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Souvenir en una oración (en ingles)

  1. As a waif or a souvenir.
  2. A souvenir of Ox-ford days.
  3. It’s more than a souvenir.
  4. In case you want a souvenir.
  5. Just bring me back a souvenir.

  6. My God, he's a souvenir collector.
  7. What a souvenir it would have made.
  8. Call it a souvenir from sunny Egypt.
  9. I'll keep this as a little souvenir.
  10. I’d paid for that souvenir the hard way.
  11. Their wives have souvenir stalls and they give.
  12. We found a souvenir shop that had been left open.
  13. She left him a selection of souvenir shirts and.
  14. I kept her upper row of fake teeth as a souvenir.
  15. Says he was given a souvenir moments after a kill.

  16. I brought back a souvenir, but that’s a long story.
  17. There are several souvenir shops nearby, which I go into.
  18. Perhaps it was a little souvenir left by our friend Mr.
  19. They strolled around a small souvenir shop and bought a 7.
  20. And I remembered the way she smelled: Se Souvenir de Moi.
  21. After browsing through the souvenir shop, he paid his bill.
  22. The delegates to the convention were taking their souvenir.
  23. Burn the pictures on a CD and have it as a gift or souvenir.
  25. Most decided to cherish these idols as a souvenir on their heroics.

  26. She was not giving me jewelleries but last souvenir from her mother.
  27. That souvenir made him chuckle briefly, attracting a glance from Dean.
  28. Are we going to haggle like souvenir sellers at Khan el Khalili? I asked.
  29. A Cockney private was posted to keep souvenir hunters from tampering with it.
  30. This card is printed in two colors on heavy stock and makes a handsome souvenir.
  31. He sent your shot down F-100 pilot back with a piece of that gun as a souvenir.
  32. Annie, not that it matters…but how did you know about that little souvenir I.
  33. Charles threw the small souvenir in the trash basket and picked up his jacket to.
  34. You're waiting out in this flesh eating heat for some trinkshit souvenir?
  35. Alone for the first time in the house, I couldn’t resist looking for a souvenir.
  36. A souvenir program for THE Movie fluttered close and settled against his shoulder.
  37. I shall keep the ejected cartridge case - the size of a frankfurter - as a souvenir.
  38. It was a famous teashop and souvenir shop and was the last hostelry along the route.
  39. He used to smoke in his younger days and he kept it as a souvenir when he had to give up.
  40. It was his tangible souvenir from Turkey, purchased, as I suggested to him, from a bazaar.
  41. It was the souvenir of a knife fight in the California gold fields but Wade did not know it.
  42. Their prayer will not be in vain, and their gratitude will preserve theirs charming souvenir.
  43. Luat looks at Michael and says, I think you should give him a twenty-dollar bill as a souvenir.
  44. Gary turned away and waved her to the closest souvenir shop, where racks of T-shirts waited inside.
  45. Roger upon seeing the pristine state of these shattered pieces, decided to keep a few as a souvenir.
  46. He has given me a nice souvenir to take to Blighty and now he has sent me a raft to cross the Pond on.
  47. The online auction EBay was flooded by souvenir plates and objects, which belonged to Michael Jackson.
  48. In a relative measure, and in spite of the souvenir which we have just recalled, the exception is just.
  49. He had been dared to break into the ‘cuckoo coop’ one night and bring back a souvenir of his exploits.
  50. She was thinner than she should have been; that, too, would have been a souvenir of the war with the Welsh.
  51. If you will have the kindness to keep it as a souvenir of this meeting, you will confer an obligation on me.
  52. While waiting for a tow truck to show up, I strolled into that incredibly large souvenir shop below the hotel.
  53. As I walked along the few blocks of souvenir stores—quilts and antiques and taffy—I saw more for-sale signs.
  54. They looked as fake as the Western souvenir shops back in Lidgerwood, a place where people only pretended to live.
  55. It is a little souvenir from the King of Bohemia in return for my assistance in the case of the Irene Adler papers.
  56. The same ones who had killed her whole family in a bombing in 1940 had just erased every souvenir of her childhood.
  57. She touched the new streak of gray in my hair that matched hers exactly—our painful souvenir from holding Atlas's burden.
  58. Robert suddenly got out of bed and walked to the chest of drawers in one corner, opening a drawer and taking out a large souvenir box.
  59. When we searched the cabin, we didn't find her missing underpants, so he must have taken them with him as some sort of sick souvenir.
  60. It may interest my employers now, however, to learn that out of that bag I took one or two little papers as a souvenir of the occasion.
  61. Harry was honored that the souvenir photograph of his graduation was prominent on the wall of the Drawing Room near the Christmas Tree.
  62. Her last souvenir had been of being in her hotel room, unpacking her things, when a hissing noise had attracted her to the entrance door.
  63. We hid behind a little kiosk filled with souvenir crystals—wind chimes and dream catchers and stuff like that, glittering in the sunlight.
  64. They arrived back at the House, Matilda still clutching Philip’s well-chewed arm to her chest, a macabre souvenir of the man she had loved and lost.
  65. Either way, once we had finished eating, it was down the elevator to the floor, but not before stopping in the men’s room to snare a souvenir comb.
  66. He succeeded in disappearing, sold the Bishop's silver, reserving only the candlesticks as a souvenir, crept from town to town, traversed France, came to M.
  67. Ones with hors d’oeuvres, and charitable donations, and chocolate fountains, and mason jars with paper straws, and souvenir bags with human ears in them.
  68. We passed check-cashing holes-in-the-wall and cheap souvenir vendors selling T-shirts out of the old 1920s theaters under their cracked and faded marquees.
  69. Sierra banged into the wall, and the wooden rack with the souvenir spoons her mother had collected, slipped off its hooks and fell down on Sierra’s head.
  70. He had two things fit to pawn—an old silver watch, formerly his father's; and a small gold ring with three red stones, a souvenir from his sister on leaving home.
  71. There, in the privacy of the four walls that surrounded me, I began staring the pages of "The Keys of the Kingdom", the only souvenir left of my contact with magic.
  72. Beside that box sat a stack of postcards manufactured from the photos, souvenir pictures of hanged corpses, burned bodies, twisted victims, like the one I’d received in the mail.
  73. Often these lynchings were carried out quite openly (the Klan even sold souvenir postcards): Klan members knew that the local courts would never convict them – and they were right.
  74. I pulled on a pair of clean, but badly faded, blue jeans and a fresh navy blue I Love Clearwater Beach T-shirt - another of the shirts from the clearance bin at the souvenir shops.
  75. I want you to look closely at those three diamonds and to choose which one would be the best to produce a single, unique large diamond that would serve as a stand-alone souvenir of this expedition.
  76. As I’m writing this, dressed down to a pair of pajama pants John had picked up for me at the souvenir shop (they promptly and tactfully have ‘I stayed at the Roadside Escape!’ written across the ass.
  77. A souvenir am I, for your minds to have near by, so find a place or palace and if not there have I at spare: there is cushy cocker band for the authentic man and for a mad Mrs Roof, her claw and ball hoof.
  78. I recently googled Hatsheput’s tomb and in a photo counted eighteen tour busses parked in front, five souvenir outlets, and noted the price of entry the long queues of visitors had to pay – about twenty dollars!.
  79. They walked together for less than 400 meters, with Nancy keeping her pace short and slow in consideration for the old woman, before arriving at a combination bookstore and souvenir shop near the limits of the Jewish Quarter.
  80. Molly certainly wanted him to come ashore, and although White Star contracts became less frequent, Pat had time to collect just one more souvenir as the Titanic’s sister ship, the RMS Olympic, sailed for Southampton in the summer of 1933.
  81. And Albert took out of a little pocket-book with golden clasps, a remnant of his old fancies, or perhaps a tender souvenir from one of the mysterious and veiled ladies who used to knock at his little door,—Albert took out of this pocket-book a note of 1,000 francs.
  82. He went on to tell me, and he seemed very exact in his reconstruction, that he was especially tired that day but the pidgin poem (Drimtaim) he had seen at lunch kept coming back to him, so he went back to the restaurant and located the menu, which he bought as a souvenir.
  83. Once again she made things easy with a submission that confirmed the generalized belief that she was a poor devil, and the only souvenir she kept of Aureliano Segundo was a pair of patent leather boots, which, according to what he himself had said, were the ones he wanted to wear in his coffin.
  84. She quickly encountered a string of motels that obviously catered to the travelers using the airport and, selecting the most decent-looking one, drove in the outer parking lot of the ‘National Airport Inn’, which featured a small restaurant, a souvenir shop and a Laundromat, apart from its forty or so rooms.
  85. Every lady in the audience was presented with a tasteful souvenir of the occasion in the shape of a skull and crossbones brooch, a timely and generous act which evoked a fresh outburst of emotion: and when the gallant young Oxonian (the bearer, by the way, of one of the most timehonoured names in Albion's history) placed on the finger of his blushing fiancée an expensive engagement ring with emeralds set in the form of a fourleaved shamrock the excitement knew no bounds.
  86. Yet no one writes its history; not only because of the angering equality it bespeaks, but also, and chiefly, because the men that could write it best are those that mingle something akin to a curse with the kiss they secretly press upon some trifling souvenir, men to whom it has brought suffering, or to whom only a hopeless longing after ideal love is represented by the token—which is rarely the evidence of triumph, but rather of regret, the reminder of something lost or unattained.
  87. Complete what you are about! Destroy these candlesticks! Annihilate this souvenir! Forget the Bishop! Forget everything! Destroy this Champmathieu, do! That is right! Applaud yourself! So it is settled, resolved, fixed, agreed: here is an old man who does not know what is wanted of him, who has, perhaps, done nothing, an innocent man, whose whole misfortune lies in your name, upon whom your name weighs like a crime, who is about to be taken for you, who will be condemned, who will finish his days in abjectness and horror.
  88. Quickly it has been thrust next a fair, lace-covered and fright-panting bosom; it has been the sole souvenir of a stolen happiness, an almost voice-gifted reminder of dear, dead days of the long ago; it was the pledge of his return given in the hasty or hard-fought flight of the daring youth whose image it is; or perhaps it bears the lady’s face, and has been found on the breast of a warrior slain in battle; or, dearer than holy relic, was still caressed by the poet troubadour, even though he knew his mistress long ago proved faithless.
  89. There have been women of supreme beauty and of brainy splendor, dressed to descend where the words were to be spoken, Until death do you part—who at that last moment of freedom have seized with a curse and angrily torn into shreds the cherished souvenir of a love of—oh, when was it? Other brides there have been, arranged for the sacrifice, that have locked the door while there was yet time, and, kissing the love token of that long ago, have thrust it into their bosom, that their heart might beat against it even while, kneeling at the altar, they whispered, I will.

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