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Orientate en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Tammas closed his eyes for a moment to orientate.
  2. It looks as if they couldn't orientate themselves.
  3. To work with location indicators to orientate users.
  4. Leona takes a couple of seconds to orientate herself.
  5. Thomas seemed to orientate on the direction and took.

  6. Alex Berisa opens his eyes and takes a moment to orientate himself.
  7. She took a moment to orientate herself and then committed to a path.
  8. Dropping backwards off the submersible, Alex fell into the sea, turning to orientate himself.
  9. That it takes me a moment to orientate myself in the unfamiliar surroundings says a lot for how deeply I slept.
  10. It took her a while to orientate herself and, once she had, she jogged off in, what she hoped was, the direction of the abbey.
  11. The shock at being tasered gradually subsided and she cautiously turned her head to one side in an effort to orientate herself.
  12. It says a lot that Berndt waits for me to orientate myself – he is noticeably less sceptical of my abilities than he was last time!.
  13. As her mind tried to orientate herself, a smiling old man in a luxurious servant’s suit complete with velvet vest came down the stairs to greet her.
  14. So, even though you may have just come out of warp in the gravity well of a new star or planet, before firing up your thrusters, you must orientate yourself to your new environment.
  15. A deep breath would clear everything for a few seconds, enough to orientate, then the world folded up again and I drifted to the next corner where another deep breath would give me a few seconds of sanity.

  16. I wake with a start to find sunlight streaming into the room … it takes me a moment to orientate myself … needless to say, after yesterday, my dreams were full of that irritating man … Deris’s father ….
  17. All of the elements, midst the yellow smog of Moscow, had simply happened into place awaiting only a spark, a catalyst, to facilitate and compound them as my fate, to orientate them such that they formed distinct and irrecoverable bonds.
  18. Ralph has scarcely begun to orientate himself, if such an act were possible, when the green fire swallows itself up once more and comes to rest in the jewels clinging to his fingers, leaving him and his companions exposed to open skies and wild sound.
  1. She raised her hand, turning as if orientating, but appropriately adding.
  2. Silence landed on the wall and stuck to it, orientating herself and getting ready to pounce.
  3. He breathes in deeply and, orientating himself by the position of the car, he starts to walk towards the road.
  1. I’m orientated now.
  2. Garcia orientated himself to the sound.
  3. They tend to strive in competitive orientated environments.
  4. He kicked away the debris that surrounded him and orientated himself.
  5. Garcia closed his eyes, orientated his face towards the sun, and took a.
  6. Sheaar orientated himself, slowly began to chuckle, and then roared with laughter.
  7. Only when you set goals that have a real action orientated aspect will you really begin.
  8. Amy orientated herself to the airport, braced herself, and heaved the cases along behind her.
  9. Taking a few deep breaths Gonzalez orientated himself and set out towards the gates at a slow pace.
  10. Newtonians were mostly atheistic or atheistically orientated they were not that sure about the credibility of.
  11. I then after reading this realised that gravity is not mass orientated, but gravity is motion differentiation.
  12. McKnight’s hands on the helm kept the ship orientated towards the door and at the center of the hollow space.
  13. I also think that it will become more business orientated, more complicated and more of a ‘complete’ industry.
  14. Today for example, I knew it was something work orientated and, knowing that Jim was there, I didn’t worry too much.
  15. They each took a deep breath, orientated, and had to run to catch up with Garcia who was already on his way out of the room.
  16. What I‘m suggesting, however, is that men sexually orientated in that manner should never have been ordained to begin with.
  17. In situations similar to the above, these questions might help (they will change the focus, turn the energy from passive into creative and goal orientated):.
  18. They are committed to living by their intuition and this can at times be infuriating to other people – especially those who are materially, scientifically or technically orientated.
  19. Setting the receiver in its place I realised we had become a career orientated married couple, it suited me though, since he did not want children anytime soon and what else was I supposed to do?
  20. The problem for the SAP was that the SAP neglected its military capabilities after the Second World War since the red oath men were English orientated and thus seen as not trustworthy by the Afrikaners.
  21. If this desire is not heartfelt and is not sincerely orientated towards humanity, but is result of personal interest, desire for power and money, the leader and his leadership policies are not sustainable on long terms.
  1. Suria Namaskar orientates on Anahata, that’s why the feeling of.

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