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    pour forth

    1. Nevertheless, centuries of fine and proper blood were coursing through her adrenalin swollen arteries, and with her unwavering sense of indignation on behalf of underdogs everywhere, she steeled herself for the physical punishment that was about to pour forth upon her head

    2. punishment that was about to pour forth upon her head

    3. Fresh tears stung and threatened to pour forth anew

    4. be in the last days," God says, "that I will pour forth of My Spirit

    5. and women, I will in those days pour forth of My Spirit and they

    6. prayers and pour forth the fullness of Thy

    7. eyes pour forth abundant sweet tears, flowing from the heart without interruption, without compulsion, and

    8. But you see, when you're praying in tongues, and you just hold the person in your heart with love, and you begin to pray in tongues, now you can pour forth God's plan, God's will, God's purpose, God's thinking

    9. He did not wait to see whether Ye Qiubai was listening, and began to pour forth

    10. They opened the flask’s tap to allow water pour forth over the position of the scratch, so that it would feel as blood was flowing

    11. She closed her eyes, and lost herself as she allowed her soul to pour forth and fill the room

    12. She who had been disinclined to speak above a whisper when Priscilla went in was able at the end of the visit to pour forth conversation in streams, and quite loud conversation, and even interspersed with chuckles

    13. I stepped away from her as sweet words continued to pour forth from her lips

    14. „The fruit of your gifts shall pour forth for the advantage of others to know

    15. Where fierce men and women pour forth as the sea to the whistle of

    16. When there, at her own particular request, for she was impatient to pour forth her thanks to him for fetching her mother, Colonel Brandon was invited to visit her

    17. Jennings wrote to tell the wonderful tale, to vent her honest indignation against the jilting girl, and pour forth her compassion towards poor Mr

    18. "Nay," cried he, and retired, regardless of any prayers I could pour forth to detain him

    19. Gamut, who had stood prepared to pour forth his spirit in song when the visitors entered, after delaying a moment, drew a strain from his pipe, and commenced a hymn that might have worked a miracle, had faith in its efficacy been of much avail

    20. "Dearest Valentine," said the young man, "the difference between our respective stations makes me fear to offend you by speaking of my love, but yet I cannot find myself in your presence without longing to pour forth my soul, and tell you how fondly I adore you

    21. The hired orators continued to pour forth their streams of eloquence; and tons of literature flooded the town

    22. Casaubon, might have remained longer unfelt by Dorothea if she had been encouraged to pour forth her girlish and womanly feeling—if he would have held her hands between his and listened with the delight of tenderness and understanding to all the little histories which made up her experience, and would have given her the same sort of intimacy in return, so that the past life of each could be included in their mutual knowledge and affection—or if she could have fed her affection with those childlike caresses which are the bent of every sweet woman, who has begun by showering kisses on the hard pate of her bald doll, creating a happy soul within that woodenness from the wealth of her own love

    23. " It was not in her nature to pour forth wishes or grievances

    24. Millions will pour forth from there’- he pointed to the merchants’ hall- ‘but our business is to supply men and not spare ourselves

    25. ‘Nay,’ cried he, and retired, regardless of any prayers I could pour forth to

    26. Millions will pour forth from there”—he pointed to the merchants’ hall—“but our business is to supply men and not spare ourselves

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