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Shunning en una oración (en ingles)

  1. But for shunning you off all those years.
  2. Shunning behavior includes ignoring, refusing to.
  3. Shunning the gesture, he slid out a chair and sat down.
  4. But what shall follow such dispensability and that shunning?
  5. Maybe because of this, there was some shunning from the other boys.

  6. To illustrate this state of shunning, we give the following example.
  7. Oh, those chicks? I thought they was shunning niggas? She called.
  8. Only the disbelieving and shunning spirit attends its body in the tomb.
  9. But when lovers start shunning gold, investors cozy up to coins and bars.
  10. He was a man of singular habits, shunning company and very seldom going out.
  11. That is, the man himself was that who killed his spirit due to his shunning.
  12. Shunning the door to the wild lands I plunged through the farmstead and ran to.
  13. His shunning was for 'participating in the synthesis and distribution of shonggot.
  14. So, He mentioned to us the results of shunning and the state of being far from God.
  15. Perhaps, if the gods existed at all, they were appeased by his shunning of any lie.

  16. The unbeliever gets a spirit filled with vices and evil due to his shunning Al’lah.
  17. There was still reasonable hope of success, but institutions were still shunning Iomai.
  18. But afterwards, he knew that there existed enmity, the shunning of Al’lah, slyness, and treason.
  19. It inhibits the addressee from keeping on his error and prevents him from persisting in his shunning.
  20. He also refers to the state of the unbeliever, which results from their disbelief and shunning of God.
  21. For this reason, He told us the results of shunning Him and described the state of being far from God.
  22. However, if you insist on shunning Him and keep on in your error, you will be subject to treatment and curing.
  23. Certainly she held an absolute disdain for her classmates at times, and a complete shunning of going to school.
  24. So, the devil is one who is far from Al’lah, and because of his shunning Al’lah, his spirit became corrupted and wicked.
  25. The meaning also includes chiding them with their tongue or shunning them in spirit instead of taking them under their wing.

  26. And when it is said to them, "Come to what God has revealed, and to the Messenger," you see the hypocrites shunning you completely.
  27. Due to his shunning from his Provider, he separated himself from that Godly favor which the Almighty God has prepared for His creatures.
  28. Due to his shunning of his Provider, he has separated himself from the Godly Favor which the Almighty God has prepared for His creatures.
  29. This betrayal begins with thoughts that are inspired by the devil, which strike a spirit which is in the process of shunning its Provider.
  30. As for the unbeliever, as long as he keeps shunning his provider, he will keep indulging himself in lusts and will pass from bad state to worse one.
  31. Therefore, they have got at what they have got at on that difficult day as belief and shunning are the reasons beyond each distress and each unhappiness.
  32. His shunning was by the Kassikan, it wasn't a council decision, so it was not unethical for doostEr to do business with him, but this was reason for caution.
  33. While not shunning people, his years at the university library and the time he spent in post graduate work over in Cornell, had given him a division in life.
  34. Side by side with those shunning unbelievers, you find others that did not believe really in God nor did they recognize their Creator by contemplation and inference.
  35. As for His hand, His eye, and His face, there are strange conceptions about them pictured by the shunning ones, and are completely different from what He means by them.
  36. As the rumors of insanity spread within the staff, Sharp and his wife receded more and more into darkness, shunning those with whom they had formerly been quite open with.
  37. Some problem like a falling out with a fundamentalist church, some idols destroyed, a shunning; and before you know it, there’s another lonely cabin with another lonely story.
  38. Then, in this Fortress He mentioned to us the state of the near believer which results from his nearness to God and that of the unbeliever which comes from his disbelief and shunning.
  39. But if you insist on your shunning and keep on your error, you will be subject to treatment and curing, and what a great distress and an intense pain there are in treatment and curing.
  40. He started by shunning food, by standing in awkward positions for many days, by kneeling in prayer for endless hours; in general he felt happiest when he was discomfitured in some way.
  41. God wanted to acquaint us with the fact that shunning makes one veiled from the truth, while drawing near to God makes one realize the loftiness of what he hears of the verses of his Provider.
  42. Man has been killed: that is he has misled his spirit and lost his life because he has deprived his spirit of the good and happiness and thrown it into suffering and misery due to his shunning from his Provider.
  43. That is, due to your shunning of your Creator, your spirits have lost the light which would illuminate your way, and they have become deprived of the insight which would show them the way that would lead to their happiness.
  44. What is this singular life and living positioning, which can make us live the life in a perpetually joyous state of consciousness, endowed with ‘true utilities’, shunning away all those ‘futilities’, which land us in pain and regret?
  45. So is it for this time, do not be sad or take to heart because of the opposition of your nation and their shunning you, for after this distress undoubtedly, your Provider will fulfill your wish and all worlds will follow you and believe in you.
  46. This tale is exactly the same as what happened with our master Mohammad (cpth), who was patient, despite his people’s shunning of him, until he was given the permission to migrate: As your Provider bade you to leave your home by right….
  47. At first, she would laugh at her own confusion and forgetfulness, but gradually Molly closed her mind upon the world, shunning her friends as her reason betrayed her, even failing to keep those she loved most where she had once located them.
  48. To illustrate the state of this shunning, we give this example: suppose a woman that God created upon wonderful image and beautiful look, but then she was affected by an ill that caused rank pustules to appear in her face, then these pustules suppurated and their smelly pus began to flow.
  49. Following the 2008/2009 stock market crash some investors felt "scarred" by the experience – or their parents' experience, in the case of many younger investors – and are shunning stock market exposure, with allocations far below what their situations and ages suggest they should have.
  50. But unfortunately, despite that great miracle they didn’t appreciate or esteem him, they were neither guided by a logical Divine fact which he had revealed before nor by the present miracle which happened before their eyes, moreover they determined and insisted on their destroying shunning.
  51. In this noble fortress, the Almighty God wants to draw our attention to some universal signs which show man the Might of his Creator and acquaint him with His great Favor and Care about him, so that he may turn from his inattention and recover his consciousness, then he desists from his shunning and adopts the right path.
  52. This done, with that end yet in his hand and standing beside the pin, he looked round upon his crew, sweeping from one to the other; pausing his glance long upon Daggoo, Queequeg, Tashtego; but shunning Fedallah; and then settling his firm relying eye upon the chief mate, said,—Take the rope, sir—I give it into thy hands, Starbuck.
  53. Al-Qamar Fortress talks from its beginning about the denial and the entire shunning from the Almighty God, and it treats the previous nations who were afflicted by the curse, starting with the folk of our Master Noah, passing by those of our Master Hud, those of our Master Saleh, those of our Master Lot until the folk of our Master Moses.
  54. In this case, would it be reasonable for the doctor to leave him writhing in pain from what had settled inside his belly?! Would he not prescribe an influential laxative for him, which would repel these poisons and rid him of this surfeit material?! Similarly, a wicked yearning that has been strengthened inside the spirit because of its shunning of its Maker is indeed the surfeit of the spirit and the disease of the heart.
  55. We have seen that Surah Al-Fajer starts with the universal signs in the first Verses of it in order to acquaint us with our Creator and to enable us to know the consequences of the ancient nations who didn’t contemplate and think about these signs, it also clarifies the reasons behind the human shunning his Creator and avoiding to know Him, however, he only throughout that knowledge can get out of his brute carnal rank and attain the humane rank before the coming of the Day of Judgment.
  56. But since the devil and his offspring had corrupted on the land because of their shunning from Al'lah, therefore the angels addressed their Provider soliloquizing saying: "…Will You place on it those who will corrupt and shed blood…": that is, will this creature do as the jinn have already done and act as the devil and his offspring acted before? "…and we glorify with Your Praise…": we make the spirit of Your creatures glorify Your Favor by what we inspire to them of the acquaintance with Your charity and Your great care that You are praised for.
  57. Try to bring some photos of the ruined monuments which were built by the ancient nations like the pyramids in Egypt which was built by pharaohs or the Petra city which was built by Thamud in the south of Al-Sham lands, those folks who had been indulging in a life of luxury and putting all their ability and thoughts in it shunning the Almighty Al'lah, those who came to this life without fulfilling the purpose of their coming into it, which is to believe in Al'lah then to render good actions, finally the result will be the Paradise with abundant of blessings and happiness in it.
  58. This, then, is held to be the duty of the man of wealth: To set an example of modest, unostentatious living, shunning display or extravagance; to provide moderately for the legitimate wants of those dependent upon him; and, after doing so, to consider all surplus revenues which come to him simply as trust funds, which he is called upon to administer, and strictly bound as a matter of duty to administer in the manner which, in his judgment, is best calculated to produce the most beneficial results for the community-the man of wealth thus becoming the mere trustee and agent for his poorer brethren, bringing to their service his superior wisdom, experience, and ability to administer, doing for them better than_ they would or could do for themselves.
  1. He later became shunned in.
  2. A monster to be shunned, not caressed.
  3. I looked up at him: he shunned my eye.
  4. They had found that they were shunned.
  5. Everybody shunned him as though he were a leper.
  6. When black species were shunned by other animals.
  7. He seemed just as shunned by the other Vulcans as.
  8. SACEP (Shunned by all citizens except the poor) jobs.
  9. Many have found they are shunned once they come out.
  10. I say, anyone guilty of such practices should be shunned.
  11. It's one of the reasons why I shunned my respectable life.
  12. When they found out the source of his problem, he was shunned.
  13. The bible study members shunned Bruce, but they prayed for him.
  14. Poor people who happen to be crazy are shunned and called names.
  15. A blood relative, the only good person she knew, had shunned her.
  16. I now shunned all company in which there was no hopes of coming.
  17. I would be shunned, a refugee hunkered at home with a vicious pet.
  18. Jenny, you are a sweet girl who deserves better than to be shunned.
  19. Even when I was shunned by the entire world, your trust in me didn’t waver.
  20. You would think I would be used to being shunned because of what I was by now.
  21. Your child would be shunned by society, it would be humiliated and made fun of.
  22. At every approach he was shunned and ordered to concentrate on men’s business.
  23. No one wants to be shunned by his or her peers, and as a means of prevention, I.
  24. It is not to be wondered at that he became very unpopular and was shunned (when.
  25. From the beginning of the second century the two groups had shunned each other as.
  26. He shunned flowery language and avoided the mere poetic imagery of a play upon words.
  27. And the first time the woman needed them in her life, she was basically shunned.
  28. Many of them were thieves, shunned by all normal humans, many more were just burn-outs.
  29. At night the people shunned the temple of Hanuman as hares shun the lair of the serpent.
  30. He has shunned his Creator until he has willingly become a devil, mounted by the devils of jinn.
  31. From these origins Sammy's gang evolved and was shunned even by the maturing old boys of the DMS.
  32. John—veneration so strong that its impetus thrust me at once to the point I had so long shunned.
  33. He knew that I would be shunned, never to be accepted into that arrogant clique we call man again.
  34. The younger son enjoyed play but shunned work; the older devoted himself to work but seldom played.
  35. German soldiers going into Belgium were shocked when the locals shunned them as if they were monsters.
  36. He tries to speak with her several more times throughout the summer break and is shunned at each turn.
  37. He exhorted his hearers to strive for originality while they shunned all tendency toward eccentricity.
  38. Both he and Flint had been shunned and tutted at, and now neither of them bothered with relationships.
  39. Heathcliff shunned meeting us at meals; yet he would not consent formally to exclude Hareton and Cathy.
  40. It was apparent that she shunned me for being a small fry and not for any lack of regard for my cousin.
  41. They’re also impossible to buy and are therefore shunned by mutual funds and individual investors alike.
  42. Therefore we both shunned any direct conversation upon such subjects, and each erroneously judged the other.
  43. If there is a bastard child, he is shunned for his entire life simply for something he could not control.
  44. She was ignored as a child then shunned by her girlfriends when she had developed and had become a boy magnet.
  45. She felt sorry for it, as she would for any trapped animal, but shunned the idea of ever wanting it for a pet.
  46. On many of these sites member performance is tracked, comments are rated, and hype and stock touting are shunned.
  47. Then the guys start to think of the times when they had all avoided and shunned away from Missy and the triplets.
  48. They were shunned by their own community for their apparently abhorrent anti-Semitic act, and were now doing time.
  49. Janis was shunned at Thomas Jefferson High School and stated that she was a misfit, but graduated high school in 1960.
  50. After the English aristocrats shunned him: he wooed the French aristocrats and finally gained his ultimate social notoriety.
  51. Since companies grow or shrink, become fashionable or are suddenly shunned, the constituents of the index change continually.
  52. At some point in history the Parthenon become so synonymous with death and destruction that people shunned it like the plague.
  53. In fact, he had all but shunned the renegade operating system when it first appeared on the Unix programming landscape in 1991.
  54. He found a means to traverse the throng and to pass the bivouac of the troops, he shunned the patrols, he avoided the sentinels.
  55. Huss had supplied her with clean clothes, but she shunned them and dressed instead in the worn, stained clothing from the journey.
  56. The remains are given to the poor lower body: and it is called black bread: and shunned and hated as a sign of lower class poverty.
  57. From that day on men have made the sign of the fish every time they have seen me and I have been shunned as much a phantom might be.
  58. In normal times folk shunned the grim temple which rose on the opposite side of that square, but now the town looked like a dead city.
  59. While a skilled and loyal linguist, Jenny was shunned by most of the personnel around the base, something Bill found profoundly unjust.
  60. If they are publicly, and personally, and universally shunned and scorned: then just maybe they might find out that egoism does not pay.
  61. Fellow officers, many of whom had shunned him for years, were approaching him and, as Enrique’s partner, offering him their condolences.
  62. For whatever reason, investors have shunned this asset class in favor of what they think are more prudent investments, such as stocks.
  63. It took to shape of a ghoulish presence and inflicted a disturbing punishment upon a city that shunned her, blamed her, and ultimately killed her.
  64. Much to his parents’ annoyance he had shunned any higher academic training and thrown himself instead into the day-to-day running of the colony.
  65. No, that was just dirt; underneath the grime, it was evident that Fishmael was almost albino in his paleness, having shunned smuglight for so long.
  66. All their faces looked dejected, and they all shunned one another’s eyes- only a de Beausset could fail to grasp the meaning of what was happening.
  67. All their faces looked dejected, and they all shunned one another’s eyes—only a de Beausset could fail to grasp the meaning of what was happening.
  68. I sighed; being shunned by most suitors wasn’t a bothersome thought, but I feared that Marcus would totally ignore me in this unsophisticated outfit.
  69. But they shunned the media like wounded lions, with barely concealed rage, believing that 24/7 news was responsible for most of the UPA’s misfortunes.
  70. After its first blunder-born discovery by a Dutchman, all other ships long shunned those shores as pestiferously barbarous; but the whale-ship touched there.
  71. On the day succeeding Isabella's unexpected visit, I had no opportunity of speaking to my master: he shunned conversation, and was fit for discussing nothing.
  72. On the day succeeding Isabella’s unexpected visit I had no opportunity of speaking to my master: he shunned conversation, and was fit for discussing nothing.
  73. Heathcliff was about the place; and I shunned going out, because I still carried his letter in my pocket, and didn’t want to be threatened or teased any more.
  74. However, to some, those values and sentiments embodied by this civic celebration should be shunned when they do not conform to prevailing liberal sensibilities.
  75. Officers accustomed to command, and unacquainted with want, were in the most grievous plight of all—every one shunned them to avoid rendering them any service.
  76. How would she know, Emma pondered? She enjoyed the comments but shunned all the attention – the more people who crowded about them, the closer she stuck to Jim.
  77. She had been treated kindly in the place before; but when she came back now—ill and shunned and miserable—not one of them all had the slightest sympathy for her.
  78. Many professional currency managers shunned carry strategies too early—and paid the price by losing assets under management before this anti-carry stance paid off.
  79. I have even heard some evangelical ministers and elders criticise the Church of Scotland’s own social outreach, as though it was something to be shunned and avoided.
  80. When an enterprise pursues questionable accounting policies, all its securities must be shunned by the investor, no matter how safe or attractive some of them may appear.
  81. This was the period when business magazines were heralding the advent of the smart consumer who bought generic products and shunned the magic and higher prices of brand names.
  82. Her aunt had told her a little of his background when she’d gone to visit her in hospital - his father’s beatings; his mother’s apparent suicide; how everyone shunned him.
  83. The boy was mortified to such an extent that he left the school within a year, taken out by his mother who shunned the mothers of the boys who had dumped the Dunny Man label on her son.
  84. Yet, even as they praised him, they shunned him, keeping him from the truly interesting, high profile assignments where he might demonstrate to the world the worth of a Mayangna Native American.
  85. The Doctor occupied two floors of a large stiff house, where several callings purported to be pursued by day, but whereof little was audible any day, and which was shunned by all of them at night.
  86. As a result the tax collectors were considered no better than traitors, social outcasts, misfits, shunned by both the clergy and the secular world for their lack of scruples and dishonest dealings.
  87. It was often a matter for speculation between us - giving birth to many fantasies, for Bridey was a mystery; a creature from underground; a hard-snouted, burrowing, hibernating animal who shunned the light.
  88. As I laid her down—for I raised her and supported her on my arm while she drank—I covered her ice-cold and clammy hand with mine: the feeble fingers shrank from my touch—the glazing eyes shunned my gaze.
  89. The source is their wicked actions, and the consequences of their disobedience to God and the injuries that they caused to their fellow creatures in their worldly lives when they shunned Al’lah (Glory to Him).
  90. So what if nobody was about? It was the middle of the afternoon and many people took their siesta round about now; people always shunned the sweltering heat of the midday Smug and dozed in the cool of their shacks.
  91. Of these exploits the leading heroes had been Zuchin and, towards the end of the term, Semenoff, but the latter had come to be generally shunned, and to cause disturbances on the rare occasions when he attended a lecture.
  92. But since their spirits failed to become righteous, this made him feel depressed by the devils of humankind who had shunned righteousness, so that their spirits were filled with evil, just like those mentioned in the noble verse.
  93. Jacob hugged his mother, Mother, I could never hate you what would ever make you think that? You made me mad when you won’t accept Isabella just because she grew up in an orphanage doesn’t mean she was shunned from her family.
  94. A party of them pretended that they were followers of our master Moses (pth), but in fact they drifted far from Al’lah and shunned the path of righteousness and guidance, as they did not believe in God’s Envoy, the Messiah (pth).
  95. Cold-shouldered by the new regime, an elected government and ignored by the legal fraternity, shunned by business people, and almost physically tossed out of the select Corinth Club, he had been forced to live on his wife's resources.
  96. The same most respectable and well-informed authors acquaint us, that when any person undertakes to work a new mine in Peru, he is universally looked upon as a man destined to bankruptcy and ruin, and is upon that account shunned and avoided by every body.
  97. Cousin Jerry had been shunned by the rest of the family for his politics when Stalin signed the pact with Hitler in August of 1939, and as far as Colling knew, his mother had been the only one of his relatives who had maintained any sort of contact with him.
  98. Now they had left all charted coasts behind and were plunging further and further into that unknown billowy waste ordinarily shunned by seafarers, and into which, since the beginnings of Time, ships had ventured, only to vanish from the sight of man for ever.
  99. Quite in contrast, the Versailles Club seemed to cater more to the nouveau riche rather than the old money and was frequently shunned by the more sophisticated Dunes Club, which did not consider its competitor in the private country club market as a threat.
  100. Was it egotistical to think that, was it not for her, he would have remained in his isolation, perhaps for life? Because, unlike the world, which for his scars shunned him, she alone got past all of that to encounter within a vibrant, yet gentle and honorable man.
  1. Appropriately, Buffett shuns what he calls.
  2. Prayerful worship shuns evil and forbids sin.
  3. The ‘I am’ that pursues the pleasant and shuns.
  4. She ignores my advice, my wisdom, and shuns my care.
  5. The majority of the tribe shuns it, not trusting its magic.
  6. Then it never approaches an assembly of righteous men but shuns them.
  7. On the contrary, when he opposes and shuns away from God, he will be evil and become low-grade.
  8. First of all, O’Neil shuns reacting to news and other noise, including unusual intraday price swings.
  9. It naturally courts the employment which in ordinary cases is most advantageous, and shuns that which in ordinary cases is least advantageous to that country.
  10. Whereas that who shuns away from Al’lah and corrupts his spirit by immersing it in lechery, the misery will be his fate and he will incur nothing other than smarts and failure.
  11. After showing us His Grandeur and Might and acquainting us with His Kindness and Tenderness, the Almighty moved wonder at the state of the reluctant man who shuns away his Clement and Sympathetic Creator.
  12. People tend to suffer greater pain from losing a given amount of money than they experience pleasure from gaining the same amount, so the typical investor is a pain avoider who shuns stocks when there's any hint of trouble.
  13. He shuns the light, he fights against it, rages against it and dedicates his life to extinguishing it; yet in all this fury, beneath the grime of his iniquity, he himself becomes an albino – as white as snow, as white as starlight.
  14. After all, the vanity of man makes him believe that if a woman shuns him, she would snub others as well, but, should man suspect that a woman is carrying on with someone, he would imagine that she could be an easy lay for him as well.
  15. Plots in fiction should be wedded to the understanding of the reader, and be constructed in such a way that, reconciling impossibilities, smoothing over difficulties, keeping the mind on the alert, they may surprise, interest, divert, and entertain, so that wonder and delight joined may keep pace one with the other; all which he will fail to effect who shuns verisimilitude and truth to nature, wherein lies the perfection of writing.
  16. The mercantile stock of every country naturally courts in this manner the near, and shuns the distant employment : naturally courts the employment in which the returns are frequent, and shuns that in which they are distant and slow; naturally courts the employment in which it can maintain the greatest quantity of productive labour in the country to which it belongs, or in which its owner resides, and shuns that in which it can maintain there the smallest quantity.

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1. The black people shun it.
2. This love nobody could shun.
3. Shun what belongs to others.
4. Why should he shun it?
5. Distractions in the world to shun.
6. Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun.
7. For someone who used to shun the.
8. The sun may shun the stars to night.
9. Save those that shun and disbelieve.
10. He tries to shun his bad thoughts about.
11. I don't go into that mystery and I shun it.
12. When we see men so distrustful, we shun them.
13. Then they shun the company of lively and warm.
14. There is no need to shun; many of you are doing this now.
15. Such a man would have only to shun what was expected of him.
16. His eyes shun revengefully, his look determined more than ever.
17. Skyles turned away quickly, as if to shun a pedestrian instinct.
18. He who knows not, knows not that he knows not, is a fool, shun him.
19. What will the mother’s reaction be? Will she shun her daughter, will she.
20. He's encouraged the youth of America to shun television and return to their.
21. Boy, shun a lie, that's one thing; even with a good object—that's another.
22. Helez would certainly frown upon this new turn of events and shun him for life.
23. Every man's interest would prompt him to seek the advantageous, and to shun the.
24. However mean your life is, meet it and live it; do not shun it and call it hard names.
25. Is that why you're also one of those who shun the imprisoned, sick, and dying?
26. But you don’t have much misery to shun here, do you? I saw your Master on the road.
27. At night the people shunned the temple of Hanuman as hares shun the lair of the serpent.
28. The Almighty censured those who shun Him for their conduct and deprecated their behaviors.
29. Then as a grown man who should shun rash choler, he slew his wife Megara and their children.
30. Why did the beggars shun them? He turned back into the chamber, shut the door and bolted it.
31. For this generation it is best that we live these truths while we shun the making of records.
32. The boy seemed to shun any form of contact and now he was refusing to come out to the street.
33. We would rock ourselves to sleep on bedrock, gladly eat dry bread, shun money as if it were venomous.
34. That badgers there didn't shun each other just because one happened to be a Healer, or a Teller of The Way.
35. In an attempt to shun away embarrassing questions, devotees usually replaces the word ignorance by mystery.
36. In this verse, the apostle Paul is telling us to basically shun our brothers who are operating in this sin.
37. When you think about that, it helps to explain why Miller sometimes owns stocks that other value investors shun.
38. Hugo wasn’t the only one who was hungry, so we went to Shun Lee West, our favorite restaurant in the neighborhood.
39. A good day for strolling on their way along the groves and glades of Ithilien; but though Orcs may shun the sunlight.
40. So you shun me?—you shut yourself up and grieve alone! I would rather you had come and upbraided me with vehemence.
41. Thinking about it now, it may be that we shun that gift of the unconditional because we no longer find it in ourselves.
42. God wanted to tell us that nothing will satisfy the gluttony of such a man who has shun his Provider and sank in this life.
43. Conversely, investors should shun those industrial stocks that fall into the bottom quintile of composited Value Factor Two.
44. Would that not be a good thing to know for the rest of our lives so we can shun it and move to more substantial grounds?
45. He had withdrawn from society and shut himself up, till he was ready to shun, not merely his landlady, but every human face.
46. Never shun the fellowship of the latter, however, as Wisdom is often numbered among those considered unexceptional and common.
47. Their sides shun their beds, as they pray to their Lord, out of reverence and hope; and from Our provisions to them, they give.
48. The people don't know what they want, because they've been taught to be ordered what to desire, who to shun, and when to salute.
49. No; far from wishing to learn whither he has betaken himself, I should shun the possibility of meeting him as I would a wild beast.
50. Why, then, will gentlemen persist in that course where danger is almost unavoidable, and shun that where safety is almost certain?
51. As he did at home and at school, Christian tended to go off on his own; to keep his own company and to shun the friendship of others.
52. In the Contest of Idiots, shun the ones that wrap themselves in either the flag or retreat into religion to cover their shortcomings.
53. Yet without power to kill, or change, or shun the fact; he likewise knew that to mankind he did long dissemble; in some sort, did still.
54. All of these are but extortionate ways of making money and having control over spirits that shun God and are unmindful of remembering Him.
55. But even on the pier at the bathing hour she seemed to shun him, or noticed him only with jeers and gibes at what she called his laziness.
56. You have as good as said that I am a married man—as a married man you will shun me, keep out of my way: just now you have refused to kiss.
57. If you shun away from Al'lah without appreciating Him, you will fall in loving for this lower life and become arrogant (of high position) in it.
58. What are the things that absorb human thought causing him to shun God’s path, consequently they lead him to distress, degeneration and lowness?
59. P’s coffers, he advocated drink all over; prompting the IT tycoons and the corporate honchos to shun his dry land at the time of our early reform.
60. Decline: To leave the path of truth or justice, or the course given, and then to move away; to avoid or shun; to refuse; not to comply with something.
61. It was hard to imagine that someone with whom I was so friendly could shun me because of this, but that’s the ugly truth about the way we have to live.
62. It was most probable that it was because I had laid over the clamps of those doors garlic, which the UnDead cannot bear, and other things which they shun.
63. They wrap themselves in the robes of their own hypocrisy and shun the outer world as being corrupt… when it is they who are more corrupt than the outer world.
64. If the evil-doing of men moves you to indignation and overwhelming distress, even to a desire for vengeance on the evil-doers, shun above all things that feeling.
65. They have shun the Compassionate, the Compassioner therefore they became hardhearted and committed wrong actions that are contrary to the purpose they were created for.
66. Consequently, the targeted spirit will shun them and draw far from them, having been filled with vices to such an extent that ejecting them from their spirit is inevitable.
67. Well, said Christian, this is fearful! God help me to watch and be sober, and to pray that I may shun the cause of this man's misery! Sir, is it not time for me to go on my way now?
68. As with the other sectors, health-care investors should shun stocks that fall into the bottom quintile of any of the composited value factors, as they rarely beat the sector’s return.
69. Investors should shun any energy company that falls in the bottom quintile of any of the composited value factors—these stocks do very poorly and almost never beat the overall sector.
70. A thousand smiths' hammers are beating in my head! Tell Isabella to shun me; this uproar is owing to her; and should she or any one else aggravate my anger at present, I shall get wild.
71. It is their wicked actions and the outcomes of their disobedience of God and their injury towards the creatures which they committed in the worldly life when they shun Al’lah (glory to Him).
72. He continued by saying that he knew that everything in his life was not always pleasing to others, but always tried living a fair and decent life, one that the family didn’t have to shun from.
73. For starters, I decided to shun the advice of the maitre’d (because I’m hard like that) of going for the salmon, instead opting for the scallops, served with onion bhaji and pickled vegetables.
74. The following may sound a touch bizarre to you but I became enamoured with him yet could not understand why he would shun my awkward advances until the day that I met or encountered some human children.
75. Instead of wishing to shun, I longed only to dare—to divine it; and I thought Miss Ingram happy, because one day she might look into the abyss at her leisure, explore its secrets and analyse their nature.
76. When Laplante arrived in Colditz at the end of June in a wheelchair and covered with hideous wounds, Robertson took less than a day to declare her a collaborator and to order the other prisoners to shun her.
77. Tell me, my lady Petra, if you were given the choice to shun the captivity of walls and ceilings and roam the earth, unburdened by possessions as the spirits direct, would you choose to stay at home?
78. The infants and youth of today are so poisoned by these unseen undead scum: their minds have become so poisoned, their bodies so warped and twisted: that they shun the outdoors, and spend their growing years inside.
79. But he was too timid in giving satisfactory reasons for his wish that she should shun connection with the household of the Heights, and Catherine liked good reasons for every restraint that harassed her petted will.
80. At the age of thirteen he became interested in God, His love and the interconnectedness of all things, which instilled him the irresistible urge to shun all the niceties of life and take up the mantle of an ascetic.
81. In MoneyBall, by the wonderful finance writer Michael Lewis, we learn that some Major League Baseball teams shun drafting high school athletes because this playing data is too limited to make an investment in a player.
82. Every good young man considers it disgraceful not to help an old man, a child, or a woman; he thinks, in a general way, that it is a shame to subject the life or health of another person to danger, or to shun it himself.
83. Woe upon all who shun justice, spurn mercy, and reject truth! Woe upon all those who despise the revelation of the Father while they seek the chief seats in the synagogue and crave flattering salutations in the market places!.
84. In this case, such a person has but to break with this other person who is far from God, and then thank God for His protection and His rescue, and seek refuge in Him from the state of people who are far from Him and who shun Him;.
85. A party of them pretended that they were followers of our master Moses (pth), but in fact they drew far from Al’lah and shun from the path of right and guidance so they did not believe in God’s Messenger (Envoy) Al-Messiah (pth).
86. Near the basin there was a bourgeois forty years of age, with a prominent stomach, who was holding by the hand a little urchin of five, and saying to him: Shun excess, my son, keep at an equal distance from despotism and from anarchy.
87. The magicians think that they are only doing whatever they want; in fact, however, their spirits have become filled with wickedness and shun their Creator when accompanied by the devil (with whom they are intimate), and help the devil to fulfill his aims.
88. Three silent groups of civilians in severe black waited in the main gallery, formal and helpless, a little huddled up, each keeping apart from the others, as if in the exercise of a public duty they had been overcome by a desire to shun the notice of every eye.
89. He had a strong idea that the coffin he had seen was running after him; and, pictured as hopping on behind him, bolt upright, upon its narrow end, always on the point of overtaking him and hopping on at his side--perhaps taking his arm--it was a pursuer to shun.
90. On the heels of the 2007–2009 bear market, we’ve also now learned what might be described as the opposite lesson—horrible bear markets lead many investors to shun the equity markets entirely, and history suggests that they too will go on to see disappointing returns.
91. On the contrary, by granting life to those papers, let the cruelty of Marcela live for ever, to serve as a warning in ages to come to all men to shun and avoid falling into like danger; or I and all of us who have come here know already the story of this your love-stricken and.
92. For although she does not avoid or shun the society and conversation of the shepherds, and treats them courteously and kindly, should any one of them come to declare his intention to her, though it be one as proper and holy as that of matrimony, she flings him from her like a catapult.
93. If you draw near to your Provider and recognize Him, you will obtain everlasting happiness and perpetual life, but if you shun Him you will lose your spirit and the donation your Provider has prepared for you in the Gardens of Paradise; you will become one of the lowest of the low creatures.
94. After all that, how unfair of me to even to entertain such a thought? Why, didn’t she shun Prasad, that too when she was indifferent to me? By that, hadn’t she showed her character, once and for all? But now, she says that she loves me even! And don’t I know that she’s not making it up.
95. So, if you draw near to your Provider and recognize Him you will obtain the everlasting happiness and the perpetual life, but if you shun Him, you will lose your spirit and the donation your Provider has prepared for you in the Gardens of Paradise and become one of the lowest of the low creatures.
96. They both were eating earthly food…" Is he possible to be a god, he who needs food? May the god be needy and powerless? How can he, then, feed the others? "…see how We make plain to them Our revelations": is this proof not enough against them? "…then see how they ignore the truth": how they shun the truth.
97. True; and she may be to us both caution and example; caution, that we should shun her sin; or a sign of what judgment will overtake such as shall not be prevented by this caution; so Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, with the two hundred and fifty men that perished in their sin, did also become a sign or example to others to beware.
98. That personage, and that young girl, although they appeared,—and perhaps because they appeared,—to shun all glances, had, naturally, caused some attention on the part of the five or six students who strolled along the Pepiniere from time to time; the studious after their lectures, the others after their game of billiards.
99. What if she chose to seduce Anand to score over me and still keep it in the family; but soon as if to relieve me of my worry, like I distanced myself from Raju before, she came to cold-shoulder Anand, but for a different reason; while I avoided Raju imagining that I had outgrown him, I suspect that she began to shun Anand to disown her humble past.
100. As a result of that resistance and interpolating they could turn people away from him, but none had really shun away except the guilty people, and none believed with him but a little group that could spread the Christianity amid the nations of the Empire, especially in Rome itself, through its lofty faith, in spite of being under the Roman occupation.

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