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    1. This is a period of negotiation and not imposing our views

    2. To see or wear a headdress in your dream suggests that you will win out in some argument, battle or negotiation

    3. In war and negotiation, the councils of Madras and Calcutta, have upon several occasions, conducted themselves with a resolution and decisive wisdom, which would have done honour to the senate of Rome in the best days of that republic

    4. How to overpower the farmer armies without slaughtering them? Negotiation seemed the most sensible answer

    5. Apparently, negotiation had always been their first option as was common of war

    6. However, the majority of the negotiation commissioners never

    7. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most, part be connected

    8. She could hear noises in the outer room while Galeron’s men set up the pair of tables which would serve as their negotiation area, and she peered out occasionally to keep an eye on their progress

    9. “I thought it more fitting to allow him some dignity, and to help reassure him that this negotiation was safe to attend

    10. The only tavern was used as the meeting hall and Presque started the negotiation

    11. That was the only form of negotiation the badger would be offered– it was the only form of negotiation he understood

    12. It is all a matter of negotiation then and no negotiation starts without the squeezing process in place

    13. The only problems were that it was in need of extensive remodeling and hopelessly overpriced so, after several attempts at negotiation fell flat, she put the idea to rest

    14. That’s the key to successful negotiation

    15. “You can have the coat for £25,” she said, “and no further negotiation

    16. “I should inform you that this will not be a negotiation,” Max says

    17. “This is not a negotiation

    18. This is not a negotiation

    19. Sarah knew that the contract negotiation phase would have to take place soon and she

    20. phase concerns contract negotiation

    21. Sarah had been worrying about the negotiation phase for a while, but in the end it did

    22. ” She hoped this last bit of negotiation might stir Tim

    23. First, Terry was completely in charge of all facets of the negotiation with Cerise Records and second, he hired these two clowns based on their level of incompetence

    24. Maybe it was the contract negotiation, maybe not

    25. I asked, “What’s the status of your contract negotiation with Nigel Choate and the rest of the band at this point?”

    26. Vic was speechless, the double crossing ponces, he thought the man had been a little too slick in his money negotiation

    27. I checked my time “I have a negotiation of my own

    28. allowing them to hone their presentation skills, writing skills, negotiation

    29. If you have a solid negotiation stance don’t allow the

    30. negotiation front and realize later that the deal won’t yield an

    31. your persuasive and negotiation skills to maximize the chance of

    32. If you have a solid negotiation stance don’t allow the other party to

    33. you feel that you haven’t done a good job on the negotiation front and realize later

    34. • If you are unable to reach agreement during the process of negotiation here are

    35. She demanded to know what we were offering, and when we told her the amount of our collection, she immediately and flatly demanded twice that, allowing no negotiation

    36. He liked the idea of my participation in the negotiation because I was conversant with broadcast management terminology and was deeply involved in fashioning the pro forma operating budgets for the stations we sought

    37. As we talked, Roy rummaged about in the generous top drawer of his desk and came up with a neatly typed page that had guided him through that final negotiation session that resulted in my being hired

    38. I found it impossible to believe that my father would construct an agreement to sell me the company, after he was in negotiation to sell a third of it to my competitor

    39. For this transaction they would do any negotiation and accept anything, but Tony

    40. As you already own title to the island and to the waters around it for one hundred leagues in every direction, that leaves only the matter of negotiation for sovereignty, and since the transaction is of benefit to my people’s treasury, I will limit your cost to a token ounce of gold

    41. EMBA Programs responded with a greater focus on what some term “soft skills,” such as communication, presentation, negotiation, and overall personal and leadership development

    42. After the Maoists came to the negotiation table

    43. His dismissal happened without any warning, ceremony, compensation or negotiation

    44. ” Use collecting testimonials as a negotiation tactic to get

    45. because an agent will take a lot of the submission and negotiation workload, and

    46. Later he led the negotiation talks with President Reagan’s administration

    47. Objective of the negotiation is to get the

    48. Negotiation is about

    49. negotiation with the process

    50. and what they want out of the negotiation

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