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    1. Ackers shuffled over to the computer on his desk and powered it down also

    2. By edging my way along the mattress I could position myself opposite where I thought the bucket should be and then I shuffled forward onto the rough concrete floor

    3. Once again they shuffled in their seats, but did not say anything

    4. Over the next two weeks we shuffled and slept and dreamed as usual

    5. I shuffled backwards on my arse, scrabbling to put distance between myself and the door, which slammed open just as I had imagined it would

    6. Once he had it in his arms again, he shuffled off without a word and don't think I ever saw him again

    7. With an elaborate display of inconvenience, tutting and huffing and blowing, his mates shuffled about making a song and dance about trying to make a space for him to sit amongst them

    8. When all was finally revealed, The Seraph, as they were called, were a three-piece from the Midlands with a rare talent for creating haunting melodies and harmonies, melodies that played on in Helen’s head every minute of every day until the very second that she finally shuffled off her mortal chains

    9. His hands trembled as he shuffled through the cricket

    10. shuffled off her mortal chains

    1. The big man began to shuffle around the counter and squeeze through the small entrance into the reception area

    2. The members of the group turn and shuffle a little to let us into the circle

    3. Another shuffle forward and I felt the rim of the bucket against my thigh

    4. Aware at first of only my own shuffle and ache, I gradually began to distinguish other movements and routines within the close confines of these bare walls

    5. The angelic don't cough but they do shuffle their feet and that was about the only noise left in this parade ground

    6. "It was never executed, instead the fusion containment bricks were taken down and stacked, then all its mounting framework and hardware, all four tons of it, was removed and stored away in a shuffle of paperwork under the heading 'spare parts' in a warehouse in Gengee

    7. He managed to shuffle and drag himself upright, until, bowed and spindle thin, he finally stood free of the wall

    8. by the creak of the loom and the shuffle of socks

    9. are shod in heavy woollen socks that shuffle

    10. reduced to a faint shuffle of occasional feet; Christmas trees, once the center of

    1. A mirror image of the shuffling footsteps in the morning

    2. running, shuffling and hailing for the missing nine year

    3. They jogged on, their speed had fallen to a shuffling jog, none of them felt brisk by this time

    4. Then my flight was called and I was like a schoolboy on an outing and couldn't wait to join the shuffling queue and be herded onto the compact turbo-prop of nineteen seats

    5. Behind the desperate couple, the house lights went up, but they were so engrossed in their respective miseries that neither of them noticed a shabby little old man shuffling down one of the aisles and taking a front row seat

    6. Spitting venom into the face of kindness, shuffling away, unable to take his eyes off the porthole window to the main mortuary room, Billy had lashed out one more time and spurned this small moment of human kindness

    7. setting down his pen and shuffling the stack of paper in front of him

    8. In her thoughts she throws open the patio doors at her father’s house and takes a slow step around his garden, shuffling past flower pots full of cigarette butts, one more casualty on the mend, a dressing-gowned remnant of the whistling generation

    9. poor woman was shuffling about behind him with a look of

    10. Every now and then he could hear a brief shuffling

    1. where a clock shuffles the day down

    2. he shuffles off, kicking at traces of dew

    3. as she shuffles over stones and yellow

    4. Exhaustion and great hunger forced them to dis-regard the lingering dangers evident in the scampering shadows and shuffles in the gloom

    5. Then Drew shuffles into the dining hall

    6. We get out, and Zeke seizes his mother’s hand to steady her as she shuffles through the snow

    7. What am I doing here? What is happening to me? A heavy timber door creaks open, and a black-robed figure shuffles into the room

    8. shuffles the cards so that they mix well

    9. At the same time, the old man shuffles his feet on the flooring

    10. At the same time, the old man shuffles his feet on the flooring

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