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Positioning en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It is a positioning of authority.
  2. It is about relative positioning.
  3. But positioning is also important.
  4. This has a lot to do with positioning.
  5. Positioning works in two ways, first where.

  6. Finally, for positioning the product we can.
  7. Positioning - interesting, think about this.
  8. You've got to know your spiritual positioning.
  9. Plato was clear in his positioning of Atlantis.
  10. The first P stands for Positioning and Packaging.
  11. However, proper mouth positioning for a specific.
  12. We choose our positioning, the consequences follow.
  13. This positioning would put air as the top arm and.
  14. Occasionally when doing the Reiki and positioning.
  15. As a result, by positioning ourselves strategically.

  16. The men began trickling in and I started positioning them.
  17. Something in between can be a space for positioning Foboko.
  18. He swam down to her, positioning himself directly before her.
  19. Hadaen spread her legs wide, positioning one over his shoulder.
  20. If you're out of positioning, you can't fulfil your assignment.
  21. To understand the regions, positioning of regions one must have.
  22. Positioning type and move the line to the other side of the page.
  23. This is a way of positioning yourself and what you know so that.
  24. The formlessness anyway was his favorite existential positioning.
  25. Satisfied with the positioning, the agent walked backwards eyeing the.

  26. His leg was in between hers, positioning his body over hers on the mat.
  27. So Joshua did as Moses said; so here's the first thing, right positioning.
  28. He's not in the right place, not in the right positioning - so positioning.
  29. You can also find fish finders that include a Global Positioning System (GPS).
  30. The detective bent down in my face, positioning himself within licking distance.
  31. It does also have the important effect of positioning themselves in the universe.
  32. Positioning the business with these potential buyers and preparing the business.
  33. The King went on ahead, positioning himself magisterially on the throne, so as.
  34. It becomes essential to monitor the positioning of the babies on a regular basis.
  35. What exactly do you want? I asked, positioning the terrified girl behind me.
  36. Positioning in the saddle, he drew Petra against him and turned toward the village.
  37. As I say it is a way of positioning ourselves and seeing the ‘greater’ picture.
  38. Thereby, the positioning of truth and justice within the Doctrine of Two Spirits is.
  39. Rave let go of her hand and edged forward, positioning himself between her and the boy.
  40. Let me tell you this, the devil will do everything he can to get you out of positioning.
  41. Are you saying there is an unusual depth to their sense of positioning, as it were?
  42. He had made no attempt up to then to find out exactly where Turney was positioning himself.
  43. Even within the small market of "SEO" there are people focused on positioning as local SEO.
  44. After the outside wall is demolished the shop could be prepared for positioning the machines.
  45. There is the Titius Bode law that shows a positioning according to a ratio and the distance.
  46. Since we can't bring the positioning coils on the attractor into cal, we could drop that again.
  47. Legs crossed: The leg positioning seen in the Hanged Man card is used for suspension to uncross.
  48. Reagan is theatrical, positioning the Berlin Wall behind him as he stands on an elevated platform.
  49. Our positioning is who He's called us to connect with, and where, in order it might be fulfilled.
  50. You couldn’t turn an hour glass twice and get the same exact positioning of every grain of sand.
  51. Mischia watched speechlessly as he began positioning her legs into a position that created a ‘W’.
  52. The proper positioning of the four elements on the cross has Air as the top arm, Earth as the lower.
  53. We are now working to get to the next step, positioning our real self, our spirit, over our mind.
  54. OBJRCTS show total indifference to mass positioning or allocating positions? With this evidence do you.
  55. Maybe, the Prophet’s positioning of Islam thus is indicative of Muhammad’s deprivation on that score.
  56. The rest of the inner planets have no role to play in accordance with singularity positioning the planets.
  57. Further back and Arthur raised to his conscious self that he believed in past and future life positioning.
  58. Thankfully the waiter once again saved me, positioning himself at the halfway point between both Jill and I.
  59. Execution: Maintaining stability, bring DB's to shoulders and press up positioning DB's above the chest with.
  60. Good research can help to sway the odds of positioning away from where the market will go in the longer term.
  61. You must be sure to check regularly with the ground crews operating the positioning system in the Earth base.
  62. May it please the court, Akers says, buttoning his suit coat and positioning himself before the jury box.
  63. It's a very, very important positioning in your heart to take, where you don't become a judge anymore in life.
  64. It was surmised that because of the positioning of the bones and antlered skull, the stag had been sacrificed.
  65. Regular screenings to check the positioning will help keep the patient and the doctor pleased with the results.
  66. Still the Riaz ships came, dropping out of star-drive and positioning themselves in the huge ranks they wanted.
  67. The king was seduced out of his role and positioning, he came under her influence, and the whole nation fell over.
  68. Aamir’s show worked because of its clever positioning as an alternative to regular television entertainment shows.
  69. I’ve found that the fastest way to be properly positioned involves a better understanding of how positioning works.
  70. In other words, if positioning in a daily range using a 30-minute Anti, perhaps set the stop outside the daily range.
  71. Counting the number of agents there were, their positioning, and weapons, even she realized that they were outnumbered.
  72. We're going to have a look at how you can position - there's only one of two options you have, in positioning yourself.
  73. Positioning in this prebreakout base allows us to avoid having to play in the extreme volatility of the breakout itself.
  74. In a prompt manner he returned, fastening the latex condom to the base of his penis, before positioning himself on the bed.
  75. We are forced to devise relative positioning systems based on relative locations from any arbitrary three celestial points.
  76. Positioning herself behind him Leora rested the child’s head on her lap, and began to sing her voice carried upon the wind.
  77. A trader positioning early has excellent trade location, but perhaps with a lower probability of the trade actually working.
  78. Positioning himself above her, he nudged open her thighs with his knee and pressed his engorged cock against her warm opening.
  79. It comes from within, and its possible to exercise or "spirit man" by positioning ourselves to hear, and knowing how it comes.
  80. Ephesians 5 has to do with right order in relationships, or as we see it, positioning yourself in battle array so you can win.
  81. Positioning the sniper on the window, Heliri saw men behind the mechs looking up at the towers where the explosion had occurred.
  82. After a fifteen-minute search, the house was declared safe and the positioning of the group’s equipment and supplies started.
  83. It comes from the positioning of three Buddhist images lined up, with a large Buddha in the center and a smaller one on each side.
  84. So no one got suspicious, I moved to the desk and leaned on it, positioning myself facing the door, so I could see someone approach.
  85. In this case, the trader is actually positioning countertrend on the lower time frame but with the trend on the trading time frame.
  86. Ben steered his front carriage by positioning his weight from side to side and occasionally tugging at the hand rims on the wheels.
  87. Meanwhile my tongue has learned the wizardry of positioning the food under the one molar, and I don’t seem to be losing any weight.
  88. While this heat map is useful as a positioning guideline, we strongly recommend putting your users first when deciding on ad location.
  90. Positioning the trunk and arranging the trigger stick took more than an hour and by the time he finished the man was washed down in sweat.
  91. Jessica Dew was in the process of positioning the overhead winch provided to move subject matter, namely cadavers, above Clegg’s casket.
  92. Marshall has added another camera to his turret, positioning it opposite from the original camera so he can see in both directions at once.
  93. Once clear of resistance, the ceiling becomes support, and gives us a natural price barrier for positioning stop losses as we take a trade.
  94. The story in the boxed text illustrates how important it is to know the fundamentals of a particular market before positioning in that market.
  95. Circumstance was her photographer, posing her, positioning, then clicking and capturing echoes of her light, tugging at the essence behind it.
  96. Chapter 11 advised that you should seek out options with open interest of at least 500 contracts to ensure sufficient liquidity before positioning.
  97. Positioning is one, about our spiritual positioning, our relationship with God; two, it's about our connection with other people, and where we fit.
  98. My positioning has brought to the foot of my door many an uncanny individual, and I have made it my mission to help those that cannot help themselves.
  99. Many bots crowded around, pulling stanchions into position, pulling covers out of the way and positioning sensors required to ensure correct alignment.
  100. First, there is the obvious play of positioning in the accumulation area with the smart money; in most cases this is essentially a higher time frame play.
  1. They positioned it by the window.
  2. It was positioned to be heading.
  3. Just as quickly as he positioned.
  4. So, we positioned her on the aisle.
  5. I'm positioned for winning in life.
  6. He positioned himself behind Hassan.
  7. Everyone had to be positioned right.
  8. Yaf was positioned at another monitor.
  9. Their heads were positioned on pillows.
  10. They are positioned close to the Cloud.
  11. They are positioned so the lines of the.
  12. All accessible with pre positioned gloves.
  13. He positioned himself at the door, want-.
  14. Earth and Mars are really badly positioned.
  15. In a few minutes, everyone had positioned.
  16. It's very important to be positioned right.
  17. The third Nal was positioned in the center.
  18. Mick now positioned them exactly where he.
  19. Seeing Isabelle positioned this way--with.
  20. They were positioned in the middle of the pond.
  21. He winced as Alicia positioned his hand on the.
  22. Such opportunities are positioned in this sector.
  23. Two judges who will be positioned outside the area.
  24. Ants are uniquely positioned in the insect kingdom.
  25. He took two of the crates and positioned them and.
  26. With this trap positioned correctly later on it is.
  27. I positioned myself so I could easily grab my T-20.
  28. He turned to face the glider and positioned himself.
  29. Joe positioned himself between Nova and the monster.
  30. Thane positioned himself between the troll and the.
  31. He positioned the scabbard to his sword on his back.
  32. Two other legions were positioned next to the castle.
  33. The two patrol cars are positioned to block the drive.
  34. They shall be positioned so the operator can remain.
  35. Assume the tape is initially positioned at the front.
  36. Where am I positioned in Maslow's hierarchy of needs?
  37. The television is positioned where it should be that.
  38. He positioned the camouflaged rectangle above one eye.
  39. Her body protectively positioned in front of her child.
  40. The market soared and the firm was positioned to take.
  41. He positioned himself on the love seat across from Brent.
  42. When you have positioned yourself to follow your dreams.
  43. But her target wasn’t positioned for that sort of blow.
  44. Of course, he’d intentionally positioned her in profile.
  45. O’Malley had the papers positioned on his desk so that.
  46. As soon as I was positioned on the roof, the heat of the.
  47. Others don’t have the jaws positioned at an angle that.
  48. However clothed, my body is positioned near the footboard.
  49. I waited until the driftwood was positioned nearest to the.
  50. Normally the main alarm positioned on the outskirts of the.
  51. Sandy grabbed Sarah's hand as she positioned them directly.
  52. Positioned on both sides of the path were well-armed guards.
  53. Bill and Terri had positioned themselves on the convention.
  55. She raced over to Brutus and positioned the sack behind him.
  56. As the Toyota Pickup was about to be positioned parallel to.
  57. But had positioned himself in front her in one swift stride.
  58. She had an orgasm riding his two expertly positioned fingers.
  59. She positioned the chair in front of the desk before sitting.
  60. The bikes engines were hot and positioned in the wrong place.
  61. I could make out sharpshooters positioned in the helicopters.
  62. He positioned himself for the photo he'd travelled so far for.
  63. The black female needed to be positioned correctly in her bed.
  64. NYPD patrol cars were positioned everywhere around the garage.
  65. Mikey ventured in our direction and positioned himself on the.
  66. The sailor sat down beside her, grunting as he positioned his.
  67. Doug positioned himself behind the door and waited for a knock.
  68. Shelves and glass display cases had been positioned so as to.
  69. I sat down in the couch that was positioned before the counter.
  70. The Union simply had no naval defense at all positioned in the.
  71. Guys, I’ve got three pigeons positioned on the roof of the.
  72. Two servant girls positioned the wire hoop on my waist and hips.
  73. These mountains have the toughest fortresses positioned on them.
  74. She leaned her head toward his, positioned her mouth right next.
  75. Alex positioned himself closer to Marie on the sofa and put his.
  76. Sam held Missy on her side while Donna positioned the backboard.
  77. Everything he said came about, so we see here God positioned him.
  78. I looked as she positioned her M4 to a point to where she could.
  79. He positioned Andrew’s chair so that when he sat on the stone.
  80. Meanwhile, three of their comrades positioned themselves on their.
  81. They leaned back on the bed as he positioned himself on top of her.
  82. Branan’s highlanders had positioned themselves along the path at.
  84. The pyramids and other sites were positioned so they mirrored key.
  85. A string of buoys were positioned around the Pacific ‘Rim of Fire.
  86. He flipped us so he was on top and positioned himself at my entrance.
  87. Breadcrumbs are usually positioned horizontally across the top of a.
  88. He proceeded to sit on the floor, positioned in the lotus flower form.
  89. Ryan positioned her hands towards her chest, ready to send out blows.
  90. Let those show where they see stars in any galactica are positioned.
  91. Iratus positioned another glass on the bar next to his own and filled.
  92. Those who were already positioned for the move had a nice trading day.
  93. Then positioned himself to face where he estimated the figure would be.
  94. He positioned the twig carefully on the bedside table and took her hand.
  95. As they positioned themselves to lift the big Mexican up they both had.
  96. The cable was less than a foot off the ground, positioned to catch the.
  97. Bahit positioned the bow beneath his chin and aimed down its iron sights.
  98. One was a big man who had positioned himself so as to block the doorway.
  99. As a low beta household products company, it was positioned well in the.
  100. She positioned her feet in the stirrups, and prepared to flank her horse.
  1. Now let’s take up positions.
  2. The rest of starting positions.
  3. Then the positions are reversed.
  4. They were taking their positions.
  5. It forgets positions of the mines.
  6. The book from esoteric positions.
  7. You have a choice of two positions.
  8. Ilona and Duana took up positions.
  9. From positions of the physical and.
  10. How many positions have you tried?
  11. These top five positions occupied 54.
  12. The four ships took their positions.
  13. Our positions are completely reversed.
  14. Both of these positions are totally.
  15. You can also trade positions intraday.
  16. Our fund usually has 40 to 60 positions.
  17. A Tool for Tracking Positions Intraday.
  18. He noted the positions of any archers.
  19. They kissed again in teetering positions.
  20. Different positions lightly massage the.
  21. Our positions tend to be equally weighted.
  22. These are volunteer positions, after all.
  23. Everyone, I understand your positions.
  24. HSR positions are in Newfoundland, Canada.
  25. These are the positions of Echo Company.
  26. They learned that those positions are not.
  27. All state positions are unpaid laymembers.
  28. The Warriors have staked out the positions.
  29. All the guards would go to their positions.
  30. In his own life, based on these, positions.
  31. Those are all positions of great influence.
  32. NOTE: These positions will be Work-At-Home.
  33. Maybe we should change sitting positions.
  34. So positions were already being formulated.
  35. This is northwest of their contact positions.
  36. She didn’t suggest positions or recommend.
  37. There are much better ways to size positions.
  38. Get started, cover all positions by Friday.
  39. So, there are only six synthetic positions?
  40. It has nothing to do with our positions?
  41. These guys have nudes in various sex positions.
  42. Look, what are hand positions of people sit-.
  43. That often means adding to existing positions.
  44. OTHER INFO: These are Work-from-Home positions.
  45. Positions come and go, they don't mean a thing.
  46. Their positions are of course not confirmed.
  47. The officers take their positions on the couch.
  48. Positions can be hedged with the use of options.
  49. I started adding more positions in the company.
  50. The guards rushed in and took firing positions.
  51. You can also do slicing with negative positions.
  52. The SWAT team took up positions around the area.
  53. They ran toward the Gaeans in upright positions.
  54. We have three open positions here in the house.
  55. Bodies in shadow take new positions on the stage.
  56. I think He occasionally puts us into positions.
  57. Quickly the two warriors took up their positions.
  58. For the mind longs to spring up to positions of.
  59. We focus on the top 10 positions for 2 reasons:.
  60. Not all positions get resolved on expiration day.
  61. Click to show or not show Modules and Positions.
  62. Maximillion sporadically positions them in and.
  63. Protecting unrealized profits in open positions.
  64. For positions held, keep track of the following:.
  65. They took positions around the front of the table.
  66. Arms and legs lie crooked in unnatural positions.
  67. Perform task with the hand in different positions.
  68. Here are the tactics and the positions for each:.
  69. No more positions were reported on the world map.
  70. Other than that, the two positions are identical.
  71. Limit margin usage on short stock positions to 7.
  72. Two hundred and eighty positions throughout the.
  73. As always, our elite were in key positions to.
  74. Know the best sex positions for getting pregnant.
  75. The positions of Earth and Mars aren’t ideal.
  76. Kshatriyas occupied higher positions than Brahmins.
  77. The positions of ministers of Ico wil not be put.
  78. I don’t initiate any new positions after 3:30 p.
  79. Notice that this arrangement positions earth and.
  80. When bulls make money, they add to long positions.
  81. All was quiet when they settled in their positions.
  82. Those academics in teaching positions insist that.
  83. We quickly took our positions and the battle began.
  84. Cleaver Positions: Adults Only! This is not a novel.
  85. There are only a few desirable positions available.
  86. Some option positions, however, have unlimited risk.
  87. Federation and Swordsman force held their positions.
  88. Some fidgeted, unable to find comfortable positions.
  89. His political positions often shifted with the wind.
  90. Avoid being placed in positions that would harm you.
  91. She has influenced the flow of time, the positions.
  92. She will change positions and sit on my left side.
  93. OTHER INFO: These are Work from Home positions, but.
  94. We have examined the main positions of the opponents.
  95. That might mean taking a loss on multiple positions.
  96. Pon would have his hands full with his new positions.
  97. The two men who held the top positions at the bank.
  98. The defenders fell back to their prepared positions.
  99. Now you can see all module positions of the template.
  100. We will contact you when we have taken our positions.

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1. It was a strong position.
2. I was in no position to.
3. Had the position of logic.
4. Now they were in position.
5. Hold position as long as.
6. My position in the Church.
7. They got its position as 28.
8. I am in a position to help.
9. The love of position, love.
10. You take this position, Bill.
11. The sun‘s position in the.
12. You work from a position.
13. He died in a sitting position.
14. I have abused my position to.
15. Learn more about the position.
16. But that’s just my position.
17. This position is also highly.
18. I want to be in that position.
19. I dont have the position.
20. We are in position and ready.
21. Americans in a position to know.
22. For example, a position where.
23. Gerrid was fixed in one position.
24. Few rounds reached his position.
25. Adopt the position in figure 24.
26. Maintain the hand position and.
27. What Position for Carlos Tevez?
28. Avoid the woman on top position.
29. Write from the position of pain.
30. We have to get into position.
31. Eretz is in a unique position.
32. It was a well-deserved position.
33. This position offers to me the.
34. Center of the new bowl position.
35. The body is in a fetal position.
36. No, he was in the wrong position.
37. You must understand our position.
38. A position Heather thought came.
39. Many people are in the position.
40. That’s the core of my position.
41. The ideal position to be in for.
42. At the mil ionth number position.
43. No, we’re in a position where.
44. A man in my position values that.
45. I was applying for the position.
46. His home life showed his position.
47. But I was in no position to bitch.
48. This one lay in a foetal position.
49. The position of manager is still.
50. She landed in a kneeling position.
51. I know you understand my position.
52. The position of the door and the.
53. Ali never moved from his position.
54. He adjusted his position, trying.
55. In this position they fell asleep.
56. Thanks for accepting this position.
58. He really wanted the position of.
59. But I couldn’t hold the position.
60. I will try to exclaim my position.
61. Govicide Agent Hiss is my position.
62. That’s a highly coveted position.
63. He still sat in the lotus position.
64. From our position, I could barely.
65. In exactly the same position as one.
66. For each position on the quadrant.
67. By the position of the sun it was.
68. That Father insists his position -.
69. She wasn’t in a position to lie.
70. I cannot put you in that position.
71. Kurt no longer holds a position at.
72. TK teleports to Xzavier’s position.
73. Second, the position would have to.
74. But, Son, what will be my position.
75. He slid it into the proper position.
76. I have a duty to fulfil my position.
77. M: I was in the same position myself.
78. For, theirs is the weakest position.
79. He sat frozen in that position for.
80. I would stay in this position until.
81. Mars was in the wrong position, but.
82. He sprang from the hunter's position.
83. Leadership is a position of the heart.
84. So much for my position of authority.
85. The sun moved its position in the sky.
86. Every staff position had been filled.
87. The position she held in the company.
88. That specific position drove me crazy.
89. Only God truly gives position in the.
90. Testament in their position before God.
91. Once in a position of dominance, his.
92. I was in no position to argue with her.
93. His position was with glory instilled.
94. That sounds like our typical position.
95. But her sister was in no position to.
96. The position of Yogins is always safe.
97. He or she is in the best position to.
98. Hours later, I was in the same position.
99. You put him in a very awkward position.
100. This is not a position to take lightly.