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    1. But separation by miles does not necessarily mean emotional separation

    2. This was close enough to what she and Morg promised each other wasn't it? If we meet again after this separation, they would give each other fully

    3. We promised each other that when that separation was over, we would be together

    4. That separation is over

    5. He had to notice it, he was genuinely worried about it, but separation got it done, got Alfred his own vessel and got all the annoying souls away at ever-increasing speed toward a destination twelve billion miles out of his hair

    6. "Separation is two days away now

    7. "'Analysis of the data was delayed until priorities involving separation were completed

    8. I could feel my heart sinking at the bitterness of final separation, but there was nothing else I could do

    9. Whether we leave the mortal on the surface is a separate issue that can be discussed after the separation

    10. And now Ava had to deal with the separation

    11. There was a period of time when her whole self was cut off from both sides of the separation

    12. individual a separation from something within himself that he

    13. for another separation from their only available parent

    14. This Bride is a perfect reflection of the Divine, in that she is no longer a depiction of separation or enmity, but of unity

    15. Just as Jesus was resurrected and thus given a name above every name – including the name of the Father – we are resurrected and brought into unity in such a way with God and man, flesh and Spirit, Israel and Church, man and woman, black and white, cross-national, and any other distinction or separation that God then exults us as He exulted Christ

    16. To the rest of the creation, there is no separation between God and we

    17. If they were that close, Thom would have mentioned that Ava had initiated separation proceedings

    18. "About a week and a half before I told him I was putting in for these separation papers

    19. With them and all the other attention we were attracting, I couldn't see you until the separation came thru without a lot of hacking to keep them off of us

    20. They had just been granted the separation today and the lawyers had cases already

    21. "You do know that she's got her separation?" Kelvin asked

    22. Too bad it took a separation and orders from the captain to bring it about

    23. Before the separation she would have refused this experiment just to piss him off, now she was forcing it on him

    24. She's applied for separation and divorce

    25. “Why haven’t we set a separation hearing long before this?” Ava asked

    26. “Set the hearing on her separation from Thom to Monday morning

    27. He wondered how Ava would enjoy her new found freedom on this first important social occasion since the separation was official and all accounts settled

    28. “The separation only became official three days ago,” she said, “But I’ve moved out of the villa so I guess it is functionally complete

    29. support Separation of Cult and State

    30. The Application for Separation with Theology had taught her that

    31. We need that physical separation for a time

    32. Their separation is legal

    33. She intended that the separation would cause him as little distress as was possible under those conditions

    34. Harry did not feel the separation as keenly

    35. Sounds very educational to me, however, that aside, it could be good for Abi, reducing the sense of separation from her parents

    36. The resultant stretch and rumple brought FA and LA into contact with the those other lonely forces so that through the progress of a now diatonic ascension and descension of any octave, having its existence among other octaves of similar nature, the forces could at last realize the imperative of their separation, i

    37. Separation of Church

    38. She detected a sense of sorrow in his voice, so refrained from questioning about the separation

    39. " Who was she trying to convince, them? They could see it from the outside, and even if she couldn't, they could see a separation occurring, but the battle did manage to change the subject

    40. " She couldn't wrap it about herself without his help—so he helped, wrapping her left arm tightly against her body, in hopes of assisting the separation in the shoulder

    41. They were saying things like ‘let me have a little more separation of the hammer-chord’ and ‘don’t put any plazmoid on the mic, I’ve been drinking too much for this voice as it is’

    42. How was she to admit that her own husband hadn't touched her in over six months? She knew the separation had been a trying one, but when he moved down, it was as if he left some of the better parts in Salt Lake, mainly his love for her

    43. It was a bit over five years from the separation when she learned the terrible news

    44. In these dark nights of the soul (times of separation), the lover of our soul is making war against our enemies and bringing freedom

    45. " Then she began telling the sad story of his sickness and death and their separation

    46. Since the separation I haven't felt it at all

    47. She hoped there was a chance this separation would cleanse the ship once more, and leave the entity back there at the moon

    48. There was no separation now as all was One

    49. His once blissful union based on the young couple’s high expectations of everlasting love had degenerated into an impersonal routine of convenience since it was easier for him and his wife to continue on their downward trajectory rather than go through a traumatic and painful process of separation

    50. The separation between

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