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    1. ‘Though, of course, your notoriety might reflect negatively on the company …

    2. If Mr Snickerty was known to all as 'The Adjudicator', then Mr Pinscher enjoyed equal notoriety as 'The Collector' and his appearance at the door in pursuit of arrears invariably guaranteed a satisfying quantum of deference

    3. She, meanwhile, has achieved a certain notoriety for her fondness for large cheeseburgers

    4. Then pride is the tree and notoriety its branches

    5. The report showed him surging to an unbeatable margin over his opponent, as a result of his newfound notoriety as anti-drug champion of the people

    6. Additionally, in view of the recent notoriety of the log barges I currently use,” he said, indicating the log barge references in the notebook, “we will, for safety’s sake, need to discontinue the use of them as well so, with you coming aboard and my associate retiring, there will be a great reshuffling, but I want no interruption of deliveries to our customers

    7. Name: Notability; designate; rank or status; individualism; jurisdiction; notoriety; personage; look up what the name means; could be about the

    8. in 1962 with Jim Palmer, the Baltimore Orioles pitcher who gained more notoriety for his Jockey underwear ads than his 200+ wins in the American League

    9. We could have made speculation reality, but our friendship was more important, and we thrived on what became our campus-wide notoriety

    10. Like Al Qaeda, the Tamil Tigers and even the KKK over a hundred years ago, only national and international notoriety will enable us to move freely

    11. I know you would not seek such notoriety, but it was the will of all those involved

    12. She enjoyed the notoriety, but most of all, she loved the show

    13. entertainer?? How could he turn that notoriety to his advantage as a leader? It all

    14. Or, in the case of the criminal, notoriety

    15. He advances in notoriety

    16. And with the notoriety came the money

    17. a flash in the pan to provide their creators with short lived notoriety and unsustained

    18. notoriety of any kind

    19. But what compulsions there could be for G? Can’t his status bring half of Delhi to his bed? But why should women want to be laid by the rich and famous? Maybe, by sleeping with such, women perceive their self-worth soaring up! If not for his fame (or was it notoriety) as a lover, would have Casanova had half as many affairs? Seems G too is using his position to sexual use, or is it abuse? Oh, how women feel constrained on that score! What a vigorous playboy he turned out to be! But, he deserves all that

    20. Realizing that in the media world, the divider between notoriety and fame was rather thin, he wanted to turn notorious to help the cause of his writing

    21. But such so-called miracles gave Jesus much trouble in that they provided prejudice-raising publicity and afforded much unsought notoriety

    22. He had been trying hard to make a victim’s face, like the one on the screen, especially when their mother looked at him, but to Doreen he looked almost like he was gloating, proud of his notoriety, laughing at what he had achieved

    23. They had not been impressed by their first sight of Squirrel Girl and were, at the same time, jealous of her fame, which they saw as notoriety and arrogance

    24. ” Kara felt the intense shame and suffered from the negative notoriety

    25. If he comes on board we will have a wonderful opportunity to gain public notoriety and win many popular votes

    26. Keep reading and understand the work of those who have studied the unseen, those that are involved in notoriety and those who are yet discovered by the mass populations of the world

    27. It’s bad enough that fame, fortune, notoriety, or what-have-you cause them to live in a fish bowl as it is

    28. Do not be confused that popularity or notoriety makes you more useful or that your purpose is somehow more important because your name is well-known

    29. Mostly from notoriety outside the Imperial borders

    30. As Jesus’ fame and notoriety spread across the land, he established

    31. On the day of the sale it remained cloudy and overcast all day but didn’t actually rain and there was quite a large turn-out, although I suspect that some of them were only there because of the notoriety of the property

    32. cheap notoriety could harm you'

    33. Obviously, the place’s notoriety had made it to the history books if a woman from the future knew about it

    34. It would be best, Feltus concluded, to listen with an open mind, especially given her track record and notoriety in criminal investigations, but remain objective and cautious

    35. When I described the battle with the two warriors, the children couldn’t get enough of the story, but a couple of warriors at the back, obviously thinking I was padding the story for the children’s benefit, began to shuffle their feet so I thought this an opportune moment to present my back pack, all heads craned forwards as I slowly and deliberately untied my treasures and spread the Mixtec weapons and regalia on the tables, not a sound escaped the crowd for an age, then they all started talking at the same time and everyone crowded around to look, feel, and wonder at such mighty trophies, Jodas stepped forward and took command, ordering lines to be formed to view the treasure, there was a respectful look in his eye as he bowed to Coatl, seeing him bow, all the village started to bow as they passed by Coatl, I could see Coatl was overcome with embarrassment, even so I detected that he enjoyed the notoriety, the warriors, as was right, kept an aloof air about them, they were not professional soldiers nevertheless they were quick and brave and were proud of the fighting skills needed in the defence of their village, when times were quiet they would be seen tending to their different trades, ready to fight when circumstances demanded, one of the warriors approached the priest and asked permission to see a demonstration of Coatl’s skill so that they may look and learn, I was horrified at this as I remembered the reaction that would be forthcoming from any implied threat to the white hairy man, I begged the priest to be cautious because Coatl did not yet know our language, the priest smiled and putting his arm about Coatl’s shoulder steered him through the crowd out into the square all the time talking to him in a low even voice, all the people turned to watch this strange man and their priest as they strolled to the centre of the plaza, both squatted and began making signs in the sandy floor, Wedon talked a moment longer, then returning to the table where the trophies were on display, he turned to the crowd of villagers and said

    36. The matter is of sufficient notoriety to call for some comment here on the charge that the British were responsible for Sikorski's death

    37. individuals, the prevention of assassinations of officials, and/or those of political notoriety, or

    38. The humility in his voice was not that of a man of nobility; nor of the usual wealthy type, for his love for his daughter was worth more than any prestige, notoriety, or anything that money could buy

    39. Did he hate the Pharisee? God forbid; it was that outward symbol of the inward work, that which desires the notoriety and praises of men, and wants to be seen, that His words came against

    40. Most of the successful sixth-generation console games were rated T and M by the ESRB, including many now-classic gaming franchises such as Halo, Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil; the latter two of which were notable for both their success and notoriety

    41. Saul is the outward structure of man and his ability or inability to create, maintain, and prosper with the notoriety and the praise he receives from them that think they want what’s he got, a kingship

    42. He’d told her that he was an investment banker of some notoriety and for

    43. Windowmaker dropped from public view earlier this year just as his notoriety and fame was exploding into the American consciousness

    44. He had enough of the notoriety and adoration for a while

    45. “Thanks, Carolyn!” Replied Ingrid while walking away, satisfied that she could still enjoy some quiet from her notoriety

    46. Most often, those who write and teach on the subject of tapping into our inner power, focus on success in business, love and prosperity, whether it be in the gaining of wealth, attaining a life of leisure, or achieving notoriety in sports and entertainment

    47. I liked the notoriety at first; now I hate it

    48. The accompanying notoriety was not all to Byron’s taste, he found himself the wipe rag for the chip wrapping newspapers, his personal life was investigated, from the first story regarding the scar, reputedly from some cult worship so diverse it became almost amusing

    49. In addition to their notoriety, time had not been kind to them either

    50. Was the notoriety in high school worth living in that much

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