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    1. She found she didn't remember most of the stuff in here, she probably should have thrown it all out decades ago, the papers that were hers were already obsolete and could now be learned by examining any common electronic device with a polarizing microscope, but twenty decades ago they had been some of the Kassikan's most closely guarded secrets

    2. In old movies you would have people in hissing space suits fumbling with obsolete access codes and overcoming the dead batteries in the security system as the air supply in their suits ran low

    3. This continual darkness that made day and night obsolete was clearly losing its first, naïve terror, or so I thought at the time

    4. The bar codes were an irrelevance, made obsolete by gene marking and biometrics, but the simple fact of their visibility made them an essential part of the control

    5. By 2341 no one knew how to make old phones obsolete any more, and they could not force the non-implanted phones off the network

    6. instead, was obsolete, anyway

    7. “More to the point,” the Elf insisted as she brought the Lúthien within a hundred meters of the vessel, “what's an obsolete Lascorii E-Class starship doing here?!” She tapped the com; “Senta? Lock on our position and tell me what you see on the scanners

    8. The greater part of universities have not even been very forward to adopt those improvements after they were made; and several of those learned societies have chosen to remain, for a long time, the sanctuaries in which exploded systems and obsolete prejudices found shelter and protection, after they had been hunted out of every other corner of the world

    9. 3 For objects further than 100 light years apart, this method becomes obsolete and cosmologists then revert to measuring the properties of light emitted by stars and galaxies to determine the distances to these objects

    10. It is mostly obsolete now and they will have a terrible time in proving that to the court

    11. Our society‘s ―casual‖ (hey!) indifference to proper attire has rendered formal/casual distinctions obsolete

    12. while The Written Law of God is cast off! It is regarded as foreign, antiquated and obsolete, in the eyes of this so-For every man is led by the deceits of his flesh, lo he is married to the selfish desires of his own heart, and all the called modern generation of enlightened peoples

    13. This happens because deleting obsolete entries leaves blank bits of space within the registry

    14. The evolution of uniform military standards, however, subsequently rendered militias, in the traditional sense, obsolete until the events of 9/11 raised important questions about our nation‘s seemingly impregnable borders that have subsequently lent legitimacy to the efforts of ―Minutemen‖ who routinely patrol our porous Southwestern borders with this one notable exception: most are likely to employ binoculars rather than muskets

    15. schools is best described as a casualty of diminishing public resources, inadequate staffing, and obsolete textbooks ad nauseum

    16. More squeals from the ten or twelve year-old antiquated and obsolete radio system

    17. Around since the start of hostilities, it was obsolete

    18. One can see that, with the receipt of these mental powers, technology would become obsolete and unnecessary

    19. Colling did not object, but silently hoped that obsolete insignia would not give them away

    20. He had been quite effectively made redundant, irrelevant, obsolete

    21. There is a chance, you know, that they change these periodically, and that this version will become obsolete at some time

    22. It changes the style of current administration that substitutes obsolete organization chart for the

    23. This helps the clients’ mind to reprocess experiences by rewriting the initial faulty behaviors and bypassing all the mistakes of the original parenting, thereby fulfilling the period of codependency, clearing the obsolete instincts, and building a robust behavioral system

    24. This self-leadership would have convinced Liam’s mind to release the obsolete instinct of codependency around the age of puberty

    25. “We are living at a time in human history when the idea of personal accountability is becoming obsolete

    26. How many times have I avoided doing things because of fears or anxiety? How many behaviors did I put in place to prevent it? These are now obsolete and can be removed

    27. The medium was a lovely woman, fun and very opinionated in her theories and language, but as soon she was entered into the medianic trance and the Teacher was taking over, her language was transformed into the most accurate Italian that I ever heard; not one single word was obsolete, and every expression was concise and precise to the limit

    28. It wouldn’t be long before the education-minded began lobbying their representatives to release the obsolete campus for a proposed new college

    29. theories and language, but as soon she was entered into the medianic trance and the Teacher was taking over, her language was transformed into the most accurate Italian that I ever heard; not one single word was obsolete, and every expression was concise and precise to the limit

    30. MK100-90 and MK93 IIs deemed obsolete by the existence of

    31. Cloud recognised a pair of these as obsolete versions of the Mako

    32. Documents should be created, reviewed, approved and changes are controlled, communicated and available for use, versioning and naming conventions to be followed, archive the obsolete documents and track the customer given/third party documents separately

    33. Microsecond: The time it takes for your state-of-the-art computer to become obsolete

    34. Newton’s void was summarily rendered all but obsolete

    35. England, a dictionary of obsolete, West Country English words noted the word was used

    36. Never mind, it is already obsolete

    37. years old, and the work tables are all obsolete

    38. 4 million troops with obsolete weapons next century

    39. It took 7 years until they had become obsolete and could finally be freed by

    40. On another occasion Nuke said, “I have to go to a remote corner of the grid to investigate signals we are receiving from an obsolete station that we abandoned long ago

    41. But also listed there is the obsolete definition as simply “the interest paid for the use of money

    42. nearly pure form, but this method has been obsolete since the late 20th century

    43. the assumption of dying from old age obsolete wouldn"t it? You never came to reach that

    44. What would render all previously wrong thinking obsolete?

    45. Things are replaced not because they have worn out or are obsolete, but

    46. “This,” said Norm Junior, “is the new computer technology and with your help, father and Boran, it will make the silicon chip become obsolete

    47. Some propose that humans would become obsolete; machines would become the vanguard of evolution

    48. Simply and effectively, the Soviet spymaster had covered his tracks by using an obsolete piece of transportation whose offensive significance was so small that sophisticated electronics, multi-billion- dollar satellite systems, eyes in the sky, were unable to follow it

    49. for operators of the old, technically obsolete equipment in use at Burton's would

    50. “Our computer is obsolete

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