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Plentiful en una oración (en ingles)

1. Lodging is plentiful for the.
2. Time is plentiful these days, Mr.
3. The fruit was so plentiful that.
4. Food and water would be plentiful.
5. But it was wholesome and plentiful.
6. He has an armoury of plentiful arms.
7. Graffiti also seemed to be plentiful.
8. There would be seven years of plentiful.
9. Her tears then were genuine and plentiful.
10. Abound: Be plentiful; to have an abundance.
11. Gods were plentiful in those days, and the.
12. Advisers are always plentiful, but men are not.
13. And since raw materials were plentiful on the.
14. Rations are plentiful enough and Discipline slack.
15. Sometimes food was plentiful and often it was not.
16. First there will be seven years of plentiful food.
17. He told them, The harvest is plentiful, but the.
18. Camping resorts are plentiful and standards are high.
19. Oxygen was still plentiful but fresh food and water.
20. Obviously, misconceptions about dieting are plentiful.
21. I need the rest as I have had a busy and plentiful life.
22. So did the gambling since money was no longer plentiful.
23. Ability is very plentiful, but organizing initiative and.
24. Canberra, thirty years ago, green tree frogs were plentiful.
25. Tracks were plentiful, but I saw not so much as a squirrel.
26. In the second year the Fern grew more vibrant and plentiful.
27. Mourners were plentiful and flower arrangements were abundant.
28. Promise me boy, promise me you shall have a plentiful life too.
29. Food is plentiful but we have to conceal the fact that we are.
30. But from what he heard work was not quite as plentiful up there.
31. The pinning board in particular was a plentiful source for her.
32. These seem plentiful, but are merely for entertainment purposes.
33. Michigan and boasts a plentiful supply of trout, steelhead, and.
34. What is rare is valuable: what is most plentiful is least valued.
35. What good seeds are you sowing now that will reap you a plentiful.
36. There must be something more plentiful and intelligent underwater.
37. At the end of this plentiful meal he felt a lot better and could.
38. Both skin and ostentation were on plentiful display, Melodía saw.
39. The conversation was animated and the food nourishing and plentiful.
40. There is a limit to how many one can catch, but they are plentiful.
41. At least as slaves they receive food and water in plentiful supply.
42. The shellfish were more plentiful on the eastern side of the island.
43. Grain was plentiful and herds of cattle and sheep were growing again.
44. You know Grebular? That planet has a plentiful supply of Crabbits.
45. Fiber, plentiful in grains, is not a nutrient since it is not absorbed.
46. Worms are not plentiful on the downs and there had been no rain for days.
47. Electric Helicopters were plentiful but none of them had usable batteries.
48. He looked again and noticed that his hair was still plentiful although there.
49. Matthew noticed that Bridget’s tears were plentiful as Bernadette and Barry.
50. Once they were inside, the turkeys found an even more plentiful supply of corn.
51. Ideally you should be near water, with a plentiful supply of wood near at hand.
52. We call them star shellers, and they’re as plentiful as plankton on Earth.
53. The entrance to the outside had green grass growing plentiful with a lovely sheen.
54. Shillings have not been so plentiful with me as they once were, he remarked.
55. Cars were not plentiful at that time and it was safe for them to play in the street.
56. Ah, Camacho's wedding, and plentiful house of Don Diego, how often do I miss you!.
57. The lamb was always fresh and the milk cold, the fruit plentiful and the water clear.
58. Gods and spirits are plentiful in the Hindu world, with Indra early being chief among.
59. Bioflavonoids is a type of phyto-chemical that can be found plentiful in citrus fruits.
60. Bottles of champagne were plentiful and it seemed that both brothers were fans of that.
61. Food seemed plentiful in this habitat, the putrid creature didn’t have to venture far.
62. Gold was so plentiful that it really wasn’t needed; it however might be in the future.
63. Pursue the means, while young, for a plentiful life, and wisdom, when you reach old age.
64. Specifying that the setosa are the most plentiful yields a quite different decision tree.
65. Even butternut was now none too plentiful, and many of the soldiers were walnut-shell dye.
66. Right now, you have plentiful food and are at peace with your equally prosperous neighbors.
67. He was surrounded by plentiful food and water that was sufficient for many days’ survival.
68. It just so happened to have been plentiful and outright breath-taking in its rugged scenery.
69. It should only be used when food is plentiful since it wastes most of the fat from the meat.
70. So plentiful were her worries and fears about the mean woman finding her that she laid where.
71. Her lack of understanding on issues has become legendary, and plentiful material for comedians.
72. Oil was plentiful in the deserts of this area and having control of oil was to have world power.
73. The food served proved to be typical American Army fare, meaning plentiful but not inspired menus.
74. It is one of an astoundingly large and plentiful number of human misconceptions that time is linear.
75. You should always have a plentiful supply of red maraschino cherries to decorate your cocktails with.
76. By such way, the seed remains in moist medium of plentiful water, warm and far from the cold weather.
77. I wound up with a good harvest not long ago whereas my first try in Plainville wasn’t so plentiful.
78. Plentiful applications of drink-money to officials revealed the fact that she had changed into this train.
79. We stop at once, as these birds are not so plentiful that we can afford to ignore any that we come across.
80. He hoped the rains had been plentiful there this year, as it was the only source of water for the ant people.
81. With the plentiful resources here, such as water and food, I would also expect that you would want to stay.
82. A plentiful subsistence, therefore, it has been concluded, relaxes, and a scanty one quickens their industry.
83. The men who had stayed behind with the horses had a camp already prepared and plentiful hot food ready for us.
84. There are those who have been given ample livelihood and plentiful money, but have been stripped of good health.
85. Besides, Bitter Knife had told me lions seldom attacked humans on this part of the trail as prey was plentiful.
86. There are many great financial websites to choose from that offer plentiful up-to-date information and research.
87. When she had an established place to sleep, she could stay there indefinitely and live off of the plentiful land.
88. Let’s say we toss out the low-energy brown dwarfs, the young stars, and the plentiful binaries because they have.
89. Some people are surprised to find out once they are no longer on domestic soil medical conveniences are not plentiful.
90. If the bow and arrows had escaped destruction, he could shoot one of the squirrels which were plentiful in the woods.
91. Outstanding stockbrokers or advisory services are no more plentiful than outstanding doctors, lawyers, or ballplayers.
92. The fruits of the year's labour were being merrily gathered in, and this year the fruit was unusually fine and plentiful.
93. It was a nightmare enough getting some of our nobles to pay for what they took when supplies were plentiful and cheap.
94. They join us nearly every evening for supper, lonely but not alone, as food is more plentiful in our household than theirs.
95. There’s great horse racing in Ireland also as you know, he said reminding Ellen that her hobby would be plentiful too.
96. Technically, Artificial Intelligent machines should be as plentiful as humans, and their absence suggested something curious.
97. The food was delicious and plentiful, the wines were excellent and the service and organization worthy of my wife's abilities.
98. To encourage tillage, by keeping up the price of corn, even in the most plentiful years, was the avowed end of the institution.
99. I know you mourn the loss of those cows and the plentiful milk and calves they would have brought you for many summers to come.
100. Raymond was also a loving father who, later, when money was plentiful could not bring himself to refuse the wildest of his son.

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