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Padre en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Padre, these are subtleties.
  2. Come Padre, a hymn I think.
  3. Note theindefinite use of Padre.
  4. His madre y padre know him to be here.
  5. We had an unofficial padre, a real sky pilot.
  6. That was when he picked up with this cast padre here.
  7. San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC and Padre Island.
  8. That was when he picked up with this outcast padre here.
  9. An ex-Army Padre, and Parish priest in the Falls Road area.
  10. Of these exploits Padre Corbelan himself was never known to talk.
  11. I begin to see why you need to talk things over with the Padre.
  12. The Padre stood up and began blessing the feast set out before them.
  13. The modern Catholic saint , Padre Pio, was known to have very high body.
  14. Padre Roman was incapable of fanaticism to an almost reprehensible degree.
  15. Suddenly, Robin wished he was within reach of his Padre friend, Frank Tucker.
  16. And perhaps he understands me, after all! But I know him, too, our Padre Corbelan.
  17. She was quite sure you wanted to discuss wedding arrangements with our Padre friend.
  18. I heard everything he was saying to the Padre, they were monitoring your actions all night.
  19. Then the padre asked the wheel driver in a very small voice, "My man, can I do anything to assist you?".
  20. Don’t worry about me Padre my spiritual needs are well taken care of, he looked at me quizzically.
  21. Padre Roman sat dejectedly balancing himself, his feet just touching the ground, his hands gripping the edge of the hammock.
  22. But its fierceness became softened as the padre, fixing his eyes upon Decoud, raised his long, black arm slowly, impressively—.
  23. I hope you won’t mind if I nip off for a bit of fishing with Padre Tucker, Robin had said to Marian, as they headed for the M40.
  24. God only knew what state the Weasel, the Padre and Gengis must have been in, trapped as Des O’Connor was still blaring away in the van.
  25. Find out how much the ex-Army padre might have suffered and how much he might have been tempted, after all, to talk, to put an end to it all.
  26. The family, informed by Leona Cassiani, was arriving now from Puerto Padre, and the funeral would take place that afternoon at five o’clock.
  27. Next I heard the voice of the effeminate Padre as he said about three words over me before I told him to fuck off and I heard him stumble away.
  28. As a matter of interest, my dear, what are these burning ‘moral issues’ you’ve identified, that you want to discuss with the Padre?
  29. I couldn’t help but grin at Piers as we crept down the hall for the Weasel and the Padre were still belting out the horrendous zombie songs of praise.
  30. Padre Corbelan had got hold of that reckless Italian, the Capataz de Cargadores, the only man fit for such an errand, and had sent a message through him.
  31. Not a single fat padre would have consented to put his head out of his hiding-place to-night to save a Christian soul, except, perhaps, under my protection.
  32. Her deep, vibrating "Eh, Padre?" seemed, but for the change of the word, the very echo of the impassioned, remonstrating "Eh, Giorgio?" of poor Signora Teresa.
  33. By the way, said Denis to Robin, I’ve had a word with the Padre, and as it happens he’s on the river tomorrow, so will be delighted to meet you there.
  34. She had arrived two years before from the fishing village of Puerto Padre, entrusted by her family to Florentino Ariza as her guardian and recognized blood relative.
  35. I would guess that his guest who asked the question is the wife of a retired RAF Padre, who is a mutual friend of ours, and who now has a parish in civvy street somewhere.
  36. In the fog of his new illusion, he did not realize that women can become adults in three days, and that three years had gone by since he had met her boat from Puerto Padre.
  37. With a "Good-night, Padre," "Good-night, Don Pepe," the Gobernador would go off, holding up his sabre against his side, his body bent forward, with a long, plodding stride in the dark.
  38. I could not believe that we had just stolen the keys right under their noses, the Padre was a master of security but he had become complacent and was tonight too absorbed in the doxology.
  39. He had entered the priesthood just before the war, spent time with the army in Italy as a padre for the 5th Battalion and had returned to his hometown following the celebration of VE Day.
  40. Especially the miracle of the stigmata of Padre Pio, 1887-1968, who for fifty years manifest the bleeding and open wounds of Christ, and where upon his death, these wounds completely vanished.
  41. In Valletta, in Malta, the man on the other end of the line was Enrico da Silva, a book dealer, local historian and padre to small church of Anglican origins at the north end of the island, in Melleiha.
  42. The Padre immediately stopped the blessing and stood up at the window peering out like an angry ogre over a troubled town, but the shadows were hiding us and after a few minutes he returned to the table.
  43. If you were to turn your head now you would see her extracting a report from that sinister doctor in a check shirt—what's his name? Monygham—or else catechising Don Pepe or perhaps listening to Padre Roman.
  44. Gould these pages of dirty-greyish rough paper (perhaps looted in some village store), covered with the crabbed, illiterate handwriting of the old padre, carried off from his hut by the side of a mud-walled church to be the secretary of the dreaded Salteador.
  45. It was related that the padre used to ride with his Indians for days, half naked, carrying a bullock-hide shield, and, no doubt, a long lance, too—who knows? That he had wandered clothed in skins, seeking for proselytes somewhere near the snow line of the Cordillera.
  46. Candace told me, that when she came face to face with Beau, in that demolished village, she came close to punching him! What prevented her from doing so, was one of the village children raced over to Beau at that precise moment, shouting Padre Beau - Padre Beau Pedro is trapped under the rocks and I can’t get him out.
  47. The political Gefe of Sulaco (the same dignitary whom Captain Mitchell saved from the mob afterwards) hinted with naive cynicism that doubtless their Excellencies the Ministers sent the padre over the mountains to Sulaco in the worst season of the year in the hope that he would be frozen to death by the icy blasts of the high paramos.
  48. He and the padre could be seen frequently side by side, meditative and gazing across the street of a village at a lot of sedate brown children, trying to sort them out, as it were, in low, consulting tones, or else they would together put searching questions as to the parentage of some small, staid urchin met wandering, naked and grave, along the road with a cigar in his baby mouth, and perhaps his mother's rosary, purloined for purposes of ornamentation, hanging in a loop of beads low down on his rotund little stomach.

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