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Paroxysm en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Richard broke out in a paroxysm of coughing.
  2. A paroxysm of coughing wracked Moshe’s body.
  3. Then she slumped against the door in a paroxysm of tears.
  4. For a moment, a paroxysm of laughter penetrated the walls.
  5. A sort of paroxysm of indignation seized on Mitya's soul.

  6. The paroxysm over, the apostle of self-denial continued:.
  7. Ivan gazed at him, and suddenly shuddered in a paroxysm of terror.
  8. Hubble; the last-named in a decent speechless paroxysm in a corner.
  9. The child, hearing its mother's voice, broke out into a paroxysm of.
  10. The cloud of spectators followed, jesting, in a paroxysm of delight.
  11. Saying which, Julian Mastakovich was seized with a paroxysm of agitation.
  12. Villefort rose, half ashamed of being surprised in such a paroxysm of grief.
  13. And then, falling upon the chair nearest the door, she burst into a paroxysm of sobs.
  14. The attendant tells me that his screams whilst in the paroxysm were really appalling.
  15. I never saw a lunatic in such a paroxysm of rage before, and I hope I shall not again.

  16. Suddenly, during the paroxysm of the celebration, someone broke the delicate balance.
  17. She said nothing further till the paroxysm was over; then she continued, more kindly---.
  18. She said nothing further till the paroxysm was over; then she continued, more kindly—.
  19. Beauchamp, who had watched with sincere pity the young man's paroxysm of grief, approached him.
  20. Wopsle's great-aunt fell into a state of coma, arising either from sleep or a rheumatic paroxysm.
  21. He had succeeded in catching the dog, and in a paroxysm of self-preservation had squeezed its throat.
  22. Surprised, Joe turned, still in a paroxysm of desire, his penis erect, his face a fiery blotch of lust.
  23. One of the prisoners found this to be so amusing that he collapsed on the floor in a paroxysm of laughter.
  24. He listened while the paroxysm of the child's sobbing grew less and less; and tears of remorse started to his.
  25. Standing above her, Nostromo did not see the distorted features of her face, distorted by a paroxysm of pain and anger.

  26. THE HONOURABLE MRS MERVYN TALBOYS: (Stamps her jingling spurs in a sudden paroxysm of fury) I will, by the God above me.
  27. My curse—away, out of the house I go! Colia, bring my bag away! He left the room hastily and in a paroxysm of rage.
  28. Ivan, in a sudden paroxysm, bit his lip, clenched his fists, and, in another minute, would have flung himself on Smerdyakov.
  29. Claudia recovered from her fainting fit, but not so Don Vicente from the paroxysm that had overtaken him, for his life had come to an end.
  30. What did that relic of Mars mean by being so contented? What had passed between that wooden leg and the other? Marius reached a paroxysm of jealousy.
  31. He wriggled his fingers until he got a firm hold and pulled on the horse’s head till it pointed uphill, closely followed by another paroxysm of flailing legs.
  32. The doctor left him in this paroxysm, knowing that he could do nothing to alleviate it, and, going up to Noirtier, said abruptly, "How do you find yourself?—well?".
  33. Raskolnikov, bewildered, suddenly fell into actual frenzy, but, strange to say, he again obeyed the command to speak quietly, though he was in a perfect paroxysm of fury.
  34. In Smolensk, at the Malakhov Gate, he had hardly dozed off in a paroxysm of fever before he was awakened by the bombardment of the town- and Smolensk held out all day long.
  35. Linton had sunk prostrate again in another paroxysm of helpless fear, caused by his father's glance towards him, I suppose: there was nothing else to produce such humiliation.
  36. Linton had sunk prostrate again in another paroxysm of helpless fear, caused by his father’s glance towards him, I suppose: there was nothing else to produce such humiliation.
  37. In Smolénsk, at the Malákhov Gate, he had hardly dozed off in a paroxysm of fever before he was awakened by the bombardment of the town—and Smolénsk held out all day long.
  38. What proves beyond a doubt that her relief is owing to the air she breathes, is, that whenever she takes a jaunt into the country, she is sure to suffer a paroxysm of her old complaint.
  39. Adelaida and Alexandra had not recovered from their surprise, but it was now mingled with satisfaction; in short, everyone seemed very much relieved that Lizabetha Prokofievna had got over her paroxysm.
  40. He jumped up from his seat exactly as his mother was said to have done, wrung his hands, hid his face in them, and fell back in his chair, shaking all over in an hysterical paroxysm of sudden violent, silent weeping.
  41. It was not in Dorothea's nature, for longer than the duration of a paroxysm, to sit in the narrow cell of her calamity, in the besotted misery of a consciousness that only sees another's lot as an accident of its own.
  42. What is more, even in the acutest paroxysm of this cowardly fever, I dreamed of getting the upper hand, of dominating them, carrying them away, making them like me—if only for my elevation of thought and unmistakable wit.
  43. I was laid alone, for the first time; and, rousing from a dismal doze after a night of weeping, I lifted my hand to push the panels aside: it struck the table-top! I swept it along the carpet, and then memory burst in: my late anguish was swallowed in a paroxysm of despair.
  44. A saint who dwells in a paroxysm of abnegation is a dangerous neighbor; he might communicate to you, by contagion, an incurable poverty, an anchylosis of the joints, which are useful in advancement, and in short, more renunciation than you desire; and this infectious virtue is.
  45. Then fearing that his paroxysm might get the better of him, he clutched with one hand the branch of a tree against which he was leaning, and with the other convulsively grasped the dagger with a carved handle which was in his belt, and which, unwittingly, he drew from the scabbard from time to time.
  46. When her next delirious paroxysm came on, she would continue the conversation which she had been pursuing in her preceding paroxysm; so that she appeared as a person might be supposed to do, who had two souls, each occasionally dormant, and occasionally active, and utterly ignorant of what the other was doing.
  47. And, without listening to the chemist, who was still venturing the hypothesis, "It is perhaps a salutary paroxysm," Canivet was about to administer some theriac, when they heard the cracking of a whip; all the windows rattled, and a post-chaise drawn by three horses abreast, up to their ears in mud, drove at a gallop round the corner of the market.
  48. The barricade Saint Antoine converted everything into a weapon; everything that civil war could throw at the head of society proceeded thence; it was not combat, it was a paroxysm; the carbines which defended this redoubt, among which there were some blunderbusses, sent bits of earthenware bones, coat-buttons, even the casters from night-stands, dangerous projectiles on account of the brass.
  49. As he had said, there was probably nothing at all extraordinary in the substance of the narrative itself: a wealthy Englishman’s passion for a French dancer, and her treachery to him, were every-day matters enough, no doubt, in society; but there was something decidedly strange in the paroxysm of emotion which had suddenly seized him when he was in the act of expressing the present contentment of his mood, and his newly revived pleasure in the old hall and its environs.
  50. Deeming that a serene and unconscious contemplation of him would best beseem me, and would be most likely to quell his evil mind, I advanced with that expression of countenance, and was rather congratulating myself on my success, when suddenly the knees of Trabb's boy smote together, his hair uprose, his cap fell off, he trembled violently in every limb, staggered out into the road, and crying to the populace, "Hold me! I'm so frightened!" feigned to be in a paroxysm of terror and contrition, occasioned by the dignity of my appearance.
  51. Quite so, nonsense! Ha, ha, ha! dear me! He did amuse me, did the general! We went off on the hot scent to Wilkin’s together, you know; but I must first observe that the general was even more thunderstruck than I myself this morning, when I awoke him after discovering the theft; so much so that his very face changed—he grew red and then pale, and at length flew into a paroxysm of such noble wrath that I assure you I was quite surprised! He is a most generous-hearted man! He tells lies by the thousands, I know, but it is merely a weakness; he is a man of the highest feelings; a simple-minded man too, and a man who carries the conviction of innocence in his very appearance.
  52. It then almost invariably appeared that they were subject to the most extraordinary hallucinations and extravagant delusions, the commonest being that the best thing that the working people could do to bring about an improvement in their condition, was to continue to elect their Liberal and Tory employers to make laws for and to rule over them! At such times, if anyone ventured to point out to them that that was what they had been doing all their lives, and referred them to the manifold evidences that met them wherever they turned their eyes of its folly and futility, they were generally immediately seized with a paroxysm of the most furious mania, and were with difficulty prevented from savagely assaulting those who differed from them.

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