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Riptide en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I waded toward Riptide and grabbed it by the hilt.
  2. The bronze blade of Riptide elongated in my hand.
  3. I ran up to its big toe and stabbed it with Riptide.
  4. Without thinking about it, I took Riptide out of my pocket.
  5. I uncapped Riptide and slashed off the top of the water fountain.
  6. I couldn't speak, but I brought out Riptide and put the pen in her hand.
  7. Riptide was now a shining bronze blade in my hands, and as the Chimera turned, I slashed at its neck.
  8. I changed direction, lunged to the side, and stabbed Riptide straight down into the water, sending the point through the god’s heel.
  9. Another savage broadside screamed across the water, trailing the red streaks of burning fuses, and HMS Riptide shuddered in agony as the exploding shells savaged her.
  10. With the three stallions tied to leads, Poseidon led her and Riptide, Seaquake, and Crest across the golden-paved plaza, passing the center fountain, to the other building separate from the palace.
  11. Saint Ahndru was a fifty-four, marginally more heavily gunned than Tide, but Captain Sir Lywys Audhaimyr’s fifty-six-gunned Riptide was the most powerful unit of the escort and Captain Ohkamohto had her positioned up to windward.
  12. I commend also Captain Audhaimyr and the men and officers of Riptide, who most gallantly attempted to bring their ship into action while actually under fire at very close range and abandoned their effort and their vessel only when she had taken fire and was heavily aflame.

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