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    1. I went on to revalue everything, even at school

    2. In the case of the second entry illustration, a lot more time lapse is allowed for the spacecraft to revalue

    3. These are the people who read the City pages of the newspapers and keep up to date with the economic trends; they revalue their investments reasonably regularly and then decide what the best course might be

    4. These are the write-offs that companies make when they revalue assets, such as inventory, equipment, or other investments they have made, or make provisions for layoffs, plant closings, and the like

    5. In other words, the goal is for our longs and shorts to move relatively in sync with each other while we wait for fundamental catalysts to revalue our longs upward and our shorts downward

    1. It must be revalued, at the highest values possible

    2. He hadn’t once ceased looking at Daisy and I think he revalued everything in his house according to the measure of response it drew from her well-loved eyes

    3. While writing this revision we tested the results of the DJIA-low-multiplier method applied to a group assumed to be bought at the end of 1968 and revalued on June 30, 1971

    4. In all cases a 30-stock portfolio was assumed to have been acquired at the 1968 closing prices and then revalued at June 30, 1971

    5. dollar, guess how that will happen? It will be revalued

    1. market then ends up revaluing any leverage state based on this ratio

    2. Revaluing Π to Π2 will bring about a new contact point where Π meets r forming another relation in Π2Time is the changes in relation where Π contacts a different r not withstanding the many r points there may form because every r constitutes a different value to the universe through other ratios and relevancies brought about by heat and light

    3. reserves: the non-distributed profits of a company, plus profits from revaluing assets, plus any share premium; this is not money in the bank but is used in the business, though it remains part of the shareholders’ funds

    4. In many cases, however, we find that companies revaluing their fixed assets fail to observe one or the other of these conditions

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