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Proscription en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The highest ethical proscription is love all.
  2. Proscription should have no influence on his conduct.
  3. The island was his only shelter from the proscription hanging over his head.
  4. From this proscription of foreign manufactures, the grower of the raw material is irretrievably ruined.
  5. But in our contemporary society, the greatest prohibition is sex and the greatest proscription is conquest.
  6. Had Sotillo done so there would have been massacres and proscription that would have left no man or woman of position alive.
  7. From those fear-triggered tribes arose an ancient religious ethical maxim, which survives unto today in both national and religious traditions, that none of its many divergent adherents, in its many forms of belief, follow: the military proscription on the limits of its retaliation, i.
  8. What singular experience, rule, proscription, singularity could there be for a ubiquitous now, except a universal ethic of love that wills a joyful celebration to all that is, wherever it finds itself in the is that it is becoming? Who would call the blessings of cooperatively and sharefully growing a renewing Eartheart work and not play, call it serfdom and not the fortune of creative being? To pick apples in heaven, who would call themselves migrant labor? This is heaven: celebrating the joy you grow.

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