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    1. The carpet in the downstairs bar area is dark and pock marked with cigarette burns and as Bex and Leona walk through the club they find their shoes sticking to the carpet

    2. The ship could crash on one of the larger mountains, leaving perhaps a small pock that would grow over with jungle again in a fraction of the life history he just heard

    3. If God took me to the pock marked face of a full moon, would I have been any lonelier than I was? Give me please a glass of the wine of violence, so that I may better

    4. Looking to the smoke rising from what he believed had once been a house Ryan quickly stuffed the item into his pock then moved to the almost burned through ashes

    5. It was pock marked, with a large scare across the cheek, and a growth on the forehead

    6. Giovani’s face was like the surface of the moon full of deep pock marks and craters that his childhood and teenage acne created

    7. The other planets in the system are covered with craters and pock marks from collisions with smaller objects

    8. Judging by the pock marks on the far wall, as if a kid had tossed gold glitter against the wall and it had stuck, the weapon had an effective kill range of about six meters, with diminishing returns beyond that

    9. and that over the billions of years the Earth was pock marked with

    10. “As far as I can tell, each pock mark is where the little bastards went in and every bump is where they came out

    11. Laughter and surf and the pock of badminton rackets could be heard from out back; that must have been where everyone was

    12. All I’ve got of freedom is the pock of the bouncing ball and the sun on the back of my neck

    1. As you got closer you could see the texture of it’s surface was pocked with balconies of all different sizes

    2. They held that the heavens were immutable (didn’t change), the celestial bodies were spheres (smooth, not pocked, mountainous, rifted or spotted), and the earth not only didn’t move, it was located at the center of the universe

    3. The other robber only noticed what was happening after the first one was dead, but as soon as he realized what occurred, he, not seeing the snake, took a knife out of a pocked and tried to rush to the child’s side to take her life

    4. She ran her hands along the rock behind her and found that it was pocked enough to scale

    5. pocked roads even at a much higher speed than was posted

    6. her pocked, scabbed, and gaunt face in the mirror in the

    7. Instead of the uneven surface pocked by destruction, the blight that has affected almost all of his once-loved home, Ralph sees the smoothness of the stone as it meets the glass

    8. pocked of his vest, as he looked over the twenty distinguished leaders who sat in front

    9. The BBs hardly even pocked the walls

    10. It was pocked and acid-stained by chem, but it kept the night-fog out

    11. Sam explained this to Jane and immediately Jane reached into her pocked and grabbed a hold of her magical seed, but the seed had died

    12. He took out the wad of notes from his jacket pocked and counted out fifteen hundred

    13. head a little to peer at the boy's pocked face

    14. The cliff face stood out several feet in front of the bedrock behind it and was pocked regularly with dinner plate sized holes that let the light filter in illuminating the steep steps that had taken Zeph a whole summer to carve

    15. His face was pocked with the sharp bites made by the birds’ long beaks

    16. The patient wears a camera mounted, say, on a pair of glasses, and the images it takes are processed by a pocked computer

    17. shot pocked the air

    18. The hair on his head is all in tufts and his skull is pocked with cuts

    19. An object of medium size, globular in shape, and seeming to be pocked with cavities

    20. The gore pocked clothing relaying the message that it had eaten - recently

    21. His pocked face and unkempt hair belied the heart of gold that beat beneath his grease-stained “John” insignia

    22. “Right then,” said the policeman and unbuttoned the pocked on his shirt and took out a notebook

    23. The snow was pocked with the criss-crossing paw prints of many wargs

    24. Her hair was frizzy and bleached blonde, her face puffy and pocked with old acne scars

    25. The patches on my hips and shoulders and tailbone that had repeatedly bled and scabbed over in the places where Monster’s straps rubbed my body had finally surrendered, becoming rough and pocked, my flesh morphing into what I can only describe as a cross between tree bark and a dead chicken after it’s been dipped in boiling water and plucked

    26. I apply the color, check my watch, and linger in the doorway, looking out over miles of flatland pocked with fast-food restaurants and motel chains

    27. surface of the plains of Gorgoroth was pocked with great holes, as if, while

    28. It was dimpled, pocked through with tiny wounds

    29. The garden was pocked with holes and heaped with mounds of dirt; it looked as if a hundred woodchucks on crack had run amok there

    30. His face less pocked by starlight, was still very gaunt and heavy shadowed

    31. The mud wall, short and pocked with holes, enclosed the tiny house – which was really not much more than a glorified hut

    1. Being a new resident, Farid felt that it was impolite to start pocking his nose

    2. He liked to test fragileness of fate by pocking it here and there,

    3. And Rebecca, please stop pocking the back of your throat

    1. They have developed the mildly confrontational slogan “A POCKS on the COPs

    2. It was one of those weird hours in the transit system when the normal crowds disappeared, leaving behind only black pocks of gum and passageways that seemed to stretch out forever

    3. Some Prisoners seem’d afflicted with Consumption; others had Sores and Pocks upon their Faces; others moan’d with Dysentery and discharged the Infected Offal of their Guts into Publick Privies, which gave the whole Place the Reek of Excrement

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