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Panelling en una oración (en ingles)

  1. My jaw dropped at the elegance of the oaken panelling, the stately.
  2. It was wrapped in a leather bag and concealed in a hole in some rotten panelling.
  3. This room was still in good condition and had dark wood panelling on the four firm walls.
  4. Slammed backwards against the wall, Karla’s skull bounced off the wood panelling with a bang that made her head ring.
  5. The flowers of the morning delivery hid as much as possible of the panelling (for this room was a miniature of the monstrous hall above).

  6. Tyres squelched through puddles onto the macadam, mud flew and splattered the panelling of the already dirty sedan, but the rain was gone.
  7. She leant against the panelling, flushed and sweating, and overbalanced and fell onto Jess and Thomas’s laps as the train lurched into motion.
  8. The howling of the dogs disappears from his thoughts and becomes something heard by the ear alone, but behind the wooden panelling and not with him.
  9. It was a very large and high chamber, with carved oak ceiling, oaken panelling, and a fine array of deer's heads and ancient weapons around the walls.
  10. The rain hammered the panelling and the wipers worked over time as he parked across the driveway of 158 Bridgewater Road Parnell and stilled the engine.
  11. The seats were burnt to their twisted and deformed metal frames and most of the carpet had been scorched away, revealing the metal panelling beneath, now bubbled.
  12. The boards round and the panelling of the walls were of brown, worm-eaten oak, so old and discoloured that it may have dated from the original building of the house.
  13. New Ceilings were being painted, new Panelling built to replace the old, and the Wind whistl’d thro’ the Walls where the two new Grecian Temples were being built at either End of the House.
  14. The room, which he remembered so orderly, so austere even, with its beautiful dark panelling and tiers upon tiers of books, was messed over with the remains of what appeared to be a particularly uproarious supper-party.

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