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    1. When I last had word from a mutual acquaintance of ours as to the current rates of tuition, books, uniforms, room and board, and travel for an English education

    2. This, in exchange for room and board in the apartments which were intended for Mrs

    3. She was temporarily given room and board at the Great Tahoe Inn until a permanent situation might be found for her

    4. “Oh, well, then maybe you should start paying a little room and board around here, and maybe you could start helping out with some of the groceries…”

    5. I paid Christie’s mom, the late Cherine Cichi, $30 room and board per week for Mike, but never knew that Christie was pregnant

    6. room and board charges, ancillary (testing) charges and increases in costs/stay

    7. Ending up with fifty-four thousand in his money market account—two thou of which had gone to his checking here in West Baker—he could easily live for two or three years on that money alone, so long as Biscoe didn't raise his room and board

    8. Where was this leading? "I pay by the month—room and board

    9. St Jude hospital had funds to pay his trip and provide room and board together with the other volunteers

    10. “Would you be interested in becoming hostesses for a tour operating travel agency, I´m embarking with them on a cruise liner for adults headed for Acapulco,” said Shazaiah, “the job pays moderately, and room and board is free

    11. Anyplace that gave us room and board


    13. � Here is the room and board amount for until New Year

    14. The most important item was that the contestants would be provided room and board at the hotel across the street from the studio

    15. “It has the space and water resources, but for those who go, it would mean indentured servitude, hard labor in exchange for room and board with three square meals a day,” Vivian remarked

    16. My wages would be $32,000 per annum, from which my monthly room and board of $2,000 would be deducted

    17. Glad for the chance to stay in one location all winter Rombalski had been amenable to Olin's offer by letter of free room and board and three dollars per month

    18. That is like putting criminals into hotels with free room and board

    19. A vacation hotel? Being taken care of by the state? Free room and board? If you want to ostracize them, then find an island, and make them build their own prisons… oops: this will give them freedom to do as they wish: and then where is the social stigma of confinement? And if they create their own culture which is healthier and better than the society, they are excluded from? Then the stigma of being a criminal becomes something to be proud of, not ashamed of: like it happened in Australia

    20. Of course he still got free room and board and

    21. By taking advantage of room and board you can give yourself more of a chance to focus on getting accustomed to the campus and community

    22. He met the old farmer and offered himself as a laborer in exchange for room and board

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