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Restitution en una oración (en ingles)

The time of restitution of all things Acts 3:21.
Could he ever make restitution for such a crime?
I complete the restitution by announcing my true name.
She had not paid the restitution for about six months.
The restitution coefficient k can be determined in several ways.
The restitution stage is complete when the two bodies separate.
Bournisien defended it; he enlarged on the acts of restitution that it brought about.

Following immediately after that is the restitution stage when an irreversible process starts.
However, we proposed it because it is the best way to make restitution for what we’ve done.
I was once a practicing Catholic I used to say as was he, while making little restitution for.
Where public officials have violated criminal laws, victims should receive restitution from the State.
The Divine Nature is declared to be the grand argument for the final restitution of all lapsed creatures.
But Jones, here, was authorized to transport the third packet, one containing coins, to me for immediate restitution.
The plain meaning of the terms carries with it such an extermination of the wicked as leaves no room for a restitution.
The idea of political honour, justice, and honesty for him consists in the restitution of the confiscated Church property.
My way to make restitution is to override as many people’s ear plugs, rosy lenses and blurred looking glasses as I’m able.
His sacrifice (restitution) seems to have been for the sin of artifice, contributing to his brother’s loss of his birthright.
Canon Henry Constable, "Hades: or the Intermediate State of Man Restitution of All Things" "The Duration and Nature of Future.
She had an outstanding warrant for failure to pay restitution charges for a DWI, which had occurred three years before when she.
Where this is not possible, you could make restitution in some indirect way, maybe by doing some good to people other than the victim.
Canon Henry Constable, "Hades: or the Intermediate State of Man Restitution of All Things" "The Duration and Nature of Future Punishment".
How shall this be reconciled with the speculation of universal restitution? The answer was not long delayed in the fertile mind of Origen.
Canon Henry Constable, "Hades: or the Intermediate State of Man Restitution of Al Things" "The Duration and Nature of Future Punishment".
The reader knows, that by "washing the sewer" we mean: the restitution of the filth to the earth; the return to the soil of dung and of manure to the fields.
But what the French have deposed is come to their handes (being little more than halfe of the said somme) is yeilded unto and restitution to be made for noe more.
Client agrees to make financial restitution to Suppliers for their time wasted trying to use drop-down boxes with no content, currency boxes formatted for a date, etc.
Of course he knows that not he but those who robbed him of the land are thieves, and that to get any restitution of what has been robbed is his duty towards his family.
He believed at that moment that he had a grave duty to perform: the restitution of the six hundred thousand francs to some one whom he sought with all possible discretion.
Soe that according to that rule it had byn but reason the English should have made restitution for noe more then what they proved came to their handes of the Frenchmens goodes.
When they are both bound to justice, perpetrators and those they offend against should be able to work out a just restitution between them, perhaps with atonement, but perhaps with forgiveness.
It was only for this reason that, without paying any attention to the consequences which might arise from his demand, he handed in the petition requesting the restitution of his imaginary right.
Any portion of your inherited wealth which turns out to have been derived through fraud or unfairness, you may disburse in accordance with your convictions of justice, generosity, and restitution.
The task we have here knowing the masses of the two bodies, their speeds before the collision and the coefficient of restitution is to determine the speeds after the collision and the impact impulse.
In their minds, the suspects had committed a crime and they should be held accountable, which to the victims almost always meant prison time or restitution of some sort, but that just wasn’t possible.
In the end, it was decided that there was little else to be done about it, since all the guilty were dead, though Rellin did offer sincere apology and any restitution we might ask for her family’s crimes.
It is, however, well known that France made the cession to Great Britain at the instance, and for the benefit of Spain, to enable her, with the cession of Florida, now called East Florida, to obtain a restitution of Cuba.
And he remembered all whom he had injured, and desired to make them restitution ; he began to give away money without stint, so that his wife and the archimandrite even had to restrain him ; " for that is enough," they said.
I missed the professor’s reasons why America entered the war, all the battles, Brazil’s nuclear bluff to end the war, the way we manipulated America at the negotiating table and got restitution payments and food shipments.
Bulstrode had to-night followed the order of his emotions; he entertained no doubt that the opportunity for restitution had come, and he had an overpowering impulse towards the penitential expression by which he was deprecating chastisement.
It had been bad enough for his figment to pervade it, upsetting her nerves almost into fits, but what was a figment compared to an actual body? The decent impulse she had had of restitution, of wholesale giving back, went curdled within her.

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