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    1. “It’s showtime,” said Patrick

    2. Assault At West Point was made into a Showtime movie and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Petticoat Affair, a true story of a woman way ahead of her time

    3. “OK, sweetheart…” he said, studying Juanita’s eyes as he clipped on his fake D’Netics ID badge, “…it’s showtime

    4. Showtime At The Theater

    5. Showtime At The Arena

    6. I motioned to Thomas, as I call him now, and said, “Its showtime again

    7. “It’s showtime!” I said in adrenalined eagerness for the action to begin

    8. , after the formal dinner, it was showtime

    9. There was no sign of Bob by showtime, and he still hadn’t appeared by the time we came offstage

    10. “Showtime is nine p

    11. I’ve still got a few minutes before showtime to recollect myself, pull together whatever my message is going to be to you this morning, New York, when suddenly: a crash from the john

    12. “So which is it? Should she be memorizing my showtime or totally relying on us?” asked Lydia

    13. IT WAS DEFINITELY SHOWTIME! A Federal Express courier had arrived at the FBI offices just before ten-thirty on the morning of the twenty-sixth of December

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    beginning commencement first get-go kickoff offset outset showtime start starting time