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    1. They kept a cat just long enough to form a deep, surrogate attachment to the creature’s aloof singularity, before Eileen watched Mister Tibbles play a one sided game of tag with the postal service van one rainy May morning

    2. With the United States Postal Service it was organized crime along with the United States Secret Service

    3. every day, but apparently the postal service in El Salvador was not

    4. esting that this same car was featured in 2004 on stamps as one of eight classic America on the Move “Sporty Cars” of the 1950s issued by the United States Postal Service

    5. In spite of all the chaos, the postal services still functioned with amazing efficiency and speed

    6. This refers to the method of using registered dating by the postal service, a

    7. “Japan Post, as it’s called here, offers postal services, banking services and life insurance

    8. What a stroke that Skeets had a friend in the postal service enabling him to obtain a list of mailing addresses for all Indians in south Centra county including the general area of Joe Billie‘s homeplace

    9. While we are at it, I need a couple dozen courier missiles and a hundred or so of these with standard Federation Postal Service mailing boxes

    10. They loaded the works on to the data modules and put the data modules into unmarked Federation Postal Service boxes with delivery addresses, but no return

    11. The postal service honored him with a stamp in 1984

    12. The United States Postal Service honored her with a postage stamp in 2009

    13. The United States Postal Service spent $23 million to find out how long it takes for the mail to be delivered

    14. In July 1998, she was honored by the United States Postal Service with a thirty-two cent stamp

    15. I’m not going to dwell on the United States Postal Service but on mortgage corporations, credit card companies and those places where we have checking and savings

    16. news from one place to another without charging the exorbitant rates of the United States Postal Service,” added Rachelle

    17. “I've already asked the postal service to redirect your stuff to uncle Jan too

    18. Rudolph was selective with his words as he explained most postal services, even in the city had a final collection at six pm on Fridays and didn’t service post boxes again until six pm Sundays

    19. The government has the responsibility of providing certain basic services such as water, electricity, postal services, road and rail networks, etc

    20. Why there are even rumours of postal services precipitating upon these parts in time

    21. So Andy was quite right when he said that, in Alaska, the postal service works slowly, but surely

    22. We crossed the parking lot, then Mariette Street to the TWA offices, changed the date of Lizzie"s departure and returned to the Hilton to send her mother's cable at the hotel's postal service

    23. “We’re chatting with Marcus Washington, from the US Postal Service

    24. Washington, I understand the Ares 3 mission caused a postal service first

    25. In that time, the postal service issued a run of commemorative stamps honoring his memory

    26. Not once in the history of the postal service

    27. “We’ve been speaking with Marcus Washington of the United States Postal Service

    28. In addition, retailers that do little or no media advertising (though they sometimes use the Postal Service) have gradually taken market share in certain merchandise categories

    29. A few weeks after the US postal service was introduced in 1913, an unnamed baby boy in Ohio was mailed from his parents’ house to his grandparents, just one mile away, for the grand sum of 15¢ (9p)

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