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    1. He showed that a reasonable level of stress provides challenge and creative stimulus and motivates us to action

    2. "I think it would be reasonable for everybody to loosen up, and spend about 15 to 20 minutes a day laughing," said lead researcher Dr

    3. If we do have a center within a reasonable distance then we should take part in all its programmes and contribute for its proper management

    4. The rooms are pretty reasonable other than that

    5. It was in a bit of a mess though and I got it at a very reasonable price

    6. At first I was kinda circumspect, yet I found out soon that Denia is a quiet and reasonable woman

    7. By the time the duty clock said the sabbath was over, Bahkmar had proven to himself beyond all reasonable doubt that there were no real female souls on the ship

    8. steps which should be taken by such congregations to see that a scriptural eldership is in place within a reasonable time frame

    9. Once the now customary tears have passed, I ring Brenda and ask if it would be all right for me to have a few days off – she agrees that this is reasonable and promises to make sure that someone is on call just in case there is a problem

    10. There was a party that night, as he remembered, and no reasonable way they could be excluded

    11. Scales: It denotes that you are an honest and reasonable person, which will help you earn money and a good reputation

    12. ‘And that is perfectly reasonable under the circumstances

    13. As a result, I’ve managed to save a reasonable amount over the years, but the important factor is that what I earn is mine so we can certainly look to renting something decent until we find something we want to buy

    14. As Gary frequently has to bully me into taking any leave at all, this is a perfectly reasonable question

    15. I can see from my reflection in the mirror, that I manage a very reasonable impression of amused surprise … I’m impressed …

    16. Glaring at me for being reasonable and denying her the chance of a decent row, Katie stomps off

    17. start and if there was a reasonable excuse to miss

    18. If the P is Philip Stevenson, which is a reasonable assumption, then it could be extrapolated that Margaret's visit to the clinic was not successful

    19. 'It seems pretty reasonable

    20. I can pad that out to make it a reasonable length, then there’s the Italian years, a section on her life when she came back to look after her parents, the conversion of the house and setting up of the Foundation and the last section would be the last thirty years … I could even do a concluding section about the impact Danvers House has had on various women since it was set up

    21. He sells quality gear at a reasonable price

    22. Well, they were working by torchlight, so it was reasonable

    23. “That is a reasonable suggestion,” answered the guest; he stood up and stretched again before asking, “How may I help with supper?”

    24. “Again, a reasonable suggestion

    25. Not surprising considering what Ozzie put her through – but she’d married him after all, it was reasonable to assume she knew what she was doing at the time

    26. It might be reasonable, but all the same he felt a pang of regret, perhaps he should have asked if she wanted to escape with him, but she might have told Ozzie and then he’d never have got away

    27. The torch gave good light and he made reasonable time for about half an hour, striding across the rough grass and moss, skirting any reeds he came across

    28. There will have to be an inquest, obviously, but the Coroner is a reasonable man and we shall not hold matters up – it is a clear case of accidental death

    29. One can only write a small fraction of what was actually said, even if they could remember every word and write fast enough to get it all down in a reasonable time, the cost of the paper would be prohibitive

    30. Twenty decades later, that bottle had never been re-used, all others had come back into circulation in a reasonable time

    31. I was lucky enough to be at a very good school in Brighton for my O’ levels and achieved quite reasonable grades which enabled me to get a place for my A’ levels in the sixth form

    32. She was willing to believe almost anything at this point, at least anything that was reasonable

    33. Those young people not adhering to the statutes herein set forth shall be assigned employment at reasonable rates of hire at the discretion of this Council

    34. Henri nodded, relieved that she was being reasonable

    35. life? It was a reasonable assumption (knowing the

    36. Darwin seems to be having reasonable weather and the veterinary clinic has been busy so her job is not in jeopardy as it was the last time we talked

    37. logical, but he was in no mood to be reasonable

    38. It was reasonable to assume it was the size of the room above in at least one of its dimensions

    39. This is a matter of fact which cannot now admit of any reasonable doubt ; and the proof of it is, if possible, still more decisive with regard to Scotland than with regard to England

    40. Double interest is in Great Britain reckoned what the merchants call a good, moderate, reasonable profit; terms which, I apprehend, mean no more than a common and usual profit

    41. it may be reasonable that one half of it should go to interest, wherever business is carried on with borrowed money

    42. It is reasonable, therefore,

    43. This great apparent profit, however, is frequently no more than the reasonable wages of

    44. “I can refuse you nothing,” replied he, “that is just and reasonable

    45. colleges, in which education is carried on, was more reasonable than it is at present through

    46. The rent of land, it may be thought, is frequently no more than a reasonable profit or interest for the stock laid out by the landlord upon its

    47. This superiority, however, will seldom be found to amount to more than a reasonable interest or compensation for this superior expense

    48. been reckoned a very moderate price of wheat, since it required a particular statute to oblige servants to accept of it in exchange for their usual livery of provisions ; and it had been reckoned a reasonable price ten years before that, or in the 16th year of the king, the term to which the statute refers

    49. ’ It was all quite reasonable of course, but a

    50. From about the middle of the fourteenth to the beginning of the sixteenth century, what was reckoned the reasonable and moderate, that is, the ordinary or average price of wheat, seems to have sunk gradually to about one half of this price; so as at last to have fallen to about two ounces of silver, Tower weight, equal to about ten shillings of our present money

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    fair fairish reasonable sane sensible tolerable equitable right wise rational impartial sound intelligent sober conscious thoughtful percipient