Oraciones con la palabra "mutter"

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Mutter en una oración (en ingles)

1. Then the old man started to mutter.
2. Wait, was all I could mutter.
3. Oaths of a man roar, mutter, cease.
4. She started to mutter in a low voice.
5. Others mutter or mumble to themselves.
6. Give me a moment, I mutter quietly.
7. Yes, was the best Fred could mutter.

8. He continued to mutter against his pillow.
9. Men! I mutter, glaring out the window.
10. The girl started to mutter under her breath.
11. The Tars began to mutter amongst themselves.
12. Roddenberry did not mutter when it came to.
13. Cliff led the way with an occasional mutter.
14. It was a low mutter of voices that roused her.
15. I think I’m in love with him, I mutter.
16. No! No, no, no! the girl started to mutter.
17. They shake hands and mutter the usual inanities.
18. Been there, done that temptation, I mutter.
19. The others hesitate, and mutter among themselves.
20. They began to mutter excitedly among themselves.
21. As he shook his head I heard him mutter, damn.
22. When she reached the stairs I heard her mutter:.
23. She could only mutter something and wave her hand.
24. The mutter of men startled from sleep swept as a.
25. The voices upstairs continued to mutter and chant.
26. I heard him mutter something darkly under his breath.
27. Jondrette found time to mutter in the ear of his eldest.
28. Sima Zhongtian was startled and lowered his head to mutter.
29. I heard mother mutter light-heartedly as she left the room.
30. I couldn’t find the hairdryer, I mutter, embarrassed.
31. During development of the program, I used to mutter none too.
32. Then I bowed and withdrew, leaving them to mutter and disperse.
33. There was a mutter of agreement from the small crowd now gathered.
34. Shaking our heads sadly we mutter, Those days are gone forever.
35. Tens of men stood together yet none of them dared to mutter a word.
36. The crisps slid off the tray, and they heard him mutter ‘bugger’.
37. And yet it still stings her deeply to hear the jackass mutter bitch.
38. He heard Nostromo mutter again, No! there is no room for fear on this lighter.
39. As if in echo to my thoughts I heard Colt grimly mutter, Not my best notion.
40. A wise doctor does not mutter incantations over a sore that needs the knife.
1. He just sat there muttering.
2. She was muttering to herself.
3. So, so, I leave him muttering.
4. Ren Fengping was left muttering.
5. There was more muttering at this.
6. She pulled away, muttering that.
7. Still stunned, he kept muttering.
8. He knows, someone is muttering.
9. There was a muttering of agreement.
10. Some muttering greeted this remark.
11. He rubbed his forehead, muttering.
12. Billy was muttering, It’s wrong.
13. There was a general muttering of assent.
14. The muttering under their breath starts.
15. Downcast eyes and muttering told the story.
16. He made his way home muttering under his.
17. He is muttering something under his breath.
18. Then he fell to muttering over the pictures.
19. They wandered off, muttering about lesbians.
20. I was so tired that I was muttering to myself.
21. Muttering to herself, she sat down on a chair.
22. She started muttering, and I could’ve sworn.
23. He went on, muttering between his teeth, and not.
24. That’s when I noticed Finch muttering behind me.
25. She was trembling and muttering at the same time.
26. I was muttering something—I listened to myself.
27. Muttering Jothain retired, and spoke to the others.
28. Adrar was looking over the pod screen and muttering.
29. He was frantically praying and muttering to himself.
30. The biker shook his head, muttering curses as he left.
31. He could hear a low muttering and then someone sighed.
32. That time I was so drunk that I was muttering nonsense.
33. He was covering his face and muttering into his collar.
34. She only spoke once, muttering about an old pal from L.
35. But after some muttering, he placed another two copper.
36. When Long Fei had finished, he was stunned and muttering.
37. Without muttering a single complaint, they watched as Mr.
38. Who was this strange middle age man? He was seen muttering.
39. Henry sat muttering to himself, scowling at other patrons.
40. Still, they keep their rosaries in hand, muttering prayers.
1. He then muttered to himself.
2. Thank you, Sally, he muttered.
3. As you say, he muttered.
4. Shaking his head, he muttered.
5. A rare case! he muttered.
6. Di Yang was silence and muttered.
7. Ashi muttered a string of curses.
8. They muttered about troll honor.
9. He muttered something to himself.
10. Sam muttered something inaudible.
11. Strong stuff, he muttered.
12. She muttered a goodbye and left.
13. How did he find us?' he muttered.
14. Of course not, she muttered.
15. But he’s dead, I muttered.
16. I hate them, Henry muttered.
17. Balthus muttered a horrified oath.
18. He shook his head and muttered;.
19. Son of a bitch, I muttered.
20. I’m sorry too, I muttered.
21. At dead of night! I muttered.
22. He muttered something and colored.
23. The woman stood aside and muttered.
24. Damn thing, he muttered darkly.
25. He's fluent, muttered Mainwaring.
26. Im such an ass, he muttered.
27. Maybe Volume V, he muttered.
28. Alby and Minho, he muttered.
29. He muttered a sheepish Tashakor.
30. Sorry about that, he muttered.
31. Ah, how annoying! he muttered.
1. A thousand times over, he mutters.
2. The real Loki mutters in his sleep.
3. It is not permitted, he mutters.
4. He mutters and flails his arms about.
5. Or Henry, she mutters to herself.
6. Anguished cries with guttural mutters.
7. Luddites and hypocrites, he mutters.
8. He mutters to himself about it all the time.
9. I fully intend to, he mutters, bemused.
10. She is half the problem, Glacia mutters.
11. Brothers, the wolf mutters nonsensically.
12. Maggie is the key, Ted mutters to himself.
13. Baba mutters, Get on with it, under his breath.
14. I’m pleased to hear it, he mutters dryly.
15. The crowd broke into mutters and excited chatter.
16. Schnee, the man mutters, and makes a notation.
17. Mutters of what’s he doing now? danced about.
18. WHERE IS it? Vince mutters, breaking the silence.
19. Gotcha, Jeremy mutters, but he isn’t talking to me.
20. Mutters of yeah, yeah, we’ll believe that when we see it.
21. Faggot music, someone mutters, but no one pays him any mind.
22. I don’t think it’s possible, he mutters to himself.
23. There were mutters of agreement from the older people in the.
24. Bitch, he mutters with enough authority for her to hear.
25. Josef could hear were mutters and the occasional "That's good".
26. What the hell does he see in her? Faith mutters to herself.
27. The mutters stop too, leaving just the rush of water in the chasm.
28. Watching the coming, going of the vessels, he mutters to himself--.
29. Every once in a while, she stirs awake and mutters a prayer in Arabic.
30. He mutters something to himself, then stands up and motions at the door.
31. Not a forger, any way, he mutters; and Jonah is put down for his passage.
32. She looks like Mama, Avery mutters to himself when she first appears.
33. I’m sorry, he mutters and a fleeting troubled look crosses his face.
34. Right – my turn, he mutters, and his glare turns steely, speculative.
35. I’ll be downstairs, he mutters, and he leaves what will be my bedroom.
36. As he walks away, he mutters, You’re not getting away with this, brother.
37. Jones something to think about, Christian mutters as he stands in front of me.
38. And here you are, not even smittened by it one little bit, Walt mutters in a huff.
39. We can go on just give us the word Sir, mutters of agreement ran around the trench.
40. There were a few mutters of slight recognition followed by an unrelated terrorist explosion.

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