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    1. When do you read your affirmations? Couldn’t you print out a list of your affirmations, tape them on your microwave or even put them in a nice

    2. What about this property? It was still listed in all the registries as belonging to Venna with her thumb print

    3. Having a good database is literally a license to print money

    4. He wondered if a press that could print this magazine on paper could fit in that crate

    5. The print on those pages was really fine but his name had the yellow circle

    6. Small print and all

    7. “The small print and all that

    8. Here a Japanese woodblock print, there a sandstone sculpture or an oil painting, everything tasteful, orderly and serene

    9. "If the natives have figured it out they're going to print special editions and talk until late at many tap rails

    10. The biggest mass media is magazines and there are tens of millions of titles and none that print more than a few million copies

    11. There is neither Jew nor Greek; there is neither slave nor free; there is neither male nor female (bold print mine - RR), for you are all one in Christ Jesus

    12. than the residue of a torn off print,

    13. It was a print of an eye message from the looks of it

    14. It was more than one page of neat, small print

    15. His face appeared in print and on television screens and his own background was presented to the world, just as Miss Jones’s had been

    16. As the results began to print out on the machine surprise was his; this can’t be

    17. face appeared in print and on television screens and his own

    18. As I print off the map of Naples, it occurs to me that I may be able to find out something about the home Bunty helped with

    19. ‘Yes, can you print it off?’ he said, sitting down in Bill’s chair

    20. ’ Bill said – it is a standing joke in the office that Dave ought to print everything preferably in large letters

    21. and send you running with his boot print on your

    22. “You match the picture, but I still need a thumb print to open these records

    23. ” He eyed the print for awhile, she cleaned the ink off her thumb

    24. Compared to where they had been, it was like the light of Morningday, though it still wasn’t enough for him to read fine print

    25. Of course this would be the day several major shipping deals had to be decided so he barely had time to post it and print it out before the whirlwind began

    26. She got no info on where that Fenais might be now, but she had a thumb print to use so that bore following up

    27. “Not of any, but I have descriptions of Tdeshi’s friends and a thumb print of Fenais

    28. Ben suggests that if David is going to communicate with us by e-mail, as he has said he intends to, then if he could include some titbits of information about the town where they are at the time, we can print off the e-mails, and then stick his messages around the map with a string linking the message with the appropriate place

    29. The dock was at a small print shop that wasn’t doing too well

    30. doors because his iris print was not programmed in

    31. Heather kissed Roman on the cheek leaving a white lip print of toothpaste

    32. The large floral print, made the dress appear even broader then it was

    33. Apparently, her face had turned into a large print book to him

    34. "Remember, when I asked about the reference, every one told me it was a miss print, or it'd been copied wrong – long ago

    35. "They wanted me to believe it was a miss print, but they also wanted me to believe every other thing there

    36. The newspaper's use to print the first year pictures free, so probably every home in Utah had a similar one lying around some place; it was Jim’s baby picture, and Jesse had it sitting on the mantle above the old fireplace

    37. "Bring a copy up here, I have a few more things to run down to the print shop

    38. He saw all the cooks in that area, he knew most of them, then passed all the way down into the pottery and plumbing foundries of the Karthuum Valley and then all the way across to the huge Jaignvin photochemical labs beyond the south Karthuum print shops

    39. They toured a print shop and the castle

    40. You can also easily customize the invoice and quotation print out to your requirements

    41. If you read the fine print in the ads, you'll see small notations such as "The claims made

    42. useful to print them

    43. TOP TIP: Find a book that is out of print and contact the original author

    44. Willow and I schemed, and when Izzy looked in the mirror, she stood in horror at the spotted leopard print hair on her head

    45. Copywriting is the art of putting a sales pitch in print, and it is much more

    46. restrictions (see their terms and conditions for the small print)

    47. When we went to print there was no time to complete the final two chapters

    48. Print interview? Have someone else in the room with you

    49. "And I'm also guessing you're going to print a story about it in tomorrow's newspapers

    50. print to such a broad mandate, she tactfully

    1. Perhaps I should have a T-Shirt printed with Glioblastoma G4 on one side and a list of potential symptoms on the other

    2. It's best to give them a printed list that they can put in our file

    3. Over a long period of a few years some share show a consistent growth, some show ups and downs around a mean value, some show a persistent fall in value and quite a few just vanish out of market or are quoted at a value which is not worth the cost of paper on which the share certificate is printed

    4. Many fans have made the pilgrimage to his California home - he’s not hard to find, his address and phone number printed on every label

    5. Bronner’s soap, “The most incredible piece of literature I’ve ever seen printed on a six-by-six piece of paper,” and “The power of word over design

    6. 'Insurance' printed across my upper back

    7. She noticed the letters VD printed large on the locker girl's t-shirt

    8. Joshua looked at the opening hours printed clearly on the window and then at his watch

    9. He printed texts and helped them disseminate their manifestos on the networks and

    10. He printed texts and helped them disseminate their manifestos on the networks and along the highways of the many new worlds

    11. Perhaps he should have printed hard copies of the thermal scans

    12. The paper on which the words are printed lines the gutter,

    13. Eventually, armed with the address printed in the rent book, the police handed the kids over to a lady from social services and filed their report, a copy of which was sent to the local police station where Kirk and Ruby lived

    14. We’ve roughed out a programme of what I’m going to sing for the concerts, which reminds me I must let the organisers have the list so that they can get the official programmes printed

    15. “This is a stunning surprise,” he murmured to himself as he printed out the results and placed his seal on them

    16. read out the names that were printed on the A4 sheets of paper

    17. printed in the rent book, the police handed the kids over to a lady

    18. with what appeared to be the recipient’s names printed on

    19. stairs with printed email in hand, ready to take her mother to war

    20. At the top of the stairs was a table which was cluttered with paper printed with intricate patterns that looked something like irregular 19th century lace doilies with tassels

    21. But half the houses in Yoonbarla had no printed matter to speak of in them

    22. I know a guy who owns the plant where quite a few magazines are printed

    23. printed furniture lined the outlying walls, and on those furnishings sat different

    24. It wasn't a box wrapped in paper, although it was a box, but the pattern was printed right on the box itself with a removable lid, similar to a hatbox she had seen in the vision, but square

    25. Jill and I both started school again in about 1971 his Pontiac GTO faster than hell because he got the engine blue printed which is a way of increasing the speed by getting the maximum tolerances and clearances and everything

    26. But in the manuscripts from which all the different editions of the statutes, preceding that of Mr Ruffhead, were printed, the copiers had never transcribed this regulation beyond the price of twelve shillings

    27. This postscript was not printed till 1756, three years after the publication of the book, which has never had a second edition

    28. beeper number at work, and don’t have them printed on your business

    29. “The wedding card can’t be printed!”

    30. download page, state clearly the name that’s going to be printed on their

    31. printed off, name tags taped on the tables, and procedures

    32. It is under these regulations only that we can import wrought silks, French cambrics and lawns, calicoes, painted, printed, stained, or dyed, etc

    33. I do not care if my name was not printed in the

    34. Your name, printed in the Book of Life,

    35. specialized paper with a (company) logo or name printed at the top

    36. is sometimes printed here

    37. I can get printed summaries of his requests

    38. his reaction will be printed in tomorrow’s

    39. Oddly old-fashioned, printed text and an outlined symbol of a globe within a star, on plastic

    40. American currency printed in Atlanta is traded also, anything that others will trade for

    41. In the printed debates of the house of commons, not always the most authentic records of truth, I observe, however, that they have been accused of this

    42. It was pale blue with the title “Official Plan for the Repatriation of Galilean Mining Operations” printed across the otherwise blank front cover

    43. The title of the poem is “The Cruise of the Milo as told by the Captain,” and is interesting but also humorous to read and is printed complete and unedited in appendix B

    44. “Can you check to see if you guys printed a flyer around the 4th of the month, dealing

    45. The man who had them printed is named Harold Gibbons, but

    46. The paper ranmyas are printed on is a proprietary blend of hemp and pulp, and it’s not something you can buy

    47. Arbitan Losk had newspapers clippings of every story that’s been printed about this creature, and there’s magic guarding that house, when magic is forbidden in the empire

    48. In order to ensure my wishes are fulfilled, I’ve printed five million ranmyas in counterfeit bills

    49. *This story was first printed in the Youth's Companion, vol

    50. * This story was first printed in the Youth's Companion, Dec

    1. Most of these you can grow yourself! We are constantly expanding this list with every printing

    2. When printing presses were finally up and running again there was a very large demand for this particular book

    3. But for here and now, books were out of the question till they found people with the knowledge of printing

    4. He plays a few notes slowly, ‘Got it! That’s a printing error – it shouldn’t be a flat, it should be a natural

    5. paid for the cost of printing it

    6. Some of my earliest memories are of a printing press pounding away … with that wonderfully idiosyncratic smell of ink and paper … come to think of it I must have gone to stay with the grandparents when Chris was born … I’d have been about four then

    7. There were high-speed photogravure printing presses in full color turning out millions of copies of glossy publications to millions of consumers basin-wide

    8. The good news was that ‘Robinson Crusoe’ was now in its fourth printing and was clearly a success

    9. Before the invention of the art of printing, the only employment by which a man of letters

    10. profitable employment than that other of writing for a bookseller, to which the art of printing

    11. printing, a scholar and a beggar seem to have been terms very nearly synonymous

    12. Oh yes the printing was very small, Oh and by the way we are the maintenance personnel! The owners had left this property to us alone for this week only

    13. appearance of the printing press, some authors have the

    14. For the beginning, as printing presses were only a few,

    15. not write books for money, printing houses and

    16. The first question people normally ask when encountering manuscripts that are copied is: “How accurate are the copies when compared to the originals?” or “How well were these manuscripts preserved through the ages since the days of Moses?” Although these manuscripts were copied by hand, until the invention of the printing press in the 1,400’s AD, the Jewish scribes had an intricate and ritualistic system by which this was done

    17. As he produced a letter on snow white printing paper sealed, for some

    18. She supposed printing counterfeits would achieve that

    19. “No, but anyone can run a printing press once it’s set up

    20. ” She supposed stealing paper and ink would be possible but a printing press?

    21. We should not have to worry about someone hearing the creaking of the printing press

    22. Make sure to get printing press ink

    23. “Books will doubtlessly know more about printing presses than I

    24. If he was going to be more of a liability than a help, why keep him? But, no, she needed all the man power possible to finish printing bills and stage the meeting with Forge and Hollowcrest

    25. Of course, someone ambling into the fish cannery would find the printing press loitering in the corner a tad odd

    26. I asked the manager in the printing department if there was a position for Boyd, even if it was sweeping the floors

    27. ‘I got him a job here at the newspaper in the printing department and I wanted to tell him

    28. I had only just finished printing the volumes of paper when she lifted them out of the printer and sat in the armchair in the lounge and began reading, in my opinion, a load of rubbish

    29. The style of the writing was a technical lettering used by technicians or architects, all upper-case printing

    30. A quick calculation revealed to the inquisitive Bru, that he had saved a couple of thousand dollars—money he just didn’t have—on developing and printing, film and battery costs

    31. I, like the rest, believed that the survival of the country was at stake and these actions were necessary: foreign agitators with the help of treasonous Nicaraguans were funneling weapons into the hands of the protestors, providing para-military training, false documents, and printing revolutionary propaganda

    32. Our orders were to stop their printing presses, break up the protests and bring the organizers to justice – or kill them: it didn’t matter any longer, but time did

    33. while printing, Or it will

    34. The families would later receive notification of their deaths and the media would camp outside their houses, read their e-mails and listen to their phone messages printing stories about them before they moved onto their next victim the following day

    35. Blaine had taken a ruler and measured them once, after printing out all his e-mail rejection slips

    36. ” The forger handed Colling a folded ten-zlotys note of Russian printing

    37. The discovery of modern printing methods facilitated the spreading of the knowledge of the biblical basis of those challenges

    38. cards from some Christian friends of ours who were in the printing

    39. Avoid printing non-authorized copies; it is illegal, besides depriving the interested people of participating officially in the XUSING Project

    40. The remodelled basement held offices and a large area to house the printing press and other equipment needed for the organisation, which relied on mass mailings requesting donations from thousands of Christians in Canada and the USA

    41. I always though that book burning only started after Gutenberg invented the printing press, how surprised was I to find it happened in Jeremiah’s time already!

    42. This preparation includes anything from printing out

    43. program one printf for printing one number

    44. For printing the string, we can use the printf function in the similar format such as:

    45. We are printing the value

    46. as a sequence of things to be done such as reading, calculating and printing;

    47. This small program is capable of printing “Hey Baby!” in the output screen 6 times

    48. while printing the values your output will be 20 20

    49. caused more depreciation of trees to contribute for paper printing

    50. That (now in its ninth printing) continues to draw new audiences and to

    1. "You mean the prints?"

    2. through sepia prints of wedding belles

    3. loud in cotton prints and

    4. The two letters are on the table and the fingerprint man tells me that they have clear prints, so the matter should be easily resolved

    5. ‘That’s as may be, Ms Symons, the fact remains that there is a clear set of prints on these letters

    6. As the first team arrive, I’m having my prints taken

    7. One of the women is screaming abuse at the officer sitting taking prints … for a moment I can’t see who it is, then the group divides … Joan

    8. He checks the surrounding area for scraps of torn clothing, for personal items, but finds nothing other than puddled boot prints and the tracks of a wheelbarrow tyre

    9. walls were decorated with faded prints and horse brasses

    10. ” They were all with pictures and thumb prints, none of whom matched and only eleven of whom were in the right time frame, fourteen were currently active

    11. While Carol packs a bag for them both, ranting at her ex-husband all the while, he puts the postcode into a driving direction web site and prints out instructions for the journey

    12. Stock photographs and prints on the wall

    13. She would have to question all the local Fenaises in person, so how many could she wheedle into thumb prints?

    14. Maggie rises from the dirt, wincing, her back feeling as though it should have hoof prints all over it, but she ignores the pain and grabs Jock by the shirt collar

    15. I noticed there were muddy shoe prints on the carpet that led from the front

    16. I could see the shoe prints

    17. Before dinner was ready to be placed on the table, Beth insured that the tables were all properly dressed with clothes, of brightly colored floral prints and napkins to match

    18. Boot prints covered the area for yards around, and it was

    19. He noticed the paintings were prints

    20. "You wouldn't say that unless you mean the Klarrain who prints a bunch of little obscure magazines

    21. Parts had been removed and cleaned and were arranged in orderly piles, along with some carefully hand-drawn prints

    22. • The Turnkey Money Machine That Prints Non-Stop Profits For You

    23. He still had the blue prints of the device (or rather the B’tari had kept them knowing of their significance)

    24. There were many more prints, but the

    25. Possibly his prints and DNA were all over it

    26. He rose from his chair and again looked at the prints on the dining room wall

    27. Despite my efforts to keep it clean and in good soccer-mom style, I’d usually wake up in the morning to find cat prints all over it

    28. We will run all prints on both cars

    29. “Then, we’ll need you for prints as well

    30. The third set of prints is the most interesting

    31. The size of the prints dwarfed her hand, but it was the shape that drew her interest

    32. No one could look at the prints and think bear or panther

    33. They had me digging ditches for the electricians and I would go over and read the blue prints, and dig a ditch where it was supposed to go

    34. We also cross trained in the taking of fingerprints and plaster foot prints which started an interest in forensic law for me

    35. His own shoes were a little drier now, he thought, as he idly pondered the prints

    36. Something about the distance between the prints, the depth of the heel, bespoke a deeper purpose, a firmer resolve than his own

    37. Also in a rural area you barefoot prints may mingle with other locals and thus confuse the Police trackers (it won’t)

    38. He stood up to note the marks and prints on the ladder that went up the side of the device

    39. With its prints of style and use of materials (though perhaps not in strategy) in that brutal massacre, ETA has sealed its future by signing its own death sentence

    40. And after all is said and done, our dogs leave paw prints on our hearts…

    41. �Unless we have more evidence, like a murder weapon with his prints on it, we don't stand a chance in court,� the District Attorney declared

    42. His prints and his admission that he was with the murder victim from ten to eleven that night makes him a viable suspect for her death,� admitted Steve as he read from his notes

    43. Stupid, he left his prints allover the place, and then he blows his brains out because he doesn't want to face the music of this scandal,� continues Linda as she leans back in her chair

    44. �Damn,� Steve exclaimed, �the best they could find from that plane are partial prints

    45. We should have the negatives within a half an hour, prints shortly thereafter

    46. He wouldn"t leave prints for the cops to find

    47. He got a good deal on prints at five cents each

    48. Casella burned off the stretch, hitting the streets with the prints

    49. boot prints and blood

    50. Some rocks in Poland reveal foot prints of ancient tetra pods

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