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    1. Today the young are caught up with their careers, the middle-aged with position and prestige and everyone with competition and resultant insecurity

    2. It gives a false sense of prestige

    3. After dinner he was glad to accompany her just for the prestige, to be seen out and about with the founder of a Study

    4. None had any financial gain, no prestige

    5. 'Working for Henri Dubois carries a lot of prestige in

    6. was a clear demonstration of the importance and prestige

    7. To see a rainbow in your dream represents hope, success and good fortune in the form of money, prestige, or fame

    8. However, an angle of 45 degrees lacks prestige and stability, and there is every possibility that small children and animals may take pleasure in passing beneath his inclined form

    9. An activity is not autotelic if you focus your attention on its consequences, such as the money or prestige you can earn by successfully performing the activity

    10. Knight of the Round Table who, having a fair amount of intimacy with Queen Guinivere, had more prestige than did Lancelittle

    11. Perhaps this unfortunate turn of events is inevitable in light of the continuous assault over the years by the International Community (read: Modern European Democracies) whose leaders widely regard sovereign authority (other than their own) and political prestige invested in great nations with suspicion and whose (own) precipitous decline as world power brokers foreshadowed America‘s diminution of (global) influence by a half century or more

    12. Anything else will escalate beyond what you expected and you don't have the political will to stay on and will not only lose valuable soldiers and equipment but much prestige

    13. But if one must reward cushy prestige jobs, make them the Ambassador to Luxemburg or another position where they cannot do any harm

    14. It is true that there have always existed (the) opportunist‘s among us; so-called public servants who routinely violated their sacred oath by placing self-interest above the interests of the people; who viewed their respective offices as so many conduits for attaining power and prestige

    15. In Green Bay, happiness for her was something gained through accruing prestige, promotions and sound financial growth: how hollow, fleeting and insignificant that all now seemed! In Chauita, she’d found happiness that sprang from simply being in this world and sharing time with Truman without the slightest need for pretense or position

    16. Wisely using his knowledge, connections, great prestige and experience, and his wife’s fortune, Municipal Judge Monico Paradela bought great part of the island, or as the saying goes “as far as the eyes could see”

    17. The regiment had been brought out of mothballs on the eve of war in 1939, for the first time since the Civil War, and did not have a history or prestige that Ferguson thought would motivate the Pentagon to keep it on the active list

    18. Weren’t they all really, consciously or unconsciously, simply vying for a preeminent position of prestige and influence?

    19. Lord Datta Himself had cultivated the prestige

    20. In 644 he was chosen caliph by a board of six electors supposedly named by the second caliph, Omar (Umar), before his death…His (Othman’s) substitution in important state positions of his own favorites and kinsmen for the officials appointed by his predecessors left a rejected group with considerable power and prestige plotting against him

    21. Whatever happened, by AD 661 something had kept those who were described as “having considerable power and prestige” from bringing it to bear in a manner similar to what they had done with Othman

    22. 1316–1334) and Emperor Louis IV damaged the prestige of both, while the growing luxury of the Roman Curia and its need for finances brought in a system for bestowing clerical office which caused harm for many years…At Rome and Avignon rival pontiffs reigned

    23. Besides, the Country with its managers and sponsors will have world prestige, and its names will be registered in the evolution of the humanity’s history for they being the precursors of such expected change for the definitive solution of global social problems

    24. v High national and international prestige for the public managers and participant organizations for the implemented solution, besides passing for the history as precursors when adopting XUSING Project

    25. The results will be expressive as: generation of trillion dollars in potential GDP; abundance of products and services; end of the misery, hunger and of the social abandonment; obtainment of international prestige and citizenship; liberation of the financial dependence; personal development; immense surplus of money for the State; environment protection; and high gain with elimination of the waste, country cost and of the bureaucracy

    26. blonde brow, with a prestige that Orphenn had never seen her wear

    27. They move forward with their plans of a new world order which provides them with wealth, prestige and authority

    28. Prestige still mattered, and as much as society had apparently progressed, legacy still mattered in every admission decision

    29. Perhaps prestige was less a wall than a levee that one could rise above

    30. There was never a century with no member of the Sorbin family in the Council or without one of them being an advisor as they held great prestige and popularity among titans

    31. A panel of physicists determined that a scientist at the prestigious Bell Laboratories was guilty of falsification and fabrication of data in its molecular transistor program in a bid for recognition and prestige

    32. There are those who are self-serving, who seek advancement at all cost, who clamour and climb over others to be in front, their self-importance and ambition destroys all thought of helping others, they are people who can ‘kill with a look’, who can destroy with a word, who want and maintain power for prestige and status

    33. As a result of the wisdom given to him by God, over the years, he acquired vast wealth, prestige and power

    34. ing the motivation of intellectuals is more than fame, prestige, a job, respect, etc; there should also be a motivation arising from an actual problem in the world

    35. Churchmen rushed to find ways to enhance its prestige so that it could be worthy of its new position and to justify greater power for the ruler so that he could preserve Orthodoxy from further harm

    36. Luther, however, questioned Roman Catholic orthodoxy at a time when the prestige of the papacy was at low ebb and the German princes were open to any reason to justify arresting the flow of money to Rome

    37. In order to improve his financial status, and probably for reasons of prestige, Adolph decided to buy a paper in New York City

    38. “I’m sure that the bureaucrats in charge of the arrangements will consider the prestige of all Xervia to be at stake in the matter

    39. His accomplishments made an indelible mark on his industry and brought him stature, prestige, and tremendous power

    40. Those of us who have known individuals of stature, prestige, and tremendous power so often also find coldness and something not quite complete in them

    41. Unfortunately, Russell knew, as long as Rawson was the acting commander the squadron would suffer a morale loss that would affect both duty accomplishments and prestige among the other squadron pilots

    42. Indeed the enemy was once one of us, but he misused his power to gain prestige, and to maim or kill others

    43. be based on the power, wealth, or prestige that people have in this

    44. They often lose their jobs and prestige

    45. had such a reputation for quality, education and support that it was better to wait for their product, than take a chance with a start-up or small company that did not have the prestige and track record of IBM

    46. prestige and money in it

    47. other masters such as cash flow, avoiding legal hassles, the prestige of the

    48. 99% of people involved in the legislative process are there because they are extracting some sort of value from their position - namely money, power, prestige, approval or respect

    49. Her father was a dean or something high up in the educational hierarchy, a man of prestige who had an exalted professional position and apparently middle-class wealth

    50. with the prestige of a John Locke to use the

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