Oraciones con la palabra "problem"

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Problem en una oración (en ingles)

1. But I had a problem.
2. One problem at a time.
3. We may have a problem.
4. That led to the problem.
5. It is a mental problem.
6. Now, we have a problem.
7. But there was a problem.

8. I had a problem though.
9. This may be the problem.
10. It won’t be a problem.
11. He is not our problem.
12. Water was not a problem.
13. That is a legal problem.
14. They might be a problem.
15. The problem is that he.
16. Problem was it was love.
17. Has that been a problem?
18. The problem then is real.
19. Power is not the problem.
20. Houston we have a problem.
21. It was a problem indeed.
22. We have a problem here.
23. The food is the problem.
24. But the problem of rape.
25. The problem was easy to.
26. Ah, that was the problem.
27. We have a problem though.
28. He picked out a problem.
29. I have no problem with.
30. I lit it with no problem.
31. Well here was the problem.
32. I do have another problem.
33. Abb, we have a problem.
34. Q: Yes, that is my problem.
35. There is no age problem.
36. The problem is that Muh-.
37. I had created the problem.
38. He didn't have a problem.
39. That could be a problem.
40. My problem is with you.
41. My problem with stats is.
42. This is the same problem.
43. There is a problem which.
44. We only had one problem.
45. My problem, or my illness.
46. She had a little problem.
47. Not a problem, take care.
48. This could be a problem.
49. Not wanting a problem, he.
50. However, we have a problem.
51. Oh no, it’s no problem.
52. I know what the problem is.
53. The Problem to Be Resolved.
54. What was the problem now?
55. For now, we have a problem.
56. There was a slight problem.
57. Brink was a bigger problem.
58. Rosa was a problem, though.
59. Shasta has a severe problem.
60. I had no problem with that.
61. But then she hit a problem.
62. I still had another problem.
63. Why was he such a problem?
64. The only problem is we.
65. Go to him with any problem.
66. There was no problem with.
67. I have no problem with that.
68. To resolve the problem of.
69. Yes, that was the problem.
70. Bit of a problem last night.
71. There’s a problem with Mr.
72. Farting is your own problem.
73. That could be a big problem.
74. We will have one problem.

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