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Productive en una oración (en ingles)

1. In a most productive way.
2. It had been a productive night.
3. Here is a productive method to.
4. And productive fear drives action.
5. The planet is lush and productive.
6. And it was also being productive.
7. She had lived a long, productive.

8. To be faithful is to be productive.
9. They organized and ran productive.
10. Of those, maybe four are productive.
11. If every week could be as productive.
12. In the most fruitful and productive.
13. I wanted to keep the break productive.
14. It delights Him when we're productive.
15. It is, therefore, a productive expense.
16. Fill your days with productive activity.
17. Another productive source is experience.
18. That would have been counter productive.
19. He was far less productive than he’d.
20. The dogs often have a more productive day.
21. It was far more productive than giving up.
22. Aren't you more productive when you work.
23. Her attack was productive though, giving.
24. Think about that - How productive are you?
25. I do not believe that would be productive.
26. Productive fear, discussed above, requires.
27. This will all be paid for by the productive.
28. We have planted and watered productive seeds.
29. It pays the wages of productive labour only.
30. It had been a busy and productive four years.
31. So, in productive subjects, grow the chapters.
32. In fact Michael came up with most productive.
33. Then this outstandingly productive agriculture.
34. Each had opportunity to serve and be productive.
35. Imagination to be zeroed in on a productive day.
36. Notice the very productive signals A, B, and C.
37. Our jobs that we held were very productive and.
38. Negative thinking was never a productive pastime.
39. Christ and still live normal and productive lives.
40. His days in Toronto had been productive, but not.
41. Your connections must be productive and efficient.
42. Today was a productive day, he said grinning.
43. The more productive servant received greater reward.
44. Nancy's firstborn, the fruit of her productive womb.
45. It is simply not productive to deny one's own power.
46. Frenchmen and gone on to live good, productive lives.
47. But results we got, and it was not always productive.
48. Everyone needs to be productive and therefore sleep.
49. The expectation on all was the same – be productive.
50. Monday had been quite productive, all things considered.
51. Lee’s meeting with Jeff Davis was productive and Lee.
52. Abraham’s, but our walk with God should be productive.
53. Seems there could be more productive ways to spend time.
54. Violence comes from distorted thinking in productive form.
55. Make material reward proportionate with productive effort.
56. The one who was more productive received a greater reward.
57. She was getting tired and her efforts were less productive.
58. And so, after a tough but productive session, the assembled.
59. The rent of land is paid for the use of a productive subject.
60. The 2x talent and 5x talent servant both were 100% productive.
61. New Bedford in 1869, and began a low-profile, but productive.
62. Maybe I should have done something more productive for Ruth?
63. When no longer productive carefully replace with fresh foliage.
64. My journeys became more and more extensive and more productive.
65. I was supposed to be a productive member of society and a good.
66. Th e methodology formulated by Jung appeared rather productive.
67. You! Stop insinuating those things and do something productive.
68. If you understand that people are innately good, productive and.
69. This will lead to a much happier and more productive work force.
70. Your effort to change your spouse is probably COUNTER productive.
71. The most productive way to consistently succeed, is to set goals.
72. Their actions must be productive, practical and wealth-producing.
73. Without exception, they are more productive, more satisfied and.
74. And these are young men who might work, be productive and useful.
75. The coding team of nine members had 72 hours to write productive.
76. AFTER coming out of a productive and concise meeting that did not.
77. He believed the bill would be productive of no practical efficacy.
78. I spent the day as usual but seemed much more productive and alive.
79. September 20, 2108: The gold mine had proved to be very productive.
80. Have a productive and safe journey, the prime minister added.
81. It makes sense to focus on the small (but very productive) minority.
82. The most productive crop is Hashish, grown for the western consumer.
83. This helps the person stay active, productive and physically active.
84. Although, I think it would be a productive tool for future sessions.
85. This unnecessary crowd creates hindrances around the productive work.
86. This negative opposition refrains the productive decisions & actions.
87. From that point on, Terry Bullock and I had a very productive dialogue.
88. What’s up with that? The British seem to be more productive as well.
89. So, what is productive fear? Productive fear is that sense of urgency.
90. My conversation with Nana was a little hard, but productive, I thought.
91. The fields did not look very productive and the houses were quite mean.
92. Although most people are more productive in the morning, there are also.
94. Of course these men and women have to be productive under any condition.
95. Their combined goal was to have a sound and highly productive agrarian.
96. In order to be as productive as you can be, you have to remain positive.
97. That could be a very productive farm for the government, Kurt replied.
98. November and December simply because the lag time is not productive.
99. It’s just that I’m more productive when it comes to hands on stuff.
100. It's been a… " he stopped, catching his breath, "a very productive hour.

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