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Nine en una oración (en ingles)

1. I have a nine, a.
2. It was a size nine.
3. I was there at nine.
4. A cat has nine lives.
5. It is not yet nine.
6. It was ten past nine.
7. Nine, this is a Mayday.

8. That was two and nine.
9. It was half past nine.
10. It is just after nine.
11. He was nine years old.
12. Nine points out of ten.
13. Nine times out of ten.
14. Nine out of ten times.
15. It was nine months ago.
16. It was just after nine.
17. At nine sharp, I saw Mrs.
18. I’d been eight or nine.
19. There were nine of them.
20. I'll expect you at nine.
21. Mindy wondered if nine a.
22. Den of the Secret Nine.
23. This was at nine o'clock.
24. It was a quarter to nine.
25. No, not for nine years.
26. This lasted for nine days.
27. They said that the Nine.
28. A seven and nine, is all.
29. Saves nine, why not ten?
30. Coombs was hit nine times.
31. Asked nine years old Josua.
32. Now it was pushing nine am.
33. The next nine months were.
34. And that will purchase nine.
35. After nine days of cooking.
36. Slide nine? Of course Alan.
37. It is about nine feet high.
38. I'm nine, Saya told her.
39. He was just nine years old.
40. I actually have nine more.
41. It was about half-past nine.
42. Two, four, six, eight, nine.
44. We were only nine years old.
45. One hundred and thirty nine.
46. But now? Nine days of hearts.
47. Was it seven, eight, nine?
48. Eight or nine of the beasts.
49. The gloves had nine buttons.
50. At half nine the buzzer went.
51. It was about nine foot high.
52. Five, six, seven, eight nine.
53. My twins are nine months old.
54. We'll take the Monday nine A.
55. It was past nine and Joseph.
56. She went to bed at about nine.
57. The trial had taken nine days.
58. The gun will fire nine times.
59. It was nine o’clock at night.
60. Five, six, seven, eight, nine.
61. They have failed nine out of.
62. And the other nine? he.
63. I'm still on cloud nine, man.
64. It is the largest of the nine.
65. Nine of them became maser of.
66. It was just after nine thirty.
67. Al nine traipsed along behind.
68. It was just on nine o’clock.
69. But Hermes has told of nine.
70. Week Nine is enclosed herewith.
71. Nine Years Old, and Depressed.
72. Tom arrived just before nine.
73. The two produced nine children.
74. For nine months we’d had al.
75. My mom had nine freaking kids.
76. It is as though the last nine.
77. The clock has just struck nine.
78. Bradlee's said twenty past nine.
79. Holly was walking on cloud nine.
80. Fire by nine Protestant authors.
81. My nine cover all the territory.
82. Six, nine, eight, he said.
83. Nine is Teth which means Serpent.
84. They rowed back nine weary miles.
85. The shop didn't open until nine.
86. The clock turned nine, or twelve.
87. Hawk Nine, you are white leader.
88. It’s nigh on nine o’clock.
89. Nine eleven thirteen, she is full.
90. Rigel Nine is a long ways away.
91. Nine years is a tolerable time.
92. Some cadets are as young as nine.
93. It was just after nine o’clock.
94. We are here, The Nine Valleys.
95. Late morning in The Nine Valleys.
96. Yeah said the nine year old.
97. A man who had killed nine people.
98. His mother died when he was nine.
99. This is lighter than the nine.
100. There were nine of them this time.

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