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    1. many boots and stained by the spillage of many drinks

    2. Cara felt sure they knew she and Hunter were about to go have sex, and were polite enough to stay downstairs and away from any psychic spillage

    3. The police had reported some kind of chemical spillage, they had assumed, in the Wightport bay that morning

    4. It was part of the safety equipment they had to keep near the dome, in case of any chemical spillage

    5. They needed cardboard as protective packaging and several rolls of polyethylene bin liners to put the jars in, in case of breakage and spillage

    6. March, I plead with him to leave Japan and come to Jamaica in light of the big earthquake that has occurred and the radiation spillage

    7. Using a high speed blender, blend the ingredients, wrapping a towel around the top of the blender to prevent spillage

    8. intelligently deal with the spillage of violence into the world by the scabs in

    9. The trucks shall not be overloaded to avoid spillage of coal on the road

    10. with a dewar of liquid nitrogen, failure of the dewar or a large spillage could result

    11. over shoe/boot tops to prevent shoes filling in the event of a spillage

    12. Following a large spillage of liquid nitrogen, evacuate the area and

    13. The water supplies suffer poisoning through run off from on-shore drilling, and spillage of oils and gas into the oceans

    14. pregnancies, those whose urine tests showed sugar spillage, and those with a family history of Diabetes

    15. It is important to keep all water containers sealed to avoid accidental spillage or contamination

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    release spill spillage