a company’s operating assets minus operating liabilities.
  83. Endday minus sixty: Israeli news sources announced the red cow had been born in Jerusalem.
  84. Every warrior was accounted for, minus the one Bianca had blasted to flames in New Mexico.
  85. So they sauntered on stage, Microphones in hand, minus Alicia and Kristen who were dancing.
  86. Identical to his real life in every respect, only reversed, and minus a crucial dimension.
  87. It was all over in a few minutes, and we were minus eight men—taken away by the raiders.
  88. Higher strike price plus width of the back spread plus (minus) net premium paid (received).
  89. The crew totals seventeen minus the shut ins, four or so rotating out in cycles of wellness.
  90. Suddenly they had three moons, and a lot of angry Vulcans, minus the emotions, of course.
  91. This indicator plots a running total of advancing stocks minus the declining stocks each day.
  92. Annual losses can be computed by multiplying the default rate by one minus the recovery rate.
  93. The amount of your mortgage is usually the purchase price of the home minus your down payment.
  94. A door opened to the side of where the Chief was standing and a man in a bowler hat, minus his.
  95. I had had no talking-to this term; my success in History Previous and a beta minus in one of my.
  96. Endday minus 3: The Hopi knew the time had come when their sacred tribal land went dark at midday.
  97. Trying to reach it was like pushing against an oncoming tsunami, minus the sound of rushing water.
  98. In other words, it is the current, total P&L (open and closed) for the trade minus the Risk field.
  99. If you had paid $4 to cover the Apr put, the loss would have been $345 per option ($400 minus $55).
  100. Net asset value (NAV): A fund’s net asset value (NAV) is its total assets minus total liabilities.

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