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Mosh en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I wonder where Mosh is.
  2. Mosh, oh, you stupid boy.
  3. Mosh broke into a sprint.
  4. Mosh waited at a distance.
  5. Mosh caught her eye, and.
  6. Mosh rocked back and forth.
  7. Mosh knelt and gently rolled.
  8. Mosh also said nothing of that.
  9. Live with Mosh and < just live.
  10. Mosh sighed and ambled on his way.
  11. Mosh turned and ran for the gate.
  12. Mosh came, knocked softly, and left.
  13. Not as well educated as Mosh, though.
  14. It’s Mosh who’s out of his league.
  15. Mosh, in his uniform, yawning at the door.
  16. Mosh took it carefully and he stepped back.
  17. Mosh heard the death-squeal, and so did Ariel.
  18. Mosh shook his head with a frightened glance at Ariel.
  19. She registered the clangs and scrapes of Mosh at the.
  20. She’d spotted Mosh on the stone path leading down to.
  21. Mosh dithered at the door, watching with his cat’s eyes.
  22. Mosh reached over, pulled her to him and kissed her cheek.
  23. Mosh tugged the string, and the rat rustled against the grass.
  24. But Skeet was wary, with sharp eyes on Mosh, on his untied hands.
  25. It had come from somewhere in the mosh pit in front of the stage.
  26. Mosh was bandaged around his chest, but naked to his narrow waist.
  27. The younger, a dirty chestnut, lifted its chin in welcome to Mosh.
  28. Mosh sweat-bright in the moonlight, to the glint of a firestick–.
  29. He remembered when Mosh was but a little baby, a bundle of primal.
  30. Mosh frowned and straightened his back, shaking off his father’s hand.
  31. I … where am I there’s Mosh … and Kay and Churchill what is that?
  32. The string jerked as Mosh grabbed it, the rat sloshed against the bullet-.
  33. Mosh felt sick, the simple, pure message in those cat eyes a jolt of shame.
  34. The living-room window was elevated out of reach, so Mosh had to creep up the.
  35. Mosh drove slouched back, elbow to the wind, and he was a lunatic at the wheel.
  36. Mosh stepped back from Stein’s door as it closed, and gave what must be that.
  37. Then he waited, the GPS monitor in one hand, knife in the other, until Mosh had.
  38. As Mosh peeled out the neatly-folded jeans, his eyes fell to a case on the floor.
  39. Mosh thumbed his lips and craned his head sideways to lock onto the screen, all.
  40. Then Mosh spoke of his plans for the day when the land would pass on to him, the.
  41. Mosh took in a deep, shuddering breath, coughed, and raised his hand to his chest.
  42. Mosh stepped stiff-legged away from the bakkie, his maroon uniform fading to pink.
  43. Mosh waited in the shelter of the thatched stoep of an unused unit, watching over.
  44. Mosh shot … he shot her, he shot her she runs while she dies my child … I ….
  45. But she had stopped listening, as Mosh loped, loose-limbed and dangerous, his eyes.
  46. The door swept open to reveal Mosh, mouth and eyes ludicrous O’s above his soaked.
  47. The knife tore into his chest once, twice, and Mosh stared in mute despair and then.
  48. Mosh was waiting in the Toyota bakkie, the back piled with boxed fruit and vegetables.
  49. So they loitered awhile longer, circling the building so Ariel could look for Mosh, but.
  50. And Isaac added, Dude, the punkers have a mosh pit but now we can give your Uncles rock band a breakers pit.
  51. I get the second, and then we’re at the center of a wet, hot mosh pit of pressed bodies; then the whole hot circle hops up and down and emits a chant.
  52. DESPITE EVERYTHING YUKI HAD told me about the media frenzy, I was stunned to see the square block of mosh pit at the Civic Center Plaza the next morning.
  53. My uncle laughed and said, I’ve had some wild rockers start a mosh pit before at my concerts but I’ve never had a bunch of breakers doing their thing and getting all excited like that before.

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