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Newsprint en una oración (en ingles)

  1. An easel with blank white newsprint and.
  2. The newsprint crackled as he sifted through it.
  3. He bought one, then bought a roll of newsprint.
  4. He figured out how to hang the newsprint from.
  5. You cannot complain about the newsprint, an.

  6. Editor Saheb, we are using the best quality newsprint.
  7. Memories flooded her mind as she glanced at the yellowing newsprint.
  8. He then handed the two-square-inch bit of newsprint to our waitress.
  9. The poor newsprint and those typical sales problems are none of my concerns.
  10. Sometimes he can discern shapes but tiny typeset text on newsprint is invisible to him.
  11. I could get by using the scratched notes that I had made on my yellow newsprint legal pad.
  12. It turned to dust like a piece of burned newsprint does just before it breaks down to ashes.
  13. He experienced a sort of communion, as he never had previously with anything consisting of newsprint.
  14. With $105 million cash in hand, he was ready for further acquisitions, and his love for newsprint persisted.
  15. When my Dad’s origins had been mentioned in newsprint, Down-the-town, Birkenhead or the Parish of St.

  16. The question arises as to what to do with all that newsprint once you are done with it with no wastebasket handy.
  17. He had his computerized replicator generate an authentic 1960's style news journal complete with messy ink on newsprint.
  18. He loved the feel of the newsprint, the grainy pictures and the dramatic headlines in bold and blaring type across the top of the front page.
  19. As usual, the papers were jumping the gun! Sarah glanced down the columns of newsprint without really reading the words and handed the newspaper back to Mark.
  20. Instantly Loofah was on his feet, pushing the flapping mess of newsprint towards the young man beside him, then banging against knees and legs as he dived for the aisle.
  21. Before the shower, the beers, and the snooze, I pasted seven or eight newsprint front pages on the wall over my bed, where I might wake in the night in hopes of solutions.
  22. Instead the laurels go to Laszlo Biro, a Hungarian journalist fed up with having to fill his fountain pen every five minutes only to see it tear up the newsprint paper he was using.
  23. A book would come in the mail at the beginning of the week, printed on newsprint; each day it was up to the trader to track down prices for each of the markets and update the charts by drawing a new price bar.
  24. One strategy was to hang around a certain tavern on Jane Street, which, if you could tolerate potatoes like wet newsprint and the occasional chit of bone in your beef, had the advantage of proximity to the Sixth Precinct.
  25. Pulling the paper towards his chest, he tried to fold it back on itself, though with only partial success and soon floating sheets of newsprint filled the carriage, engulfing both Loofah and his neighbours like Mrs Frimpton's laundry.

  26. In all of this, in the hurricane of press interest that engulfed the protagonists and in the quietly ebbing tide that followed as the story wound down onto the spools of microfiched newsprint, Miss Jones and the young man never actually met.
  27. Will and the other kid were too old or too male to be this sentimental, but each added a branch, and when they were done, the lines of newsprint carrying tidings of another Knicks defeat were barely visible through the winter-brown pyre of leaves.
  28. Later, I remember flying with him on larger charters where there were so many slippery sections of newsprint on the floor you had to hold on to the back of the seats or whatever you could when you were leaving the plane to keep your feet from sliding out from under you.
  29. As bundles of newsprint landed on the streets to be gobbled up by workers heading for their offices, the Financial Secretary who had taken a battering in the Legislative Council the previous afternoon sat at a table with his head on his hand, cocked to one side in a weary resigned pose.
  30. Newsprint curls in the gutters,.
  31. He moved to the newsprint, and confirmed what he had found in previous dreams,.

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