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    1. The guy looked sleepy and a little irritated at our promptness

    2. The two men were surprised by the promptness with

    3. You should see that the purpose of life is to evolve and your actions should reflect that with seriousness and promptness

    4. Another lesson in city politics was the promptness with which various neighborhoods were plowed out after a snowstorm

    5. His promptness stayed awhile as she flipped through the order forms – he’d have to come back within ten days

    6. I guessed his schedule had much to do with his wife’s demand for promptness and his fear he’d have hell to pay if he were late

    7. With an expression halfway between delight at the unexpected pleasure and disdain for lack of promptness, Bobby Dan was standing in front of his desk, obviously awaiting his visitor who was only fashionably late, and stepped forward to vigorously shake the hand of his acquaintance

    8. act with clearness, decision and promptness unless it is trained to do so

    9. It is very important that you do all things by the book with promptness and professionalism

    10. promptness of their love?

    11. With great promptness, the light reappeared and grew stronger; and the refraction of the sun, already low on the horizon, again ringed the edges of various objects with the entire color spectrum

    12. I was about to ask him, boylike, whether he was successful in his mission, when he added, "The only pity is that you didn't let me stay there a bit longer—but you were not to know, so I appreciate your promptness

    13. A premium was put upon promptness in these old days by the managers, who gave to the women arriving first the distinction of dancing in the opening set

    14. For this I waited with patience, and have listened with attention and with pleasure—it has been given with promptness, with ability, and with candor; and with that perspicuity which frees the mind from all doubt as to the course which, in their judgment, we ought to pursue

    15. But, should the arrangement contemplated by the statute, not be made, and should there be room to entertain a suspicion of an existing design in any foreign power to occupy the country in question, you are to keep yourselves on the alert, and on the first undoubted manifestation of the approach of a force for that purpose, you will exercise with promptness and vigor, the powers with which you are invested by the President to preoccupy by force, the Territory, to the entire exclusion of any armament that may be advancing to take possession of it

    16. Lieutenant Elliott deserves much praise for the promptness with which he executed this service; as the sailors had only arrived at Black Rock on the 8th, and he had no particular orders from me, except to have boats built and prepared for cutting out the British vessels, which I knew rendezvoused near Fort Erie

    17. Must I not, then, deplore the feebleness of voice, the want of force, of manner, and promptness of mind and thought, which limit me? But I shall feel compensated if the House will, in heart, join me in regretting that a cause worthy of the first of advocates has fallen into such puny hands

    18. An Independent Newspaper of Democratic Principles, but not Controlled by any Set of Politicians or Manipulators; Devoted to Collecting and Publishing all the News of the Day in the most Interesting Shape and with the greatest possible Promptness, Accuracy and Impartiality; and to the Promotion of Democratic Ideas and Policy in the affairs of Government, Society and Industry

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