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Negligence en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Dr Singh was struck off for his negligence.
  2. There was just no excuse for this negligence.
  3. I ask you, is this negligence or dereliction?
  4. Does this sound like negligence or dereliction?
  5. There is no negligence and that the awakening must.

  6. Only his negligence could let her become infected now.
  7. Pardon me for my negligence in spite of a couple from you.
  8. Lynch was charged with dereliction of duty and negligence.
  9. Already we have set the stage by two mistakes of negligence.
  10. Isn’t this just great! See what your negligence has done.
  11. Not having repeated them, through negligence, I should be fined.
  12. Sadly, this same doctor had been guilty of negligence in the past.
  13. We are talking here about men dying unnecessarily because of negligence.
  14. An error I readily forgive, but wilful negligence or forgetfulness, never.
  15. Also, having received what we ask, we may fal into the other sin of negligence.

  16. Negligence : Failure to act during the normal course of business in an usually.
  17. We pillage the public liberty, in order to compensate for legislative negligence.
  18. So, Count, there never is any negligence in my company, and so my conscience was at ease.
  19. This key was furnished with a small iron point,—a negligence on the part of the locksmith.
  20. Father, are you forgetting that I’m the victim of Hade’s negligence? Artemis asked.
  21. As I see it, whoever treated her in the States should be sued for negligence and malpractice.
  22. Meantime the Teacher’s face changed, as though he was annoyed with himself for this negligence.
  23. More fundamental y, we can say that the devil uses our negligence and our inattention to leave the.
  24. This situation is ascribed to their negligence of a basic obligation which God enjoined us to observe.
  25. If it is very much overpaid, it is apt to suffer, perhaps still more, by their negligence and idleness.

  26. Any culpability which had been imputed to him for negligence and irregularity was removed by the resolution.
  27. Through negligence, perhaps of the men themselves, many were not supplied with this simple but indispensable adjunct.
  28. When a captain has lost his boat, he is judged and condemned, if he is found guilty of negligence or even of incapacity.
  29. She would not be blamed for the negligence of technicians and had no intension of allowing them to blame this on EDWARD.
  30. In so valuable a produce, the loss occasioned by negligence is so great, as to force even the most careless to attention.
  31. Then, they have to correct this negligence and change what intentions their spirit keeps to persist with such negligence.
  32. Negligence and profusion, therefore, must always prevail, more or less, in the management of the affairs of such a company.
  33. Sister Ruth was, effectively, accusing her superior of negligence and blaming her for allowing a can of worms to be opened.
  34. He noticed this, and began jeering at the Yonville ladies and their dresses; then he apologised for the negligence of his own.
  35. A case can be brought if the child could have maintained a claim for negligence or wrongful conduct had the death not occurred.
  36. This process is used to keep the people who have been harmed from reclaiming what a corporation owes them because of negligence.
  37. When a captain has let his ship come to ruin, he is judged and condemned, if he is found guilty of negligence or even incapacity.
  38. The mayor's face sagged in dejection as he contemplated the consequence of his negligence to more fully evaluate the woman's background.
  39. Indeed, the negligence of pronouncing Al’lah’s Name over the slaughtered animal makes its meat a focus of blood filled with microbes.
  40. Responsible for the safety of the tenants-As a landlord you will be responsible if something happens to your tenant due to your negligence.
  41. The article was a report upon the trial of the Railroad Corporation in regard to their alleged negligence having resulted in a derailment.
  42. It was naturally to be expected, therefore, that folly, negligence, and profusion, should prevail in the whole management of their affairs.
  43. My illness, I well knew, had been entirely brought on by myself by such negligence of my own health, as I had felt even at the time to be wrong.
  44. They arrived yesterday in Korea to conduct a commission of inquiry for the Senate, which is due to judge President Truman for criminal negligence.
  45. By negligence and blunder, the land operations from first to last were a series of mistakes, any one of which might have proved fatal to American arms.
  46. It was not a reckless manner, the manner in which he said these words aloud under the fast-sailing clouds, nor was it more expressive of negligence than defiance.
  47. I mentally gave myself a double minus on social awareness for this negligence in failing to keep up with events that, in the last analysis, vastly interested me.
  48. But the loss occasioned by the negligence, profusion, and malversation of the servants of the company, had probably been a tax much heavier than all those duties.
  49. And the railroad should have also paid out the amounts of the suits that were brought, in full acknowledgment of the railroad's negligence and guilt in the matter.
  50. In general, gross misconduct in the workplace is characterized as an objectionable action that is willful and cannot be described as a mistake or an act of negligence.
  51. It is the intention of the defense to show why this is so, and furthermore to show positively that there was no negligence or dereliction of duty on the part of the accused.
  52. This verse denotes: you who dissents from the commands of your Provider! before you ask about the time of the Hour, steer clear of your negligence and prepare yourself for it.
  53. By the morning she was in a critical condition and, since the papers were just then focusing heavily on negligence in care for the elderly, the whole thing became a big deal.
  54. You wouldn’t believe the amount of ingenuity and cunning that was displayed in those old battles, along with more than a little dose of incompetence and negligence mixed in.
  55. Entering the garret through the skylight, he went down the ladder, knowing that the door at the bottom of it was sometimes, through the negligence of the servants, left unlocked.
  56. Sir, sorry for my negligence that I could not abstain myself outside and entered here without permission but the matter is so important that I had to touch you in emergency, Mr.
  57. The error was with the authorities who had sent him to us, without specifying for what reason it was thought necessary to have him come into the hospital—which was unpardonable negligence.
  58. Both Higgens and Reno, plus the ATF planners on the site of the original raid, should have faced strong consequences, perhaps even trial for the almost 80 deaths caused by their negligence.
  59. In the interest of causing the record to be complete, and to avoid any possible future criticism of the learned prosecutor for negligence, I feel that the following should be added to the charge.
  60. Truman is thus found guilty of criminal negligence towards the American armed forces and of abuse of power, for having precipitated the United States in a war without the approval of the Congress.
  61. By recurring to the permanency of this interest, the folly and madness of this negligence and misplaced meanness—for it does not deserve the name of economy—will be still more distinctly exhibited.
  62. Colonel Morgan’s negligence, when he had let his deputy reject the need for pressurized suits, was an example among many of a standard in leadership and training that was either deficient or skewered.
  63. While tempted to accuse him and his staff of gross medical negligence, something she would have good justification to do, she could see the appalling conditions under which the hospital staff was working.
  64. Perhaps he thought that he, a great officer with many years of active service under his belt, who had never lost a battle, might be blamed and held responsible at the headquarters for negligence or inefficiency.
  65. The first official reaction from the Pentagon, basically denying that the Soviets could have bombers capable of reaching the American West Coast, was met with derision and accusations of negligence by the medias.
  66. Bandages became loosened, haemorrhages re-started, and men who had gone forth to bravely fight for their country a few hours previously, begged piteously to be killed to end the agony entailed by official negligence.
  67. We wish to be able to interview any military personnel of our choice in complete intimacy, in order to prevent any attempt at intimidation by senior officers who may want to hide instances of incompetence or negligence.
  68. By a negligence in the expression of the act of parliament, which vested the East India trade in the subscribers to this loan of two millions, it did not appear evident that they were all obliged to unite into a joint stock.
  69. Republican Representative Charles Halleck then got up from his bench to propose a supplementary appropriation bill for the armed forces, officially with the intent of repairing part of the damage caused by Truman’s negligence.
  70. She had remained silent in full awareness of the worth of her position as a charity employee, but in the memorandum she noted that she had said nothing not because of negligence but out of respect for the hierarchies in the section.
  71. Their capital, which never exceeded £744,000, and of which £50 was a share, was not so exorbitant, nor their dealings so extensive, as to afford either a pretext for gross negligence and profusion, or a cover to gross malversation.
  72. If he still wants to continue with this charade of justice, I will then add criminal negligence and homicide to the other charges of the lawsuit that I will then launch against your police department and this city’s administration.
  73. It is seldom from the want of masters, but from the negligence and incapacity of the masters who are to be had, and from the difficulty, or rather from the impossibility, which there is, in the present state of things, of finding any better.
  74. But if they turn from their negligence and avoid their bad end before death, they will live an easy and comfortable life, and their spirit will return, after this life, to its Provider happy and jubilant for what it has rendered of good deeds.
  75. The frightened servants recovered themselves, and moved about with the orderly obedience they ordinarily showed; and the deacon, above all anxious to cover his negligence, began intoning the liturgy, lending an atmosphere of solemnity to the whole room.
  76. To prove the case in a negligence context, the executor must show that the defendant owed a duty of care to the child; that duty of care was breached; the breach caused the child’s injuries and death; and that the child’s estate and beneficiaries suffered damages.
  77. The usual effect of such bounties is, to encourage rash undertakers to adventure in a business which they do not understand; and what they lose by their own negligence and ignorance, more than compensates all that they can gain by the utmost liberality of government.
  78. No, I did not say of poison, but we can prove what was the state of the body; we shall discover the cause of her sudden death, and we shall say, 'Dear Villefort, if this thing has been caused by negligence, watch over your servants; if from hatred, watch your enemies.
  79. From this, it becomes clear to us that there is no difference between one creature and another, nor between disbeliever and believer concerning this link, but the perception of such link and the negligence of it is that which creates the difference and the distinction.
  80. Mention needs to be made of the Feres Doctrine, which states, The United States is not liable under Tort Claims Act for injuries to members of the armed forces sustained while on active duty and not on furlough and resulting from the negligence of others in the armed forces.
  81. On the other hand we cannot compare gross misconduct with any acts of poor performance, minor errors of judgment, or negligence of duty at workplace because these are slips that can be improved and controlled by training and development programs and rehabilitation intervention.
  82. Despite the exodus of invalids, shipped North on dirty transports supplied with hardtack, canned meat, and foul water, to become an object lesson to the American people of the effect of Cuban climate and official negligence, 4122 soldiers were on the sick list in Cuba on July 24th.
  83. He was strapped to a metal and canvas stretcher and dropped repeatedly just being carried from the second floor condo to a concrete landing, then to the driveway, before being slid into the ambulance, Mike suffered additional internal injuries due to the negligence of the GLFD and its EMT’s.
  84. Then she could be sarcastic or she could chide Jock for his unthinking bloody alpha male priorities and hormonal negligence, and then, as soon as he tries to pour oil on her troubled waters, as soon as he infuriates her with his calm, business voice, she will know that everything is fine and dandy.
  85. Kislorodoff told me all this with a sort of exaggerated devil-may-care negligence, and as though he did me great honour by talking to me so, because it showed that he considered me the same sort of exalted Nihilistic being as himself, to whom death was a matter of no consequence whatever, either way.
  86. It must give them public encouragement in order to their subsistence; and it must provide against that negligence to which they will naturally be subject, either by annexing particular ho0nours to profession, by establishing a long subordination of ranks, and a strict dependence, or by some other expedient.
  87. It is merely to enable the company to support the negligence, profusion, and malversation of their own servants, whose disorderly conduct seldom allows the dividend of the company to exceed the ordinary rate of profit in trades which are altogether free, and very frequently makes a fall even a good deal short of that rate.
  88. But, sir, let me ask, if we have not really intended to protect foreign seamen under our flag, if we have not been guilty of gross negligence, to say the least of it, towards our native seamen? whether, by our laws, and the practice under them, we have afforded them all that protection and security to which they are entitled?
  89. I explained how he objected to the whole household at the Heights, and how sorry he would be to find she had been there; but I insisted most on the fact, that if she revealed my negligence of his orders, he would perhaps be so angry, that I should have to leave; and Cathy couldn't bear that prospect: she pledged her word, and kept it, for my sake.
  90. I explained how he objected to the whole household at the Heights, and how sorry he would be to find she had been there; but I insisted most on the fact, that if she revealed my negligence of his orders, he would perhaps be so angry that I should have to leave; and Cathy couldn’t bear that prospect: she pledged her word, and kept it for my sake.
  91. The charges are: criminal negligence on the part of President Truman concerning the armed forces of the nation, to the point of putting in grave danger the national security; and abuse of power, for having sent our soldiers, airmen and sailors to war in impossible conditions and while refusing to even ask for the approbation of the Congress for the said war.
  92. In Hochfelder, the Court said that an auditor was not responsible under antifraud statutes for his own “inexcusable negligence” when conducting an audit, but, rather, he may or may not be responsible where there is “reckless disregard for the truth,” and that the auditor is clearly liable under the antifraud statutes only if he is “an intentional participant in a scheme.
  93. Such is the generosity of the greater part of young men, that so far from being disposed to neglect or despise the instructions of their master, provided he shews some serious intention of being of use to them, they are generally inclined to pardon a great deal of incorrectness in the performance of his duty, and sometimes even to conceal from the public a good deal of gross negligence.
  94. Her greatest wonder on the subject soon became, not that Susan should have been provoked into disrespect and impatience against her better knowledge, but that so much better knowledge, so many good notions should have been hers at all; and that, brought up in the midst of negligence and error, she should have formed such proper opinions of what ought to be; she, who had had no cousin Edmund to direct her thoughts or fix her principles.
  95. Her greatest wonder on the subject soon became—not that Susan should have been provoked into disrespect and impatience against her better knowledge—but that so much better knowledge, so many good notions should have been hers at all; and that, brought up in the midst of negligence and error, she should have formed such proper opinions of what ought to be; she, who had had no cousin Edmund to direct her thoughts or fix her principles.
  96. Lothario said, too, that every married man should have some friend who would point out to him any negligence he might be guilty of in his conduct, for it will sometimes happen that owing to the deep affection the husband bears his wife either he does not caution her, or, not to vex her, refrains from telling her to do or not to do certain things, doing or avoiding which may be a matter of honour or reproach to him; and errors of this kind he could easily correct if warned by a friend.
  97. Then why not agree with the proposition, gentlemen, that our profession is to some extent as it were a correction of the excessive accumulation of values in the hands of individuals, and serves as a protest against all the hardships, abominations, arbitrariness, violence, and negligence of the human personality, against all the monstrosities created by the bourgeois capitalistic organisation of modern society? Sooner or later, this order of things will assuredly be overturned by the social revolution.
  98. A short time later they sent Father Augusto Angel, a crusader of the new breed, intransigent, audacious, daring, who personally rang the bells several times a day so that the peoples spirits would not get drowsy, and who went from house to house waking up the sleepers to go to mass but before a year was out he too was conquered by the negligence that one breathed in with the air, by the hot dust that made everything old and clogged up, and by the drowsiness caused by lunchtime meatballs in the unbearable heat of siesta time.
  99. Neither Doyle Shuler, Smart Retire Plan, LLC, Multiple Streams Marketing, LLC, Barefoot Retirement, Dove Ventures, partners, agents, employees, providers, nor related corporations and partnerships, nor any advisors or investment providers will be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, inadvertent or punitive damages or any damages what so ever, whether in an action based upon a statute, contract, tort, including but not limited to negligence or otherwise, relating to the use and application of this information.
  100. The moment he heard the firing and the cry from happened to his regiment, and the thought that he, an exemplary officer of many years’ service who had never been to blame, might be held responsible at headquarters for negligence or inefficiency so staggered him that, forgetting the recalcitrant cavalry colonel, his own dignity as a general, and above all quite forgetting the danger and all regard for self-preservation, he clutched the crupper of his saddle and, spurring his horse, galloped to the regiment under a hail of bullets which fell around, but fortunately missed him.

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