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    1.  High gross profit margin (preferably greater than 65%) and net profits of 20% of sales or better before taxes

    2. That means that in the long term, executing 100 trades will turn an average net profit of 50x3 = 150

    3. increase net profits by hundreds of millions of dollars per year, and that, as he had

    4. Harry did not triple the net profits in the first year; but he did double them

    5. What you are left with is your net profit,

    6. Plus, after Bill sells his business, he still has to figure out what to do with his million-dollar net profit

    7. Then they use complex formulae to work out a Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) over

    8. Using TOC to identify and address constraints, this group of car dealerships has realised results which include net profit up by more than 300% in a year and annual inventory turns up from 4 to 12

    9. If a business in Namibia meets these criteria, they should have a uniform tax rate of 10% on net profit

    10. After all, the valuation of closing stock has a direct effect on the net profit!

    11. 00 I staked on Pella to WIN, gives me a net profit of £20

    12. 00 I staked on Sunset Mirage to WIN, gives me a net profit of £10

    13. 00 I staked on Sunset Mirage to WIN, gives me a net profit of £NIL

    14. 29 I staked on Sunset Mirage to WIN, gives me a net profit of £5

    15. In its simplest form you need a product/service people want with a price they are willing to pay that allows you to make the net profit you need to meet your financial goals

    16. If you aren’t making a net profit, your business is headed in the wrong direction

    17. What do you estimate to be your net profit during your second year? __________________

    18. Here is the basic way to find out your net profit:

    19. You can reverse the process above to establish sales goals based on the desired net profit

    20. Since we would be receiving $300 more than we paid out, if January crude oil expires at $37 or less (all the options that we bought and sold would be worthless), we will still keep this $300 credit which will be our net profit

    21. Having 4 times the number of option contracts than what you started with, the net profit would be (6

    22. dividend cover: shows what proportion of the company’s earnings are being paid to shareholders or, to put it another way, a measure of the number of times a company’s net of tax dividend is covered by its net profit

    23. It is inconsistent also for a company such as Woolworth to publish sales monthly but no interim statements of net profits

    24. The business itself is evidently subject to wide variations in net profit, and the effect of these variations on the common stock is immensely magnified by reason of the small amount of common stock in comparison with the senior securities

    25. The net profits of American Maize Products were fully as variable, but the small amount of prior charges made the fluctuations in common-stock earnings far less spectacular

    26. In 1927 sales dropped to $5,700,000, but there was a net profit of $630,000

    27. 5 The reports stated the “Net Profit for the year, including Enhancement of Leasehold Values” (giving amount of the latter), but no indication was afforded that this enhancement was arbitrarily computed and had taken place in previous years

    28. be entered the number of points net profit or loss, together with a running total showing just how many points the account is ahead or behind

    29. Why? First, because there were threats of special taxes on chain stores; second, because net profits had fallen off in the previous year; and, third, because the general market was depressed

    30. ” If not for that $178 million expense, Global Crossing—which reported a net loss of $96 million—could have reported a net profit of roughly $82 million

    31. According to Value Line, throughout the 1990s, Emerson’s net profit margin and return on capital—key measures of its efficiency as a business—had stayed robustly high, around 9% and 18% respectively

    32. But from 1995 through 1999, according to Value Line, EMC’s net profit margin slid from 19

    33. The net profit margin is 8 percent; the return on equity is 16 percent

    34. 50 for these, so on the calls he shows a net profit of $1

    35. The first business generates a 1 percent net profit margin, while the second business generates a 10 percent net profit margin

    36. At first glance, which one would you prefer to invest in? Based on this information alone, most investors would prefer the business that earns a higher net profit margin

    37. A supermarket chain is content earning a low net profit margin, typically 1 percent, because it turns over its inventory very quickly

    38. The steel manufacturer must achieve a high net profit margin in order to offer investors a reasonable return on capital

    39. Although its net profit margins are comparable with Whirlpool (both a bit over 5 percent), Goodyear’s ROIC is much lower than Whirlpool’s, mainly because it has lower asset turnover

    40. % Loss, and Net Profit/Net Loss per Trade

    41. The Net Profit/Loss per Trade value is simply the average percent gain (or loss) for all trades

    42. If the Net Profit/ Loss per Trade value is positive, this means that the average trade produced a net profit

    43. If the Net Profit/Loss per Trade value is negative, this means that the average trade produced a net loss

    44. The Net Profit/Loss per Trade value is the sum of all individual trade results divided by the number of trades

    45. 00 trade results), then the Net Profit/Loss per Trade value also can be calculated as follows:

    46. Determination of the statistical computation is based on a weighted average of the Net Profit/Net Loss and Avg

    47. Trades that do not produce either a profit or loss are included in the Net Profit/Loss per Trade (Table 7-9) calculation

    48. Because the Net Profit/Loss per Trade value is the average result for all trades

    49. Note: The Net Profit/Loss per Trade value is the sum of all individual trade results divided by the number of all trades

    50. 00 trade results), then the Net Profit/Loss per Trade value can also be calculated as follows:

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